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Which Teas To Drink? Surprising Health Benefits Of Tea


There are a surprising amount of health benefits of tea, from treating nausea to boosting mental health, tea really is good for you!

Unless weight loss or general physical fitness are part of your Law of Attraction affirmations and goals, you probably don’t think that much about food or drink during your manifestation work. However, what you put into your body can have a major impact on your vibrational frequency! It influences everything from your focus to your general health.

So the question is, what tea should I be drinking?

Here are nine teas that can benefit your health, along with some tips for getting the most out of them.

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Chai Tea

Chai tea is comprised of a delicious blend of cloves, cardamom, fennel, and cinnamon, all of which are good for you in different ways!

In particular, cardamom is an anti-emetic. This means it can form part of a natural treatment for nausea (for example, if you’re feeling anxious before something daunting).

Meanwhile, both cloves and fennel are shown to reduce digestive discomfort in some people. There is some evidence to suggest that cinnamon helps your body to regulate blood sugar levels.

chai tea

Lemon Balm Tea

While it isn’t one of the more famous teas, lemon balm tea can be a great asset for people working with the Law of Attraction. This is mainly because it appears to increase both mood and concentration.

As such, it’s the perfect drink to have before you start your affirmations in the morning. Or, when you’re relaxing before a creative visualization session in the evening.

lemon balm tea

Black Teas

There are many different black teas, but they have some beneficial properties in common.

Specifically, there are some fascinating studies that point to black tea’s ability to resist lung damage caused by being around smoke. It can also be a potent source of polyphenols. These are compounds which are linked to boosting the health of the stomach and the skin.

Plus, black teas provide the everyday benefit of a potent caffeine shot! This can combat tiredness and helps you to concentrate on your goals for the day.

black tea

Peppermint Tea

If you need a bit of extra pep in your step but don’t watch to resort to caffeine-heavy beverages like coffee or black tea, keep in mind that peppermint tea is a natural stimulant that can help you feel more awake and alert.

In addition, peppermint tea is a well-known remedy for nausea and stomach cramps! So, it can also help to relieve physical symptoms so you can let go of fear and anxiety and nervousness.

peppermint tea

Green Teas

Most of the good press received by tea revolves around the benefits of green tea, and with good reason. Two of these benefits may be of special interest to Law of Attraction practitioners.

Firstly, green tea contains catechins, which studies suggest are capable of boosting your metabolic rate and helping you to burn calories more quickly. This is a very useful property if weight loss is your manifestation goal.

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Secondly, research carried out on preventing Alzheimer’s disease shows a promising connection between green tea and a reduced risk of developing all forms of dementia, so it could help to keep those all-important mental faculties intact (ensuring you manifest successfully well into later life!). The positive recommendations for green tea don’t end there, either. There are ongoing investigations into its impact on malignancies and heart disease.

green tea

Hibiscus Tea

Often paired with rosehip (an appealing flavor combination), hibiscus tea is said to be good for those suffering from stress. This is partly because it may reduce blood pressure levels.

Try drinking this one anytime you encounter major roadblocks on your Law of Attraction journey. Stress relief is a vital part of self-care and even manifestation experts get frustrated sometimes!

Hibiscus Tea

Echinacea Tea

A herbal tea that has the potential to increase or sustain immune system function, this is a good drink to have in your kitchen when you know that your resources are running low and you may be more vulnerable to disease.

Like hibiscus, Echinacea tea is also a very relaxing tea to drink. So it’s an excellent part of any “winding down” ritual you may want to practice.

echinacea tea

White Teas

White teas contain more antioxidants than any other type of tea! You probably already know that antioxidants may provide some protection against damaging chemicals found in your environment.

There is also some compelling research on the benefits that white tea can offer the skin, potentially maintaining youthful elasticity for longer and thereby boosting confidence.

white tea

Ginger Tea

The last tea worth considering for its health and well-being benefit is ginger tea. This is often suggested to those who struggle with motion sickness or gastric discomfort.

However, it is also helpful for increasing alertness levels, and its spicy taste can be invigorating.

If you don’t want to have too much caffeine but peppermint isn’t a flavor you like, ginger tea can provide many of the same positive effects.

ginger tea

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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