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How to Put Your Success on Autopilot

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Katherine Hurst

Forget “mind over matter” you need “mind over mind”. I recently got to participate in something pretty amazing and I’d like to share my experience with you…

I got to sit in on a fantastic online training session put on by my friend Natalie Ledwell over at Mind Movies, called How to Put Your Success on Autopilot.

What I learned was remarkable, and a little bit shocking even for someone like me, someone already accustomed to the “magic” that surrounds the Law of Attraction, but Natalie and her guest took this to a brand new level for me.

They talked about something called “Brainwave Entrainment”, which if you’re not familiar with it, is a remarkably powerful way to reprogram your brain.

It’s been pretty obscure… until now.

But Natalie managed to find “the guy”- the foremost expert in this particular area and then get him to come and share his methods on her training session!

I have to hand it to her, it was brilliant!

The brain scientist’s name is Morry Zelcovitch, and he was a revelation.

As you may know, I’ve studied the Law of Attraction for some time now and I’ve seen the results of its actions in my own life over and over again.

In fact, not only within my life, but hundreds and thousands of times over in the lives of people in our community, and I honestly thought I knew the majority of what was out there about how our brains work and how attraction works too, but there’s SO much more!

One of the most interesting things Morry and Natalie reveal during this session is about the way our brain processes things at different frequencies.

Morry talked at length about how our brain’s function differently throughout the stages of our lives and how the frequencies we experience fluctuate according to that.

When we’re very young children we mostly operate in what’s known as the “Theta” brainwave state. This is essentially like a blank CD.

And everything that goes into our ears, our eyes, and our other senses is processed by our brains… it goes right onto that blank CD, it just writes it there. We don’t have any filter or any settings that stop ALL information from being recorded.

It’s the reason that small children learn things, like languages, so much more quickly than we do as adults!

As a small child, your brain doesn’t know that it can’t speak Spanish, and if you’re exposed to a fluent Spanish speaker, you’ll pick it up in no time flat. This isn’t so for adults (if you’ve ever tried!) whose brain’s already have set patterns.

You “know” that you don’t understand Spanish and it’s far, far harder to create new pathways in your head to accommodate a new language.

Adults, for the most part, experience the world in the “Beta” state, that’s how you go through your daily life, awake and conscious. Adults only experience “Theta” brainwave states when they’re deep in meditation or asleep.

Now in the training session, Morry shared some amazing things about his own research about how the brain processes information. (And how the government of a big country is using this exact same technology to train their most elite military officers!)

He talked specifically about how his technology can actually train the adult brain to go into the “Theta” state and allow it to become much more permeable and open to new information. (It’s actually the state that monks all over the world strive to attain through their years of meditation.)

It’s so incredibly powerful. Just consider the possibilities.

I think I jumped a little in my chair when he started discussing it more completely.

If you take the already hugely powerful idea of the Law of Attraction and then put your brain into a state where it’s ready, receptive and just waiting for new information to be programmed in, I figure you’re going to be in for a really wild ride!

One of the other things that stood out to me was this amazing statistic… your conscious mind is slow, comparatively speaking. When you’re awake and in the “Beta” brainwave state your mind can only process about 40 “bits” of information per second.

And it’s enough for you to walk around and live your daily life, but it’s absolutely nothing compared to what your brain can process at the subconscious level.

Your brain can (imagine this!) process up to 40 million bits of data per second at the subconscious level! That’s a million times more processing power!

No wonder it’s so much more difficult for us to learn new things and remove old obstacles and barriers in our lives while we’re consciously trying to!

Every time you try to put “mind over matter” and make positive changes in your life, your subconscious is there with literally a million times the power to keep things the way they are.

What you really need is a pathway to get “mind over mind” your conscious mind over your subconscious mind, if you’re really going to get amazing results in your life.

However, what I learned on this training session is that you can’t really “win a fight” with your subconscious mind, it tends to get its way… but you can do something even more awesome than that, you can co-opt your subconscious and make it believe something different.

We know that visualizations and affirmations are powerful ways that can beat back the status quo of our subconscious, but if you understand more about how the frequencies of the brain work, it’s amazing to think of the additional possibilities and how much more powerful manifestors we can become.

Natalie and Morry also discussed several ways to get your mind closer to that “Theta” brainwave state, and all of the benefits that go along with it, but if I listed all of it in one article you’d be here all night.

So I’m going to do something better. Since I had such a great experience in this session with Natalie and Morry,

I reached out to Natalie and asked if she’d give me a chance to share it with you.

The good news for you? She enthusiastically agreed!

And the best part is it’s free for you to join (and she has some awesome gifts and goodies just for you coming and participating!)

I’ve tried to hit my own personal high notes that I took away from this event, but there’s just so much more that you will learn when you go and experience it for yourself.

Natalie and Morry can expand your mind and understanding of the Law of Attraction in a truly unexpected way.

Expect to walk away from ‘The Put Your Success on Auto-Pilot’ online training session with a much higher understanding of exactly how to bring the success, wealth and any other kind of abundance into your life, quickly and simply with this new information.

Natalie gave me a special link just for you to go and get signed up – remember, it’s 100% free to participate (and I’d grab a pen and a notebook to jot down your “ah-ha” kinds of moments, there will be several!)

Click here to check it out.

I hope you get as much out of it as I did.


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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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