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20 Top Joe Vitale Quotes To Inspire And Motivate You Today

joe vitale

Joe Vitale is an experienced teacher, successful author, and Law of Attraction expert. Joe Vitale has even been featured on The Secret Documentary, where he speaks about the Law of Attraction.

Using his decades of experience, Joe helps others to use the Law of Attraction to achieve success and he is passionate about teaching others that anything is possible.

About Joe Vitale

“For the past 20 years, I've been helping people like you attract ALL kinds of miracles in their lives.”

Also known as ‘The Buddha of the Internet', Joe Vitale is a world-famous life coach, teacher, and author. Born in December 1953, he has gone from living on the streets to attending college at Kent State. He then went on to become a bestselling author and a household name among The Law Of Attraction communities.

Dr. Vitale is most well known for his connection to the book and documentary, ‘The Secret which was first released on March 23, 2006.

Joe Vitale specializes in manifestation techniques and the subconscious mind. He has worked alongside other life coaches and professionals, such as Steve G. Jones, Michael Bernard Beckwith, and Dr. Hew Len.

To learn more about Joe Vitale, be sure to check out his author profile! Click here now to find out more.

Joe Vitale Quotes

I have put together a list of quotes from Joe Vitale that can help to inspire and motivate you today. Take a look at the quotes below and see if they can help you to feel motivated to start reaching your goals and live your dream life.

To help inspire you daily, try writing them down or printing them off! Then you can put them up around your house or within a journal.

20 Top Joe Vitale Quotes To Inspire You Today

1. “What are you grateful for right now? Gratitude can shift your energy, raise your vibration, and make all your next moments even better.”

2. “NOW is the time. The Universe likes SPEED. Don’t delay, don’t second-guess, don’t doubt. When the opportunity or impulse is there…ACT!”

3. “Your mind may not know what to do today, but your heart does. Follow your heart.”

4. “If you don’t have some self-doubts and fears when you pursue a dream, then you haven’t dreamed big enough.”

5. “What can you do right now to begin to turn your life around? The very first thing is to start making a list of the things you are grateful for.”

6. “You don’t fear change. You fear the unknown. If you knew the future would be great, you’d welcome the change to get there. Well, the future IS great. Proceed.”

7. “Ask yourself what would you do even if you were never paid. That’s a clue to what you should be doing and of course finding a way to be paid for it.”

8. “A goal should scare you a little, and excite you a lot.”

9. “Dreams do come true. Yes, even YOURS. But you have to meet them part way. Get up and do something towards them.”

10. “Inspiration gives you a desire. Decision makes it an intention. Action makes it real.”

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11. “You can have, do, or be anything you want.”

12. “Your future is co-created out of what you do today. Do you act from fear or faith? You get to choose.”

13. “If you don’t go for your dreams, who will?”

14. “Be around people who can keep your energy and inspiration high. While you can make progress alone, it’s so much easier when you have support.”

15. “When you resist doing what you know needs done, it is difficult. Find a mental way to enjoy it, and just do it, and it is easy.”

16. “Don’t lean on the past, learn from it and move on.”

17. “Turns out that loving yourself is the greatest way to improve yourself, and as you improve yourself, you improve your world.”

18. “Refocusing on what you do want will take you in the direction of what you want.”

19. “No matter what is happening in your life, no matter what you think will happen, it can be another way.”

20. “Everything you seek and everything you experience – everything – is inside you. If you want to change anything, you do it inside, not outside. The whole idea is total responsibility. There’s no one to blame. It’s all you.”

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