How Wanting Something Too Much Can Block Receiving

There may have been times when you desperately wanted something so much, but these wants and actions did not produce positive results. You might have put everything in place in a practical sense in order to help you receive, yet nothing came from your efforts.

While it's true that there are occasions when the things you want cannot come into your life because it's the wrong time for them to appear or the universe has other ideas for you, often, the main reason that you don't get what you want is due to resistance.

“But, how am I resisting when I'm trying so hard!”

There is a subtle difference between focusing on your desires and hanging onto them in a negative fashion. Although you might want something, a positive outcome is not at the forefront of your concentration. In fact, you are focusing on lack.

“How can longing for something means that I have lacked at the forefront of my mind?”

In order to urgently want something, you think about why you need it constantly. It's easy to do… You hone your thoughts on negative matters such as how dreadful your life is without the thing that you really want. Your energy flows into your need. Translated into a wish or message to the universe, your intention is heard as, “I haven't got what I need,” instead of “I am manifesting my desire.”

The Law of Attraction works by strengthening exactly what you focus upon intently. Concentrating on the fact that you are in need will mean that your needs will increase.

“How can I turn things around?”

Recognize that each time you pour energy into your problems, you increase the likelihood of more problems occurring. Therefore, start to look at things differently. Consider positive factors, and stop thinking negatively. This can be incredibly hard but it's worth concentrating on what you can do rather than what is stopping you.

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“Can you give me an example?”

About 4 years ago (towards the end of my cubicle rat days), Suzanne, a work colleague of mine at the time, wanted to move house. She was so focused on doing this that it ‘took over’ her inner being. All she could think about was how dreadful her neighbors were. She focused on how much she wanted to get away from the area. Consequently, she started to pick fault with the house she lived in, concentrating on everything that was wrong. Soon, she hated her home and began to pack, although she had nowhere to go.

She imagined that by packing, she was using the Law of Attraction. Suzanne thought that she was sending an intention into the universe stating that she was ready to move. She presumably believed that a new abode would appear in her life. In reality, her desperation and negative thinking blocked her from getting what she wanted.


Back then I was hardly the Law of Attraction head I am today but when I spent time with Suzanne she never failed to remind me of her want to move home. I listened to her and I tried to help by telling her what I believed to be my best advice at this time. Eventually, from a number of conversations with Suzanne, we discussed that perhaps the changes she needed to make were to begin thinking compassionately about her home. She stopped picking fault with her home and concentrated on its good points. She even changed her approach to her neighbors. Her pessimism lifted and an estate agent phoned her to inform her that the perfect property for her was available.

Like Suzanne, you can turn things around. Remember if you are sending out the wrong message, you will get the wrong results. Instead, try pouring energy into positive thoughts surrounding what you truly want.

This is a common problem that a lot of people experience with the Law Of Attraction.  

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