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How To Love Your Job Again Using The Law Of Attraction


Is it your job that needs to change? Or you? Perhaps in the past, you have been unhappy in other jobs; your bosses were rude, you felt uninspired and your work colleagues wore you down. So you moved jobs.

However, as the weeks turned into months you began to notice the same negative patterns emerging; the same rude bosses, mundane tasks, and irritating colleagues… Is this a pattern that you recognize? Then perhaps it’s time to face the music and consider this: that perhaps it’s not your job that is the problem? That in fact, the problem is you.

Similarly to everything else in your life, your job is what you make it. Therefore, if your goal is to be happy no matter what your job is, then you need to turn your attention inwards and work on yourself first.

This means ridding yourself of any beliefs, thought patterns, and preconceptions about work that will have been undoubtedly lowering your emotional frequency all of this time.

For example, you may have always thought of work as something to be ‘endured’ and ‘tolerated’; a necessity that you have to grit your teeth through every Monday – Friday before you are finally ‘freed’ for the weekend.

Sound familiar to you? Then these are undoubtedly issues that are going to be weighing you down in negativity and creating the reality that you do not want to be creating.

Your Job Is What You Make It

A lot of people mistakenly believe that once they have identified their passion, got all of the necessary qualifications/income/contacts together, and secured their dream job, that they are guaranteed a life of absolute working joy.

This is not true. The same as with every area of your life, no matter what your external circumstances or situation, if you do not have the correct attitude and have not worked on laying the emotional groundwork that is needed within yourself first, then you will never be happy.

There is no ‘one day' or far-off haven in the form of a highly paid, minimum effort, passionate career waiting for you.

Your happiness today is what is important, if not more so, so you need to work on what’s going to make you happy right now in the job that you are in today.

Start feeling good about the job you are in now and raise your energies and attitude to ones of sky-high positivity and who knows what the universe can manifest for you. Maybe it will be a big payoff for the job you are currently in.

Or, even incredible happiness in a career you are passionate about elsewhere. But, you will never find out unless you learn to feel good about the job that you are in right now.

Fake It Until You Make It

Learning to love something that clearly makes you unhappy is not often a recommendation. But when you are trying to learn (or even ‘accept’ will do) something that is already a part of your life in order to raise your positivity, increase your happiness and boost your manifesting abilities – then it can be considered acceptable.

Here are 4 great tips for upping your positivity at work:

hate-your-job-discover-why-sometimes-its-not-them-its-you 1. Stop Moaning

The first thing that you need to do is quit complaining. When you complain, you’re only serving to fuel your negativity and lower your energies, keeping you stuck in a cycle of recreating the reality that is currently making you so unhappy.

2. Make Friends

Start to feel some love for the people that surround you every day.

Forming good relationships with the people that you see day in, day out, can help to significantly improve how you feel about going to work every day. At first, try and focus your attention on the people that are easiest to be around; save the tough ones for when you’re well-practiced in your newfound positivity.

(TIP: Read this article here to learn 5 Ways To Utilize The Law Of Attraction When You Communicate.)

3. Look For The Positives

Whether it’s only the quality of the coffee served, the fact that your offices are only a 5-minute walk from your home, or the awesome view from the window next to your desk; the more positives you look for in your job, the more positives you should begin to notice.

It doesn't matter how many positives you can think of at first, as long as you focus on these.

Your task, for now, is to raise your frequency; do this and you should begin to notice more and more positives cropping up everywhere.

4. Celebrate The Evidence!

Noticed any improvements in the workplace, changes in circumstances, or improve feelings of happiness? If you discover this to be the case – then celebrate it!

Celebrating evidence of the Law Of Attraction working in your life and the positive impact that your thoughts are having on your reality, is key for boosting this already big thing to even greater heights. Feel proud of yourself! The changes that you are beginning to see in your life were all a direct result of you.

Let your work slip for one moment and before you know it you would be back to your old negative self, falling deeper into the pit of despair that you had only just managed to escape.

Pay attention to how you are feeling and use your emotions as a gauge to help keep you on track.

Feeling positive about the future and looking forward to work in the morning? Then keep up the good work!

Find yourself irritated by your colleagues and are lacking motivation at work? Then your energies are still in need of some work.

Feel better and your environment can begin to change to better accommodate you.

It may come in the form of a pay rise, or learning that the colleague that gave you such a hard time has resigned, or maybe even being invited to work elsewhere from a more promising, outside company?

No job in the world has the potential to make you happy; only you have the power to do that.

Many jobs may come and go in your life, but your happiness needs to stay… for good.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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