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What Is The Intention Point?

Two people standing in front of a glowing grid, each focusing their gaze towards the Intention Point.

Have you ever said to yourself, “It’s like my mind wants one thing, and my heart wants something else.” You're about to learn something called your Intention Point, that actually is the reason why you question yourself with this. It's also the one thing that can help you learn to use the Law of Attraction more effectively.

While wholeheartedly, using visualization tools for manifesting come highly recommended, manifesting with your Intention Point is more effective and more powerful than you might like to think.

I discovered the Intention Point whilst on my own journey with the Law of Attraction around 20 years ago. The concept of it was in its infancy back then, although over recent years there have been numerous credible and scientifically proven studies that indicate more than you'd even realize today.

When my life crossed path with this information, it was like I had found all the missing pieces – things finally made sense to me, after all the years prior where the Law of Attraction just seemed to not work for me.

So what is the Intention Point? Here I will impart some easy-to-understand information about it.

Is The Intention Point Real?

100%! Its been backed and proven by credible, scientific studies, the most notable in 2003, conducted at the HeartMath Institute by Dr. Rollin McCraty, where he discovered that the heart produces a magnetic field that’s about 5,000 times more powerful than the brain.

So with different levels of magnetic energy being emitted indicated that your heart and your mind are distinct parts of you.

For example, people often talk about making decisions with their hearts or mind. The former refers to an emotionally influenced choice and the latter to a logical, fact-based approach.


So when you recognize your mind wants one thing, and your heart wants something else, this is a clear indication now that there’s a space between the heart and mind; a space where the dialogue between the heart and mind will always occur.

It is ‘halfway' between these separate but equally important parts of you. So, you don’t define it in terms of either the heart or the mind.

This amazing, incredibly powerful space is called your Intention Point. It is the epicenter of your energy. It can influence absolutely everything; from your emotions to your personal strength, your posture, your health, and your vitality.

Why Does It Matter?

When I talk about the Universe responding to you, what it is really responding to is this sacred space of your Intention Point. As just mentioned, however, your heart and mind are not always in agreement, and your Intention Point is not always balanced.

If it’s unbalanced, it won’t send the right signals out to the Universe, and you’ll struggle to manifest the reality you’re looking to inhabit. Worse still, you will suffer physiologically, and will likely be hit with low mood, diminishing energy, and a sense that you’re just stuck in a bad place.

What Can You Do To Influence Your Intention Point?

Of course, you might be worried that a lack of balance in your Intention Point is bound to drag you down no matter what.

Thankfully, you can do a lot to actively influence your Intention Point, balance it, and send out a coherent message to the Universe; a message that clearly and forcefully asks for what you want and deserve.

How To Locate It

This is something that can be learned and is a simple thing that can be done at home, without the help of a practitioner or the need to read any complex literature.

The position of a healthy Intention Point differs for a man and a woman. When you find your own Intention Point it can tell you a lot about what might be causing your internal imbalance.

For example, some positions are suggestive of an excess of manic energy (causing problems like anxiety), while others tend to be associated with a dearth of positive energy (leading to sometimes profound depression or lethargy).

Once you’ve found it and understood what it can tell you about the areas you need to work on, there are wonderful exercises that I’ve discovered can shift the Intention Point and bring it to a place that promotes happiness, balance, and fruitful ongoing dialogue between your heart and mind (and therefore with the Universe).

Some of them can be done physically, without any props, and so you can do them in your car or at work; wherever you feel you need a boost in positive energy or notice you’re struggling to access your intuition.

It takes a while to get used to sensing and adapting your Intention Point. However, there are things you need to learn that will give you a better sense of how small, repetitive daily choices can permanently move your Intention Point so that its default position is healthy.

I’ve spent a long time working out which approaches really work. Therefore, I know from trial and error how to really attune a person with their Intention Point.

How To Connect With Your Intention Point

There's so much more to learn about your Intention Point that I can share here, in a single article. When I learned about my own Intention Point those years ago, I had to take myself back to the origin of my heart, to feel love, and to connect with this. It was a work in progress until a few short years ago when I was able to complete and make available for the first time ever, my program Origins Reborn: How To Manifest 5,000 Times Faster With Your Intention Point, plus I share a short video for you to learn more first of all.

The Intention Point is simple in some respects. However, there is lots of fascinating science behind it. There are also more specific lessons you can learn from the precise location of your Intention point. As well as teaching you dozens of techniques and exercises that aim to help you use the Law of Attraction more effectively. Within Origins Reborn, you can learn exactly how you can access and realign your Intention Point.

By making small but precise shifts every day, you can facilitate a productive dialogue between your heart and mind; one that will never fail to help you get what you want.

As I suggested above, I truly believe that understanding the nature of your Intention Point is what makes the difference between successfully manifesting and failing at manifesting.

Let me teach you what I’ve learned through my own struggles to maximize my potential, and allow me to help you understand your Intention Point and what it could bring to you.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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