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Mindful Hypnobirthing: 10 Tips For A Peaceful Birth


The mindset and skills you learn on your Law of Attraction journey can be used in just about all areas of life… And pregnancy is no exception!

You can continue you use Law Of Attraction techniques and exercises throughout your pregnancy and can even use them alongside any medical practices. Mindful hypnobirthing is a great example of this!

Your manifestation techniques can even make the process more pleasurable and less stressful at every step of the way, from conception to labor.

Today, let’s focus on the ten steps you can take to prepare yourself for a mindful birth.

10 Tips For Mindful Hypnobirthing

have-mindful-birth1. Meditate

As you’ll know not only from your Law of Attraction work but also from the prominence of meditation in pop culture, meditating has dozens of proven benefits for both physical and mental health.

Maintain your meditation practice all throughout your pregnancy, reducing anxiety and increasing relaxation in a safe, powerful way.

Meditating becomes even more important after 32 weeks when your hormones are directly reaching your baby.

By staying calm, you limit the amount of cortisol and other stress hormones that might otherwise make their way into the fetal environment.

Plus, don’t forget that meditation helps to keep your pulse and blood pressure low. Therefore, it reduces your risk of a wide range of pregnancy complications.

2. Empower Yourself With Knowledge

Avail yourself of all the resources at your disposal, learning everything you can about the choices associated with mindful hypnobirthing (and parenting more generally).

If you feel like you’ve amassed a significant amount of knowledge, you’ll be calmer and more confident about the idea of giving birth. And you’ll have dismissed a lot of persistent and harmful myths that could otherwise make you feel scared.

Be sure to consider all eventualities that might arise during labor. Plus, think about what you would want in each outcome.

3. Set Aside Quiet Time

Like meditation, periods of quiet self-care help to keep your baby soothed and stress-free. However, they also help you to conserve energy for the upcoming birth and remind you that you currently need more rest than usual.

These quiet periods provide good opportunities for reconnecting with family members and close friends as well. Strengthening these relationships helps to ensure a solid support network once your baby arrives.

4. Keep Your Plan Flexible

Although a hypnobirthing plan can be empowering, it’s vital to recognize that birth is impossible to predict and that you need to have a flexible attitude about what the experience will be like in reality.

In other words, it may not happen where, when, or how you imagine! Some experts encourage expectant mothers to avoid birth plans entirely. Instead, create “wish lists” of preferences. This is something that’s less likely to lead to panic if the birthing process doesn’t go quite as expected.

5. Exercise

As noted above, you need to respect the energy reduction that occurs in the later stages of pregnancy.

That being said, it’s a very good idea to maintain and improve fitness throughout pregnancy. This helps you feel better, combats stress, and even cuts your risk of aches and pains. You may also find it easier to fall asleep if you’ve had a solid workout during the day!

Be sure to also exercise mentally! The use of visualization techniques throughout this process will not only instill confidence and positivity but will engage your brain, allowing harmless distraction. So take this opportunity to download our free Law of Attraction tool kit now and learn how to manifest effectively (just click here).

6. Come To Terms With Pain

When people think about being pregnant, the idea of the pain associated with birth is often one of the most daunting things.

However, if you practice mindfulness during birth, you are able to focus on the impermanence of labor and recognize it as a process of passing physical sensations. If you are able to reach a place of acceptance in which you embrace the fact that pain is a necessary part of a miraculous event, your mental state will be much better and your physical discomfort more bearable as a result.

In addition, don’t feel guilty or ashamed if you change your mind about pain relief once you’re actually in labor. This is extremely common and does not make you a failure in any way.

have-mindful-birth7. Create The Right Environment

Setting up the right type of atmosphere is a massive part of having a mindful birth.

Think about the lighting you want, the noise, and so on. The majority of women favor darkness and silence, but others prefer music (especially favorite songs or soothing instrumentals).

It’s also worth considering what comforting things you can add to the environment to help ground you.

Examples include:

  • Particular scents (e.g. lavender or aloe).
  • A comfortable pair of socks.
  • A particular piece of bedding that you find soothing.
  • Family photos or mementos.

8. Be Patient

Some births are quick, but many involve long hours in which nothing much happens. To have a mindful birth, do your best to exist in each moment as it passes.

Let go of any preconceptions about how long this process should take. Of course, this is easier than done, but if you’re used to a daily meditation practice then you’ll find this suggestion much more natural.

9. Foster Support

Of course, you need to feel fully supported by whoever is there with you during the birth, whether it’s a significant other, another family member, or someone else entirely.

Try to involve this person in as many aspects of the pregnancy as possible, bringing them along to important appointments and classes. If you feel like you are approaching the birth as a team, you’ll be able to draw on this person’s strength and empathy when the big day arrives.

10. Remember What’s Important

Ultimately, it isn’t the music that’s playing, your pain relief choices, or the scent in the room that matters… At the end of the day, the only thing that’s important is successfully bringing a new baby into the world. Be proud, and be excited!

And if you need any tips for bringing up your child in a household utilizing the Law Of Attraction, click the highlighted text now.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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