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How To Deal With Tragedy And Control Your Emotions


In the face of tragedy, it can be hard knowing how to move forward with our lives. Do we simply move on as though nothing has happened? How do we mourn without becoming a part of the pain and suffering that we see around us?

Managing our emotions in times of tragedy can be overwhelming and confusing. Especially when that tragedy has left us questioning not only ourselves but the stability of life, humanity or even our very spiritual beliefs. There is no right or wrong way of reacting to tragedy, each of us is only capable of handling our pain in the best way that we presently know how. There are many reasons to keep going when life gets tough. But when the pain or shock of tragedy is still raw and we are in need of answers, what do we do?

4 Ways To Control Your Emotions

1. Honor Your Feelings

In the face of tragedy or hurt, it is important that you do not avoid your feelings. Allow your pain to come to the surface, do not allow it to fester silently within; it will only reappear with greater strength at a later date.

Getting in touch with your feelings of hurt will enable you to better process your emotions, gradually softening them until you are able to replace them with greater love.

If you can understand how you are feeling, and accept the way that you feel, it can become easier for you to work on changing and improving the way you feel. Try not to ignore how you feel, or keep your emotions bottled up.

visualization-tools2. Refuse To Be The Victim

When we witness a tragedy or know loved ones who have been hurt, we can easily feel as though we too are the victims.

Without a doubt, when we see a fellow being in pain, as connected beings, we too feel their anguish.

However, whilst being a part of that pain is natural and a reinforcement of your connectedness to those around you, in order to honor those that are suffering, we must choose to rise above a ‘victim’ mentality.

Use your empathy and love to make you the stronger person, capable of acting in a way that is productive for both yourself and those that may be hurting.

3. Reach Out To Others

In times of despair, it is more important than ever to feel close to others. It is during a tragedy that we are reminded of how connected we are as beings; of how one person’s pain can be a reason for an entire nation to mourn.

So, when you are struggling to deal with a tirade of emotions, simply seek to be more connected with others. Become more in tune with the energies of those around you; share in their hurt, let them see you stand alongside them and allow being a part of something bigger than yourself heal you in the process.

Try not to keep everything to yourself and deal with your struggles alone. Find someone that you can trust and someone that you know will be there for you and explain how you feel. They may not even have the words to help you but just having someone who will listen to you can make you feel a lot better.

4. Be The Light

When you are trying to work through your emotions in the aftermath of a tragedy, the most important thing that you can do is become the light that others need to see. Work on raising your positive energies; practice loving yourself, your loved ones, even total strangers more than you ever have before. By doing so, you will become a much-needed beacon of love, contributing to canceling out the darkness with your own loving light.

Navigate troubled times with clear purpose. Your purpose, loving yourself, the world and everyone in it with greater conviction, greater strength and greater courage than ever before. It is in this overwhelming love that you will find your ability to heal and as a result, help to heal the hurt of others too.

In times of both jubilation and of tragedy, no one is ever alone. Let this give you the courage you need to carve out a peaceful, happy and authentic life, regardless of what life may have to throw at you.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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