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How To Manifest With A Friend (And Why) – Law Of Attraction Companions

Two women manifesting their dreams together while looking at a tablet with the word dream written on it.

Most articles on the Law of Attraction are geared towards working alone. There is plenty of merit to this approach. After all, manifesting is all about getting to know yourself better, understanding what you really want and focusing on the process required to transform your life in the ways you desire.

However, there are also great reasons to consider using the Law of Attraction with a companion. There are also some fun methods to use too.

Why You Should Manifest With A Friend

Here are some of the key benefits you can enjoy manifesting with a friend!

Staying Motivated

Even those who are utterly determined to use the Law of Attraction in every important aspect of their lives can find that their resolve wanes sometimes.

If you’re having a tough day, someone has been unkind to you or you’re just fatigued and wondering if you’ll ever attain your dreams, manifesting with a friend ensures you have a constant source of support on hand. Strike a deal to lift your friend’s spirits in times of need, and agree that you can expect the same.

Working On Skills Together

If you find that you’re struggling to get a handle on a particular Law of Attraction activity, it can be much easier to make progress when you’re learning with someone else. For example, you can practice visualization exercises together or experiment with making a dream board or mind map of values.

Things that might have prompted you to give up trying to work with the Law of Attraction can sometimes be quickly overcome with the assistance of an encouraging friend.

One great free resource you can use is the Law Of Attraction Tool Kit which is FULL of great visualization exercises and materials. You (and your friend) can get your own copies, click here now to find out more.

Manifesting A Shared Goal

Another possibility opened up by the idea of manifesting with a friend is that you might want to manifest the same, shared goal. For example, perhaps you and your buddy have always wanted to start a business together. Maybe you have both decided that you want to pursue financial abundance until it’s finally yours.

If you are sufficiently in sync and send out the same messages to the universe, it’s possible your intentions could manifest twice as fast as they would if you were working on manifesting something alone.

Creating A Feedback Loop Of Positivity

As you know, like attracts like. So, when you’re in a great mood and imparting positive sentiments, this simultaneously spreads happiness and attracts more of it into your life. When you commit to manifesting with a friend, you can constantly elevate each other’s vibrations. You could do this with a feedback loop of positive sentiments, encouragements, appropriate praise, and love.

Think about this creatively, too. For example, you might exchange upbeat notes or texts with your friend, buy little gifts or even have a weekly date where you discuss what has inspired gratitude over the last seven days.

Increasing Self-Knowledge

When you have a really close bond with a friend, the emotional intimacy that you experience provides the perfect resources for building self-knowledge.

When you’re trying to use the Law of Attraction, it’s vital that you know what you want from your life. And that you understand your core values (as well as the sources of your limiting beliefs). This is so that you can challenge and eventually overcome them.

Long, in-depth discussions with a friend can open your mind and help you connect with new parts of yourself. It can also serve as almost an informal type of therapy.

So whether you’re not sure about what your life’s purpose might be or you’re worried you’re being held back from a manifestation by unhelpful messages you received in your family of origin, working with a friend who is using the Law of Attraction can help you clear these roadblocks.

Affirming Each Other

You’ll already be familiar with the idea of saying affirmations to yourself in order to support your belief that you can manifest what you want from live (whether it’s love, money, success or something else entirely).

When you work with a friend throughout the process of attracting what you desire, you can consider saying your friend’s affirmations to them. Meanwhile, your friend can recite the affirmations you’ve written, or even design some that they think better support your goals.

There’s something incredibly powerful about hearing a loved one speak words that emphasize your power, value, and ability. So, sharing affirmations can be even more effective than using them on your own.


Finally, when you manifest with a friend, it means being held accountable for the goals you set. So, instead of being able to give up or slow down when you’re feeling burnt out or distracted, you’ll be more likely to keep trying because you’ll know that your friend is going to check up on your progress!

This mutual accountability will keep you both feeling determined as you learn to better us the Law of Attraction.


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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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