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Inspirational Lessons And Quotes From Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi wallpapers with inspirational quotes.

Keep your words positive, because your words become your behaviours.
Keep your behaviours positive, because your behaviours become your habits.
Keep your habits positive, because your habits become your values.
Keep your values positive, because your values become your destiny.” – Gandhi

A great leader, speaker of inspiration and truth, peaceful and a brilliant example of high-thinking and living; these are just some of the things that come to mind when we think of Mahatma Gandhi.
Originally a lawyer, Gandhi left his safe and successful career to pursue his dreams.

His dream was for an independent India and peace and freedom for all. The courage and determination that Gandhi showed the world during the peaceful pursuit of his dreams, that many others shared in, made him an inspiration to the world.

Rather than using force or cruelty to accomplish his goals, Gandhi’s weapon of choice was peace and unrelenting love. Many great leaders and royalty have fought for freedom for the select few. They often use attack and bloodshed as their main means. Gandhi however, showed that freedom was deserved by all and could be won without any need for violence or fear.

Without a single weapon or power-hungry thought, Gandhi became one of the most powerful and great leaders that the world has ever known.

So, just what was the method behind Gandhi’s success?

Many believe that it was his stress-free way of life that gave him his strength. Gandhi was known to pray and meditate for hours at a time. Plus, despite his increasingly powerful status with the people, he kept to a life of simple living.

It was this life of extraordinary simplicity that kept him free of the stresses and distractions that preoccupy the majority of us. This allowed him to focus with greater intensity on his goals and passions. We can all learn something from Mahatma Gandhi’s life. Here are some of his key lessons;

Truth Triumphs

Despite enduring a multitude of hardships on his pursuit of truth, Gandhi knew that in the end, the truth always prevails. Therefore, no matter how difficult it may initially seem, when you learn to be truthful with yourself and with others you can always emerge to be successful.

Being truthful with yourself shows self-love, and being truthful with others is a very positive and helpful thing to do. If you are not truthful, mistakes can be made and problems may occur. Being truthful is one of the keys to being successful as it will help others to trust and respect you, and you can begin to learn and understand more about yourself on your journey.

Simplicity Is A Virtue

Gandhi’s way of simple living perfectly reflected the simplicity of his ideas and dreams of freedom. Like Gandhi, when we learn to stop sweating the small stuff and instead focus our energies on the few, select things that are most important to us, our lives become much happier and more successful.

We can sometimes dwell on the little things, that most likely won't matter to us in 10 years time. If you can become more like Gandhi, and understand that you don't have to focus your energy on every single little thing, it can become much easier to live a more positive and carefree life.

Innovation Is Key

When Gandhi needed to get his point across, he needed something stronger than weaponry, something that would really make the world stand up and listen. So, he became innovative and used PEACE as his method of freedom. He successfully carried out the famous Salt March of 1930. This was the first time any leader had shown such creativity and innovation in order to make change for the good of the people.

The Art Of Life-Long Learning

Gandhi was a highly intelligent and a great thinker of his time. He strongly believed in the power of life-long learning to empower and equip. He was always thinking about his country and its people. Similarly, Gandhi was always continuously learning in order to build a strong and capable India.


Gandhi never shied away from sacrifice; in fact, his entire life was lived in the spirit of sacrifice. In his love for others and for India, he quit his previous life as a successful lawyer. He also went without the safety and luxuries that came with it in order to expose himself to a multitude of challenges and difficulties. Even after he succeeded in his dream of Indian independence, he sacrificed offers of positions of power in order to continue his life of simplicity and peace. What we can learn from this is that when we sacrifice

things in the spirit of love and generosity to others, we can go on to accomplish many great things.

Let Gandhi’s life be a lesson to us all; use what he taught us to not only become a better person but to also contribute to a greater world for all.

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