How Daily Affirmations Can Change Your Life

Are You A Positive Person? Did You Know That Affirmations Can Change Your Life?

‘It's the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.’
~ Muhammad Ali

The power of the spoken and unspoken word should never be underestimated. A single spoken word or lone thought can plant a seed in the brain. If watered over time with more of these thoughts or words can grow and manifest into an actual reality, be it positive or not.

It is true what the law of attraction teaches, ‘thoughts equal things’ a truth which is truly worth celebrating! As once we have opened up our minds to the rare realization that we are in fact in charge of the lives that we lead, we can use this precious knowledge that ‘thoughts equal things’ to our advantage in order to change our lives for the better.

You Are A By-Product Of Your Thoughts

Who you are and your current life circumstances are all a result of your past experiences. These are things you have seen, have heard, things that you were told by others and by yourself. Your very beliefs and values are a by-product of all that you have currently lived through.

However, whether this is the actual reality of who you are is an entirely different story.

Throughout our lives, we allow others to tell us who we are instead of choosing for ourselves.

Maybe from childhood, you have been told that you are shy, lazy, unintelligent, overweight or unorganized.

These affirmations from others would have undoubtedly had a significant impact on who you grew up to be and how you perceive yourself now as an adult.

This is because the subconscious mind cannot gauge the difference between a thought based on fact and an imagined one.

Therefore, continually telling yourself that you are fat/shy/lazy/unsuccessful (whether it is true or not) could eventually result in this manifesting into an everyday reality.

Having said this, the power of repeated thoughts and words can also be harnessed for positive manifestation. Consequently, you should not feel disheartened or afraid of the vital part that your thoughts have to play in your physical reality. Instead, it should be a cause for celebration!

When we come to the empowering realization that we are able to create whatever we want through our thoughts alone, we have the exciting opportunity to transform our lives and enjoy a lifestyle that we had previously never imagined possible.

It Can Take One Positive Thought To Set You On The Path To Change…

When change is needed in your life, it should all start with your thoughts. When you repeat an affirmation to yourself on repeat, be it out-loud or in your mind, your mind is re-trained to begin to see these affirmations as absolute truth. This helps to manifest them into a reality.

When you use affirmations as a tool for change in your life, there are three crucial steps that should be followed;

  • Write down your affirmations. Write affirmations that are goal orientated, in the present tense and as though they have already been achieved.
  • Walk that talk! To attract positive change into your life, you need to be emitting positive energy into the universe. The best way to usually do this is to act ‘as if’. Therefore, don’t just tell yourself what you want through affirmation; act as though you already have it. One great tip for making this easier is to say ‘thank-you’ at the beginning of your affirmations. This can help to convince your subconscious that you are already enjoying something.
  • Repeat your affirmations as often as possible. The more you repeat your affirmations and surround yourself with them, the deeper the message should be ingrained on your mind and absorbed into your subconscious. Places to keep your affirmations can include your bathroom mirror, your diary, on a vision board, or as a computer screen saver.

Here are some brilliant examples of positive affirmations to suit anyone:

  • I am perfectly well in both mind and body
  • Happiness flows through me and I love myself
  • I enjoy numerous love-filled and harmonious relationships
  • Remember, I am confident and comfortable in myself

toolkit These are just a few examples of positive affirmations that can be used as the initial stepping stones to a new life.

However, feel free to create affirmations for yourself that are most relevant to you and your needs.

Want To Take It To The Next Level?

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