Is The Universe Listening? 10 Ways To Be Heard

Have you ever sent a message to the Universe and wondered why you didn't receive the response you expected to hear? Countless people wish upon a star and attempt to project their requests into the cosmos.

Others practice affirmations that hone their thoughts or work studiously using the law of attraction in other ways. When they don't see results, they are disheartened and question what they are doing wrong.

10 Ways You Can Help Ensure That The Universe Hears You

Here are some ways that you can make sure you are getting the most from yourself, the Universe, and the Law of Attraction.

1. Gain Clarity

When you send a vague communication, you can expect to receive an equally indistinct response. Perfect the wording of your request so that it reflects exactly what you want.

Make sure you are clear on what you want and how you are going to achieve it, this will make it easier for the Universe to help you with your journey.


2. Focus

Add power to your message by focusing. Picture what you want to achieve, and hear, touch, feel and taste a positive outcome in your imagination.

When you can forget about any worries or stress you have, and choose to focus on what you want to achieve, this can improve your vision and give out a powerful message to the Universe.

3. Enhance Your Belief System

Don't view your imagination as an inert dreamscape. Your mind's eye is a creation-pod where you form and strengthen ideas. Additionally, think of the universe as a place. Visualize your message as a letter with ‘The Universe‘ printed on its envelope as an address.

4. Let Go

Once you've sent a request, don't think about it anymore. If you post a letter on Earth, you don't need to will it to reach its destination. Your message to the universe will reach its target when it is released.

5. Clear Your Energy Bank


Free your mind of negativity, so that it's a clean channel from which to send forth desires. Clear negative thoughts and feelings using meditation, yoga, tai chi, or other forms of energy cleansing practices that you prefer.

6. Expect A Reply

When you send for goods via the mail, you expect them to be delivered. Furthermore, you might prepare for their arrival. If you were waiting for new shoes, perhaps you would make space in your shoe rack. Likewise, make space in your life for the order that you have placed with the universe.

And look for opportunities to collect. For example, if you've asked for a romantic relationship, don't sit at home. It will be easier for the universe to orchestrate a meeting with the love of your life if you attend a speed-dating event.

7. Direct Your Energy

How you direct energy after sending a message can influence whether it is delivered or goes astray. If you've asked for abundance, but tell your friends that you have insufficient resources; your message will stop. You will have sent a conflicting communication that takes precedence. The new request will stem from your focus on lack. Speak, walk, talk and breathe as if your reality has already changed for the better, and your original message will be delivered.

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9. Don't Sweat

You might have done everything possible to achieve a successful outcome, but imagine that your message hasn't arrived since there has been no result. However, the universe is not conscious of time. What might seem like eons to you is a blink of the eye in greater realms. Results can occur quickly, or slowly. Continue to expect a positive outcome and accept opportunities to achieve your goal.

10. Live With Gratitude

If you believe that you attract your desires, which is a necessary component of doing so, you will be grateful to the universe for listening. Send joyful energy to the atmosphere containing thoughts of gratitude. Subsequently, the universe will be certain that it has heard your wishes correctly.

Your messages are always received. However, sometimes they are fuzzy, or you accidentally override them with conflicting demands. At other times, you don't recognize when opportunities arise to claim your prize. Practicing the ten components described can ensure that you formulate a message that the universe hears.

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