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How To Master Law Of Attraction Manifestation Meditation

How To Master Law Of Attraction Manifestation Meditation

Whether you're a beginner or you've been practicing Law of Attraction exercises for some time now, you probably know that meditation is an extremely powerful tool. You'll often see successful people discussing the role of manifestation meditation.

However, many manifestation books and articles skim over the details of this technique or fail to show you how to adapt it to different goals.

Consequently, you might be unsure about whether you're practicing manifestation meditation properly, or you might skip it together.

In this short how-to article, we aim to tell you all you need to know. We'll start by helping you see how manifestation meditation works.

Why it can help you meet any Law of Attraction goal you set, then, we'll walk you through the six vital steps involved in a proper manifestation meditation.

Finally, we'll show you how you can perform specific manifestation meditations that attract money, love, health, and success.

How Does Manifestation Meditation Work?

As you likely know, the successful Law of Attraction work is all about your vibrational frequency.

When you're pessimistic, negative, or sad, your vibration is low and you attract very little – or, sometimes, more of the same negativity.

Meanwhile, when you're happy, focused, and confident, your vibration is high and you pull similarly vibrating things toward you.

This includes productive, supportive people, as well as valuable material goods and opportunities.

Life events and changes beyond your control do influence your vibration, but it is also in large part under your control.

Now, as it turns out, manifestation meditation is one of the best ways to raise your vibration. When you pour all your energy into a meditation where you try to visualize what you want to manifest, your vibration aligns with that of your goal.

This helps you attain and remain in the right kind of mindset to get what you want.

How To Do A Law Of Attraction Meditation

Now that you understand how manifestation meditation can be a shortcut to boosting your vibration and achieving your goals, let's take a look at a basic manifestation meditation technique.

Try setting aside around 15 minutes each day to do this exercise, and make sure you work through all the specific steps.

Step 1: Relax

Begin by finding somewhere comfortable and quiet where you won't be disturbed. Experiment with different positions to discover what relaxes you.

Many people like to sit in a chair, with their feet flat on the floor and palms on their lap, but you can do whatever helps you calm down and center yourself.

You might also find that lighting a scented candle or putting on some soft, instrumental music helps you to get into the right frame of mind.

Step 2: Focus

Start narrowing your focus by concentrating on your breathing. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, and breathe deeply.

Notice how the chest rises and falls, and try to dismiss any intrusive thoughts about your day, or about your current stresses.

Don't judge yourself for distractions, but just gently return your attention to your breathing. Count at least 20 inhalations and exhalations but feel free to continue for longer if you need more time to become focused.

Step 3: Open Your Heart

For approximately five minutes, repeat a phrase that reinforces that your heart is open to all you can achieve.

For example, you might say “I open my heart to all that is possible. I am good, and bring good things toward me.”

However, it really doesn't matter what phrase you use, provided it makes you feel progressively calmer, more positive, and more empowered.

You may also want to visualize your heart opening, perhaps by imagining a glowing light at your center.

Step 4: Visualize Your Desires

Use the full force of your imagination to picture what you want to attract. Use all senses to build this image.

For example, if you're working to manifest love, how will it feel to hold your partner in your arms? What will they smell like? What sound will their laugh make? How will they smile at you, and what will it be like to look into their eyes?

Spend as much time building and inhabiting this image as you want.

Step 5: Embrace Your Gratitude

Build a deep feeling of gratitude by focusing on all the things that inspire it in your life.

Who and what makes you feel thankful? Picture the things you already have, and really tune into that gratitude.

The more you immerse yourself in a feeling of abundance and positive energy, the more you attract more abundance into your life.

This is an exercise you can do any time for a boost, but it's particularly effective as part of meditation.

Step 6: Manifest

Finally, open your eyes and reflect on your perspective shift. Then, take concrete practical steps to manifest what you want in life.

Try to do what Law of Attraction experts call “living as if” – in other words, approach your day like you already have what you want.

How would you act? How would you carry yourself? What would you wear, and how would you spend your time? All of this moves you closer to manifesting your goal in reality.

Practice Law Of Attraction Meditation For Manifesting Abundance In All Areas Of Your Life

The above technique can be used for all kinds of manifestation goals. This type of meditation can attract abundance in all areas of your life.

Such as in friendships, romantic relationships, your career, your finances, and any other area you can imagine.

It's a particularly good exercise to start out with, as it allows you to get used to meditation and opens you up to attracting a massive range of new possibilities.

However, if you're ready to practice meditation techniques that hone in one particular area of your life.

The following four tips can help you attain the most common Law of Attraction goals.

Law Of Attraction Meditation For Manifesting Money

This money meditation involves all the steps described in the basic meditation technique above, but it requires you to change the visualization stage in order to attract money more specifically.

So, once you've done your deep breathing and you've opened your heart, imagine yourself holding huge bundles of cash.

Feel the texture of the notes in your hands – rub them between your fingers, and imagine smelling them. Add as much detail as you can to the visualization.

Imagine yourself going up to put your card in an ATM, and withdrawing huge sums of money.

Picture yourself doing this with a whole line of ATM machines, gradually accumulating more and more wealth.

To add more weight to the visualization, you can also include a step where you imagine you've spent some of that money and are still comfortably well off. What does your life look like? What do you own, and how do you feel?

Law Of Attraction Meditation For Manifesting Love

Again, start your love meditation in the normal way, by breathing deeply and opening your heart.

When it's time to visualize, there are a few different powerful techniques that help to draw love toward you.

One is the sample visualization described above, in which you simply build up all the details of your dream partner and fully imagine how it would be to share your life with them.

However, to go a step beyond that, imagine yourself surrounded by a bright light that represents love. Picture it glowing and shimmering, warming your body.

Allow that feeling of calmness and completeness to fill you up.

Reflect on what it is like to have everything you need, and to have such powerful positive energy running through you.

Finally, imagine the light-emitting a magnetic pull, attracting others toward you. This meditation opens you up not only to romantic love but also to a deep friendship.

Law Of Attraction Meditation For Manifesting Health

Once you've settled into your comfortable space, slowed your breathing, and focused your mind, there is one particularly effective technique that you can use to manifest health at the visualization stage.

Begin with a body scan – in other words, work your attention from head to toe, simply noticing each part of your body. Where are you relaxed and loose? Which parts are tense or in pain?

Once you've built up this detailed awareness of how your body feels, focus on one the part (or one of the parts) that you want to make more health.

Imagine it holding dark, black energy that represents pain, disease, or unhealthiness. Then, imagine it being washed away by bright energy that enters your body and heals everything in its path.

Imagine it dissolving the blackness, and leaving only light in its path. You can do this for multiple areas, and for everything from minor aches to chronic conditions.

Law Of Attraction Meditation For Manifesting Success

Success visualization is famously successful. Many athletes, in particular, endorse this technique, swearing that it helps them focus and manifest their best skills.

Again, it's effective just to imagine yourself doing well.

Perhaps you might visualize yourself being offered your dream job, giving a great presentation, launching your business, or standing on a stage.

However, we often struggle with blocks to success, so it's helpful to do a success-boosting visualization that focuses on clearing negativity.

First, zone into where you feel doubt and anxiety. Perhaps it's in your chest, your stomach, or maybe it sits tight around your throat. Then, imagine breathing this out of your body.

Give it a color that represents negativity to you, and see it leave your lungs through your mouth. Watch it dissipate in the air, and feel your body relax with each exhale.

If you like, add a step where you breathe in golden light that boosts your confidence with every inhale.

Law Of Attraction Guided Meditation Music for Manifesting

Finally, meditation music is another fantastic Law of Attraction tool that can further enhance your manifestation mediations.

It can help us focus our minds on what we want to achieve, and can play a key role in getting out of the outdated, limiting beliefs holding us back from success.

To help you get started, why not try out ZenHarmonics. You can try it out at no cost here.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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