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How A Mindfulness Body Scan Can Help You Manifest


Regardless of whether you’re just beginning your manifestation journey or already have a great set of techniques that you like to use, you can definitely benefit from learning how to do a guided mindfulness body scan. This exercise only takes ten minutes to do, and once you get used to the new experience you will quickly see why it can be so powerful.

In a nutshell, a mindfulness body scan involves turning your attention to each part of you in turn. How you do this can make a huge difference to the outcome. Here’s what you need to know about how exactly do your own body scan, and why it helps you manifest what you want.

The Scientific Basis For Mindfulness Body Scans

As with mindfulness and meditation techniques, Law of Attraction practitioners have long known that body scanning produces tangible results. In recent years, however, solid scientific evidence has emerged to add further weight to this claim.

For example, one prominent study found that mindfulness body scanning could alleviate physical discomfort caused by emotional unrest (e.g. sadness or anger). Another research team proved that sufferers of chronic pain immediately improved after a mindfulness body scan.

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Using Body Scans To Manifest Goals

Now, if your manifestation goal isn’t related to physical or emotional distress, you might wonder why body scanning works to improve manifestation potential. Firstly, scientists have also shown that doing body scans reduce cravings when trying to break bad habits (e.g. smoking or eating unhealthily). These exciting findings show that those who do mindfulness body scans are more likely to succeed with goals that involve positive change.

Meanwhile, specific types of body scanning (e.g. white light meditations) can heighten your energy frequency. This can make you feel happier and therefore brings you in tune with a vibration of abundance.

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How Body Scans Feel


Some people are cautious to try body scanning. Perhaps it just sounds a bit odd to you. Or, maybe you feel uneasy at the thought of focusing so intensely on parts of you that may often feel uncomfortable or sore. If you wary, rest assured that most experience body scanning as highly relaxing (some people even fall asleep by accident!).

However, be aware that it takes some practice to become good at this type of manifestation exercise. It can be hard to calm your thoughts at first, and you may find yourself accidentally judging or labeling specific sensations. Just like with mindfulness, don’t berate yourself if this happens. Instead, gently let the observation go. Redirect your focus back towards the process of body scanning.

The 12-Step Guide To Conducting A Mindfulness Body Scan

Now, let’s walk through the basic steps required to do a simple body scan:

  1. Since you’re doing this to support Law of Attraction work, it’s recommended that you begin by taking five minutes to just reflect on your goal. Do a quick visualization, imagining all the sights, sounds, feelings and sensations associated with getting what you want (whether it’s a wonderful new job, your ideal partner, or all the money you could ever want).
  2. Make sure you’re sitting or lying comfortably. Your specific position doesn’t really matter, as long as it’s sustainable and you won’t be disturbed for about 10 minutes.
  3. Start by focusing on the very top of your head. Scan your hairline, and relax the muscles around your temples.
  4. Bring your attention down to your eyes, deliberately releasing the muscles at the corners.
  5. Let your jaw go slack, and pay attention to any tension in the tissue of your cheeks, then let it go.
  6. Swallow once, slowly, and work your attention down the line of your throat.
  7. Focus on the feeling of breathing, without changing the speed, rhythm or depth of your respiration.
  8. Coming to the shoulders, imagine a feeling of warmth and relaxation spreading outwards and down your arms. Feel the muscles slackening, and let the warmth go all the way down into the tips of your fingers.
  9. Think about your belly and lower back, letting go of any tightness felt there.
  10. Do the same in your buttocks and thighs. Feel them supporting you on the surface you’re sitting or lying on at the moment, and let go of the tension in them.
  11. Move your scanning all the way down to your knees, your shins, your ankles and the tops of your feet, feeling each part become loose.
  12. Finally, let your toes go limp, and take a moment to experience the relaxation in your whole body. Take up to five deep breaths, inhaling from the diaphragm.

Once you’ve finished, you should feel a sense of physical and emotional calm. You should also be better able to focus on the next thing you want to do. Many people also report feeling more comfortable in their skin at this point, experiencing increased confidence and a vitalizing sense of deep well-being. Body scans can also be beneficial for children and go under the umbrella of mindfulness for kids which is also an interesting topic to explore if you have children yourself.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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