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Get Motivated! How To Get Inspired In 6 Easy Steps


You’ve just read some incredible quotes from some of your go-to gurus. You could have found the quotes on a site just like this one! They could be from Gandhi, Lennon, Oprah or any other number of inspirational men and women who you’ve come to rely on for some quick-fix motivation boosters.

You’re inspired! And nothing can stop you. Until 2 hours later, when motivation is wearing thin and the emotional high you had felt only an hour ago has been replaced with some serious disillusion. Where did all of that inspiration go? Why is it that inspiration only seems available on a time-limited offer?

You probably already worked it out, but the harsh truth of it is this, inspiration doesn’t last. The problem is that too many of us see inspiration as something we need just the once, usually at the very start of a big project or plan of action. We mistakenly believe that once we’ve experienced that one, big burst of inspiration we’re all ready and fired up to make things happen. This isn’t necessarily the case.

Inspiration isn’t something we should seek in small, infrequent chunks. The key to remaining inspired is to look for inspiration in everything we do. Inspiration doesn’t come only in the form of quotes or dramatic rags-to-riches stories. Inspiration can just as easily be found in the unlikely and every day, and that is the key to getting re-inspired.

Below you will find some obvious ways to get inspired; so obvious in fact, you’ve probably overlooked them…

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How To Get Inspired In 6 Steps

1. Go To The Library

Whether you’re a total bookworm or your reading is limited to the cooking instructions on the back of an instant noodles packet, this is for you. It’s not about whether or not you enjoy reading, it’s about finding topics that ignite and inspire you. The library offers an endless (not to forget, FREE) supply of surprises and interesting finds that should get your creative juices flowing. Get acquainted with your library.

And to get you started right now, here is a list of the Top 10 Law Of Attraction Books.

2. Be Alone

It’s so important that we all make space for a bit of alone time in our hectic lives. No matter how much you love the people around you, enjoying some alone time is crucial now and again for creating a bit of much-needed space. Occasionally removing yourself from your life, your loved ones, even the day-to-day incessant natter that fills your head – should give you the time you need to better reflect on things. This can help you to create the quiet in which some of your biggest inspiration will come.

3. Make Something

Is there anything more soothing than creating something with your own hands? Whether you’re making a scrumptious dinner for two or getting stuck into your arts and crafts, making something in your spare time is a simple, cathartic way to clear the mind and make room for those much-needed bursts of inspiration.

4. Do A Good Deed

Actively contributing to the happiness and welfare of those around you is a superb way to get inspiration flowing. From something as simple as signing a petition to volunteering your time to a worthy cause, there are countless opportunities for you to become a do-gooder in the community. Who knows, your actions may even serve as an inspiration to others!

5. Clean Your Space

According to experts in Feng Shui, our environments can have a significant impact on our lives and mindset. So – if you haven’t already, it’s time to de-clutter and start making your home/office a more welcoming, inspiration-friendly space! Clear your surroundings of anything that brings you down or makes you feel small or caged in. You should want to spend your time somewhere you feel inspired, motivated, uplifted!

6. Take The Long Way Home

It may sound cheesy, but sometimes, the long way can prove the best way. It’s a small change, but one that is big enough to shake up your routine. It can also shed some new light on your day. Plus, it means more time for quiet reflection. The perfect solution to an inspiration dry-spell!

Inspiration doesn’t cost a thing and requires little effort on your behalf, especially when you make use of the above 6 suggestions! So, why not start making inspiration an everyday occurrence?
Inspiration is everywhere… you just need to create the space to receive it.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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