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How To Manifest Your Kindred Spirit & Signs You Found Yours

How To Manifest Your Kindred Spirit & Signs You Found Yours

We've all heard people talk about kindred spirits. Whether they're friends, lovers, colleagues, or pets, the message is that having a kindred spirit means making a profound connection with someone who has deep similarities to you.

But how do you know when you've met a kindred spirit? And what, if anything, can you do to call one into your life?

We'll start with a basic summary of what a kindred spirit is, exploring how we can stand in this relation to both people and animals.

Next, we'll ask whether kindred spirits can fall in love – and if this is a good basis for a romantic relationship. Thereafter, we'll turn to the practical task of manifesting your own kindred spirit in your life.

Finally, we'll explain the four major signs that reliably tell you when you've found your kindred spirit, and we'll suggest ways to apply what you've learned to your use of the Law of Attraction.

What Are Kindred Spirits?

What Are Kindred Spirits?

First, then, what is a kindred spirit? In short, they are something similar to soul mates or twin flames – entities you understand immediately, and with whom you feel truly seen.

Think of kindred spirits as being like lights that are inevitably drawn toward each other, and which create even more intense light when they join.

However, it's important to note that a connection with a kindred spirit doesn't need to be romantic. Some of our kindred spirits might be friends or family members, for example, as noted at the outset.

Typically, kindred spirits have a lot in common in terms of values, desires, and even life experiences – often, before ever even meeting, you'll have traveled the same path.

This creates an opportunity for a special kind of intimacy, and for easy communication.

From the moment you meet, you'll feel a sense of recognition, and time spent together will heal and refuel you in difficult times.

Animal Kindred Spirits

Animal Kindred Spirits

When thinking about kindred spirits, it's vital to note that you might also have a kindred spirit animal – this connection doesn't just develop between people.

Whether you've had a beloved pet in the past or have witnessed someone else's intense bond with their pet, you likely know that we can form some of our most special relationships with the animals in our lives.

Often, such animals arrive at unexpected times – as strays, or as animals we see advertised looking for new homes.

And, typically, these kindred spirits arrive just when we need them the most.

Although they can't speak, they can offer incredible growth and support.

Can Kindred Spirits Fall In Love?

Can Kindred Spirits Fall In Love?

As we mentioned above, relationships between kindred spirits certainly don't need to be romantic to be among the most meaningful bonds you'll ever have.

But can they be romantic? Absolutely! Many lifelong couples are kindred spirits, whose profound understanding of each other keeps them together through adversity.

So, if you're asking yourself “Why do I feel a strong connection with someone I barely know?”, it might be that they're your ideal partner.

Trust your instincts, and see what happens when you get to know this person better.

Sometimes, we're just drawn to people because they're intensely charismatic.

But at other times, we're recognizing a soul mate.

How To Manifest Your Kindred Spirit

How To Manifest Your Kindred Spirit

Now that you know what being with a kindred spirit might be like, it stands to reason that you might want to draw such a person into your life.

But is there a specific way of learning how to manifest a kindred spirit?

Here are some of the most powerful approaches, all of which Law of Attraction practitioners say help to attract what you want:

  • Creative visualization – get into a meditative state, breathing deeply with eyes closed, and build a vivid image of meeting your kindred spirit.
  • Dream boarding – using pictures, quotes, art, and anything else you can fit on a board, create a collage that shows how you imagine it will be to meet your kindred spirit. Keep it where you see it daily.
  • Assessing your relationships – try to concentrate your energy on people who give you something of what you're looking for from your kindred spirit, spending less energy on those who bring negativity.
  • Living ‘as if' – think about how you'd spend your days if you'd found a kindred spirit. How would you dress? How would you express yourself?

Use Affirmations To Find Your Kindred Spirit

Practicing daily affirmations is a particularly effective way of becoming spiritually connected to someone who could be your kindred spirit.

There are lots of approaches to this – such as the newly popularized method of 369 manifesting – but the basic premise remains the same.

You design specific things to say to yourself, ideally while looking in the mirror, and these positive statements help you to align yourself with your goal (in this case, finding a kindred spirit).

Example statements might include “I am ready and excited to receive my kindred spirit”, or the more general affirmation “I give and receive love every day.”

Signs You’ve Found Your Kindred Spirit

Suppose, then, that you've longed for a kindred spirit and you want to know when one has arrived.

Here are signs to look out for.

You Feel Like Yourself Around Them

You Feel Like Yourself Around Them

We don't experience peace of mind around everyone.

Some people make us feel tense, and others give us a sense that they only like one facet of us.

In contrast, kindred spirits feel so familiar to you that you can be your true self without effort.

Indeed, just being with them will give you a sense of peace and satisfaction.

You won't have to edit any of your words you'll know you're loved and appreciated even when you're struggling to be your best self.

This will be reciprocal, too – in other words, you'll also feel a pure acceptance of this person's essence.

You Mostly See Things The Same Way

You Mostly See Things The Same Way

No one will agree with you about absolutely everything.

Indeed, it's boring if those we're close to just share every opinion we hold.

However, in close relationships, it's deeply important to share core values, and this is something you'll notice very quickly about a kindred spirit.

What they say will typically make a lot of sense to you, and you'll see eye to eye on contentious topics like politics, commitment, spirituality, and equality.

This makes it easy and very rewarding to build a life with your kindred spirit, whether as friends or romantic partners – your vision for that life will be the same.

You Have A Strange Amount In Common

You Have A Strange Amount In Common

It's not just the aforementioned values and visions for the future that you'll likely share with a kindred spirit.

You'll also find you have an incredible amount of things in common so that you both feel an unshakeable sense of familiarity.

It can feel uncanny at first, as though you've in some way known the person for your whole life.

For example, you might instinctively make the same jokes and gravitate toward the same music, movies, and books.

Often, there's also an overlap in the difficulties you face in life too, which means you can draw on each other for empathy and support.

You Can Kinda Tell How They Are Feeling

You Can Kinda Tell How They Are Feeling

Finally, you'll have something with a kindred spirit that feels almost telepathy.

This will show itself first when you realize that you reciprocate feelings the other has toward you – feelings of connection and affection, whether romantic or platonic.

And as you build your bond, you'll also find that you can anticipate what your kindred spirit is feeling about things as they happen.

You'll be able to read their joy, know when they've been hurt or offended, and just know what they would like to receive as gifts.

When you're both tired, you'll instinctively know what's going on with each other without talking, thriving in comfortable silence.

Find Your Kindred Spirit With The Law Of Attraction

You now know more about how to attract a kindred spirit and how to identify that kindred spirit in that special moment when your paths cross.

However, your manifestation power doesn't end up with the techniques discussed in this article, or indeed with the ability to attract kindred spirits.

You can choose to specifically draw a romantic soulmate toward you, for example, if that's what you need in your life right now.

The Law of Attraction exercises can also help you figure out what you actually need from a partner, and how to get rid of old, limiting beliefs about your worth.

Alternatively, you can attract anything from professional success to deeper friendships and more robust self-esteem.

So, if you've found the techniques in this article helpful, why not start thinking about how to expand your Law of Attraction practice? There's no limit to your manifestation potential, or to how satisfying your life can be.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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