The Secret Rules Of Attraction: 5 Tips To Boost Attracting

When introduced to the Law of Attraction for the first time, the world as you know it can seem changed forever. You find yourself holding the paintbrush of your life, the creator of your life’s picture. You realize that you have been all along!

Old belief systems and restricting thoughts are blown out of the water and the curtains fall away from the world before you become limitless, looming and awaiting your commands.

Well… this is what happens to some people. For others, the realization that they are the sole creator of their reality can be a slow and cautious one.

Either way, coming into the knowledge that you are actually the one pulling the strings in your life can be as scary as it is liberating. After all, when things don’t go your way, you suddenly find that you have no one to blame but yourself.

But worry not! Becoming aware of the Law of Attraction and recognizing the incredible power of your thoughts that you have to ultimately shape your life doesn't have to be as scary as it initially sounds.

The first step is to become more aware. Listen to your thoughts, as well as the words that you are using. Begin to subtly shift all negatives into a positive and the rest should flow from there.

As you begin to take claim of your role as creator of your reality, here are 5 top tips to help you on your way (but if you want a more detailed guide, check out my breakthrough Law Of Attraction program: Origins Reborn: How To Manifest 5000 Times Faster With Your Intention Point – available in digital text, audio, and video formats).

5 Top Law of Attraction Tips

the-law-of-attraction 1. Practice Awareness

You only manifest that which you give your attention to. So, begin to practice better self-awareness, to ensure that your thoughts are directing your energies where you want them to be.

Pay little heed to the things that make you unhappy or your fears. Instead, focus your attention on what it is that you do want.

If you can become more self-aware, you will be able to recognize helpful thoughts and feelings, and unhelpful thoughts and feelings.

From there, you can start to decide what you should be paying attention to, and what will help you when manifesting your dream life and goals.

2. Do Not Concern Yourself With The ‘How’ Or The ‘When’

Your only concern should be feeling good and knowing that the universe is working to make all that you want possible for you.

When you begin to think about how or when the universe can manifest your goals for you, you are bringing worry into the equation, lowering your energies.

There is no point worrying about the future, or dwelling on the past. Trust in the Universe and be grateful for all the positive things you have in your life in the present moment.

3. Act ‘As If’

If our thoughts equal things, then we need to align our thoughts and energies with the very things that we want most. This is where acting ‘as if’ can prove useful.

For example, if your goal is to be wealthy, you need to feel as though you are already the wealthiest person that you know. To do this you could practice all kinds of habits; address checks to yourself for large quantities, pad out your wallet with monopoly capital, go window shopping and pick out the many lovely things that you intend to buy when the ‘mood’ takes you (this is what you can tell yourself). Get creative!

This can help you to really visualize and imagine how you would feel when you've achieved your goals and can help you to feel more positive and motivated to reach them and get your dream life.

4. Want It But Don’t Need It

Wanting something is perfectly reasonable and the universe can respond to this. When you ‘need’ it, however, you are creating resistance, making it impossible to manifest what it is that you want.

When you feel as though you ‘need’ something, your energies and emotions are ones of ‘lacking’ and ‘negativity’, thus, putting you on a negative frequency far removed from the one you need to be in alignment with.

Try to focus on what you have and what you are grateful for (this can bring you more of those positive things). Try not to focus on what you lack or wish you had – instead think of these things in a positive way. You can even act ‘as if' you already have them!

5. Be Active

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Last but not least, don’t forget to always take action! You need to be taking positive action towards your dreams and goals; this should not only help to raise your positive energies but can help to make your goals more real in your mind.

Keep your head in the game and the Law of Attraction should provide you with the inspiration, signposts, tools, and resources that you need to make it to your end goal. 

Make good use of these tips, they may prove useful tools as you set intentions and finally change your life to one that you have always dreamed of.