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What Happens When Two People Try To Manifest The Same Thing…

What happens when two businessmen try to manifest the same thing by pulling a rope over a cliff.

In the early stages of learning about the Law of Attraction, you’re likely to be focused on understanding the bedrock assumptions of the theory and on learning the key techniques that will help you get into the right place to manifest your desires.

However, as you get used to working with the Law of Attraction, new questions will occur to you… and some of them might be perplexing!

One of the most common is this: what happens if more than one person tries to manifest the same thing? Can only one of you do so successfully and if so, what determines whether that person will be you?

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A Fatal Flaw?

Since your thoughts have the ability to create any reality you truly want, it makes sense that everyone’s thoughts have this same power. So, if you have the same intention as another person, it seems like this would create a conflicting scenario; a competition to manifest the desired thing.

On the face of it, this sounds like a fatal flaw in the Law of Attraction, creating circumstances in which the Law of Attraction fails due to the intrinsic impossibility of both people getting what they want.

However, to see why this worry isn’t as concerning as it might first sound, we have to delve into the physics of reality creation and the heart of the Law of Attraction.

In a nutshell, you create your reality and shape the entire world around you; let’s take a closer look at what this means for manifestation, and explore how you can avoid the potential pitfalls linked to competing with other people.

How You May Be Creating Your Own Competition

Only your intentions matter when you’re using the Law of Attraction, so any conflict exists purely within you. Your intention creates competition. So, you might possess the intention for only one person (i.e. you) to get a job, and yet also possess the intention for someone else to want the same job.

If you believe that someone out there does want this job, the Law of Attraction will lead the universe to manifest someone else who wants the job; and manifest the scenario where only one of you can actually get that job.

Sometimes, doubts about your worthiness to manifest something will also lead the Law of Attraction to fulfill your doubts; someone else will end up getting the job you thought you wanted.

This will confirm your doubts, and also support your limiting belief that there was competition. Ask yourself whether you have any such limiting beliefs and, if so, why you have them.

If you believe there aren’t enough jobs, or there isn’t enough love, money or success to go around, the Law of Attraction will manifest your intention and create a limited supply of these commodities. Competition, i.e. more than one person who seems to want to manifest the same thing, is the natural result.

Why It Is Extremely Rare That Two People Are Manifesting The Exact Same Thing

Imagine there is a job opening at HSBC Bank for a Customer Service Manager. After the interviews, HSBC had narrowed it down to four candidates.

Let's even say that all four candidates are aware of The Law Of Attraction (even though not that many people are, so your competition is always less than you think).

Here is what will most likely happen:

The first person says “I really want to get a job as a customer service manager”. Are they being specific enough? No. What will probably happen is that they will get a job as a customer manager at some other company.

The second one says “I really want to get a job as a customer service manager at HSBC Bank”. Again, probably not specific enough. Although, that person may get the position of a customer service manager at HSBC Bank in the future, and then think back on the time when they tried to manifest this job and think “ah, my dream did come true after all”. So even if they will be disappointed they didn't get the job at the time, they will be happy to still get it in the future. And, I am sure this has happened to many of you before when your dream came true when you were no longer expecting it to.

Another person says “I really want to get this job as a customer service manager at HSBC Bank and start work next month. I really hope that I do, because if I don’t I’ll have to take another job offer that isn’t as good”. He is closer to his goal. But his doubts are interfering with his manifestation process and sending out mixed signals to the Universe.

Now, the fourth person who just says “I really want to get this job as a customer service manager at HSBC Bank and start work next month” will probably be the one getting the job.

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3,617,569 Tests Have Already Been Taken

How To Avoid The Conflict Of Competition: 5 Simple Rules

So what do you need to do to use the Law Of Attraction effectively?

Rule #1

First of all, to avoid falling into the trap of focusing on (and potentially manifesting) competition for the very thing you want to bring into your life, the main belief you need to constantly affirm is that you are fully responsible for the outcome of your work with the Law of Attraction… including outcomes where competition is present.

So, you are not only responsible for your particular intentions, but you’re also responsible for your entire reality. This means you’re responsible for exactly what you create in life. On the one hand, this can be scary or overwhelming to accept at first. It sounds like a lot of responsibility!

But accepting the true extent of your responsibility (and how it relates to competition for particular goods) can be incredibly empowering. It reminds you that you have a choice; you can move forward in life and consciously manifest the precise reality you desire, or you can continue to generate inconsistent or vague intentions that leave you confused and conflicted.

Rule #2

However, you’ll also benefit from trying to detach yourself from the outcome of your manifestation, trusting the universe to give you what you need, when you need it. Stop worrying about whether you'll get that interview or not.

Or why the person you like hasn't asked you out on a date it. Relax and know that what you're manifesting is coming to you soon. Just be ready for it when it does, and don't miss the opportunity.

Rule #3

Be as specific about your dream as possible. Take time to think about what you REALLY want. Make a detailed mind map or a vision board making your goal very clear both to yourself and the Universe.

A common problem is that people tend to change their minds halfway through the manifestation process.

For example, even something so small as putting $50.000 as your salary on your dream board and then changing it to $60.000 (maybe because someone you know makes that much and you decided you want that too), will cause a conflict in your manifestation.

As a result, you might not get the job you are trying to attract, but then get a completely different one that pays more. Decide what exactly is important to you.

Rule #4

Don't let your doubts get in the way. I can't stress this enough. Of course, we all have fears and limiting beliefs. However, it is important to work to overcome them.

For example, if you think you are not good enough for a certain job, you will struggle to manifest your dream job. You need to first start believing in yourself, that anything is possible for you. Here are a few ways to do this:

  • Try taking some professional courses to fill in the gaps in experience that you think you might have.
  • Or take online tests that will prove to you how much you actually know.
  • Get a recommendation letter from your former boss, this will help boost your self-esteem too.
  • Or just make a list of all the things you do well and feel confident in. Focus on this list to generate positive energy.

(Just because I know that so many people are struggling with The Law Of Attraction because they let their doubts get in the way).

Step 1: If you find it difficult to really believe in what you want to attract, you can overcome this when you learn how to believe in what you want to attract, allowing you to cultivate a different mindset.

Step 2: There is a free Law Of Attraction test that you can take to receive a free personalized report (and video) explaining what may be holding you back and why.

Rule #5

Finally, remember that at the end of the day, the universe is brimming with abundance; it has enough of everything to go around, and it’s possible for every single person to get exactly what they want. So, if you end up competing with someone, it will only be because you intend it.

The bottom line is that as long as you get clear on what you want to create in life, focus on it and tune into your feelings about it, you’ll never really have to worry about your Law of Attraction intentions manifesting a reality in which two people want exactly the same thing.

What's Stopping You From Manifesting Your Best Life?
Find out in just 60 seconds!
3,617,569 Tests Have Already Been Taken

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