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How To Enhance Your Emotional Intelligence & Mental Strength


Your level of emotional intelligence is determined by how you manage and control emotions.

For example, whether you have healthy ways of regulating and processing them, whether you can tell your own feelings apart from those of others, and whether you use emotions to your advantage in the pursuit of your goals.

Emotional intelligence is directly relevant to the success of your Law of Attraction work, as it develops the prefrontal cortex of your brain, enhancing focus, reasoning, and planning ability.

Plus, studies show that high emotional intelligence is correlated with higher overall life satisfaction.

10 Ways To Enhance Your Emotional Intelligence

Here are ten things you can start doing today if you want to be more emotionally intelligent.

1. Offer Empathy

Non-judgmentally trying to understand others is a huge part of emotional intelligence.

Instead of jumping to conclusions and making assumptions, really listen to what’s being said to you, even if you don’t necessarily like or easily understand the person who is talking.

This will enhance and develop your capacity for empathy, strengthening your brain’s ability to interpret emotional cues and understand different narratives.

2. Avoid The Victim Position

When you see yourself as a victim, you opt out of accountability for your life circumstances and your emotions. However, this is disempowering, and it stops you from harnessing your ability to use your intentions to shape and change the world around you.

Being more intelligent does not instantly make you become better at manifestation – you first need to take ownership of your reality rather than saying other people or circumstances “made” you do or feel something.

This is why people are often surprised why intelligent people struggle with love, because they have yet to take ownership of the emotions.

3. Never Ignore Your Feelings

Not all emotions are comfortable, and it can be tempting to repress or block out the ones that hurt. Or, the ones that you fear might hold you back from your Law of Attraction goal.

However, to be emotionally intelligent, you need to be brave enough to face your emotions head-on.

A helpful exercise involves strong emotions that come up; you can do this silently, but it is grounding and boosts self-knowledge.

The next step is to take a curious and compassionate approach to figure out those emotions come from and what purpose they’re serving; another crucial part of emotional intelligence.

4. Look For Projections

One of the trickier aspects of emotional intelligence involves looking out for feelings that aren’t real, but rather the projected emotions of others.

For example, a colleague might try to induce guilt in you for being late one morning because they feel guilty about being late so often. This is an example of someone projecting a disliked part of themselves onto you so that they can disown and criticize it. As you become more mindful of this phenomenon, you’ll be less likely to take on other people’s emotions as your own.

5. Live For Yourself

Look at your life and consider whether you’re living for other people rather than yourself.

When you’re emotionally intelligent, you know what you want and need from your life and stick to it, regardless of whether it’s what other people want from you. Of course, you can respect and listen to the input of others but you always have the final say.

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6. Keep An Eye On Your Thoughts

Yes, emotions are involuntary, but that doesn’t mean you need associated thoughts spiral out of control.

Try to balance your acceptance and recognition of your feelings with a firm commitment to not letting those emotions rule you.

Ask yourself what you can learn from each feeling, and then do something to help bring yourself back to a calmer state. Meditation can help, as can creative activities (e.g. drawing), and grounding physical activities (e.g. working out).

7. Don’t Spread Rumors

Gossip is for emotionally shallow or immature people. If you spread negativity, you’ll only get more negativity back from the Universe in return.

Instead, seek deep conversations about the things you love, and the subjects that inspire you.

8. Flip Negatives Into Positives

While emotionally intelligent people certainly engage with feelings like sadness, guilt, and anger, it’s emotionally intelligent to dwell on that negativity exclusively.

Everything that happens to you is part of the unique journey you need to experience as you work towards fulfilling your true purpose, so try to find at least one positive thing associated with every negative feeling.

For example, say you’re angry and feel rejected because a friend canceled a lunch date. That’s good cause to reexamine whether the friendship is appropriately reciprocal, but it also might be a nice opportunity to spend an afternoon on your own projects.

9. Hold Your Ground

As you work to develop the empathy component of emotional intelligence, make sure you hold appropriate boundaries at the same time.

Being emotionally smart will require you to use your energy for worthwhile interactions and valuable relationships.

You should also concentrate on avoiding or excising the toxic relationships from your life. Remember to acknowledge that self-care is not selfish!

As with many elements of emotional intelligence, this has a direct impact on your ability to manifest. It helps to ensure you fill your life with positive, loving energy.

10. Embrace Growth

Finally, change can be scary, but you’ll only be more emotionally intelligent if you let yourself evolve and progress beyond your present state.

If you’re going to have the success and satisfaction you deserve, you must embrace the idea that your identity is not static. Plus, once accepted, this can be a truly liberating and exciting idea.

What's Stopping You From Manifesting Your Best Life?
Find out in just 60 seconds!
3,617,569 Tests Have Already Been Taken

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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