4 Proven Ways To Supercharge
The Law of Attraction

Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst

Even if you're using the Law of Attraction to get ‘some' of what you desire right now…

…By the time you finish reading this letter you'll know how to activate the FULL POWER of this incredible & mysterious force – so you can easily get EVERYTHING you want!

Dear Friend,

First, let me ask you…

What do you really, really want?

Now, I don't mean what your parents say you should want.
Or what your husband (or wife) wants…

What do YOU want, right now?

In your finances, your health, your career, your relationships… your looks.

What do you want?

Before you spend too long answering that question. I have a confession to make:

I already know the answer. And it isn't what you think!

I'll explain that bold statement in just a minute.

But first I want to share a quick story about a woman who wanted something BIG! Something she thought was completely “out of her league” and yet she got it. FAST!

How? By using the Law of Attraction along with 4 simple yet little-known ways of supercharging its power, giving her the ability to create the life of her dreams – and it will do the same for you!

Over 7,240,737 Awesome Fans!

Niki Marshall was a woman in a DIRE financial position…
When something miraculous happened.

She stumbled upon the book ‘THE SECRET'. She downloaded the blank check from the website, and immediately wrote it out for a cool 1 MILLION South African Rand!

(Approx $95,000 dollars!)

Consider this:

A few months before this, Niki would've considered manifesting that amount of money impossible.

…But she'd recently discovered a unique attraction process that had already brought good things into her life.

Could it bring her this? She figured it was worth a try.

She went through the simple steps ignoring her doubts, and focusing her dominant attention on the 1 million South African Rand she wanted in her life…

She kept the check on the wall in her office, and looked at it every single day.

And in only 12 months, she had just under a million in the bank! (Here’s a picture of the actual check:)

Niki Marshall


And while Niki's story is undeniably incredible – you could call it a miracle, in fact.

I have to tell you, it doesn't surprise me a bit. I hear stories just like this every single day:

They come to me on my Facebook page, by email, through letters, on the phone… even from strangers who walk up to me on the street. Stories of people who have attracted things like:

  • Cash to finance cross-country moves, new ventures, cars, homes, & dream travels
  • New job opportunities, promotions, and total career changes
  • Freedom from 10 years of depression
  • An end to negative thoughts and to feeling overwhelmed
  • A new-found sense of self-worth
  • The healing of past relationships
  • Better health without medication
  • A specific life purpose
  • Huge weight loss

One person I know used this process to manifest their dream car.

Dream Car


Another person attracted $2000 worth of Disneyland tickets. The stories go on and on, and they're all true.

Right about now you may be wondering why these people are telling their stories to ME.

I'll get to that in just a second.

Even more importantly, you probably want to know why I'm talking to YOU.

Let me explain.

My name is Katherine and I have the privilege of running the world's LARGEST Law of Attraction Community – with over 7.2 million people in over 100 countries worldwide.

I've been able to see first-hand – perhaps more than anyone else in the world right now…Exactly, what works and what doesn't when it comes to using the Law of Attraction to manifest your intentions.

And that's why I'm talking to you today with a proposition:

You Really Can Have WHATEVER You Want Using The Law of Attraction

As a matter of fact, you can attract EVERYTHING YOU REALLY WANT into your life. And you can attract it not just some of the time, but ALL THE TIME.

Whether you want to:

  • Have more money, so you can free your mind of worry, and truly enjoy life.
  • Discover your true purpose – so you can escape the ‘rat race' and live an inspired life – that makes you LOVE every single moment
  • Meet someone you can love – and who can love you like you deserve to be loved? – Or relight the spark in a relationship that's maybe feeling a little neglected.
  • You can look and feel better – lose weight, improve your health – even with problems that have bothered you for years!
How do I know?

Because I haven't just heard stories of people who have attracted miracles and magic into their lives. I've done it myself. I haven't just learned the secrets of the Law of Attraction.


And through this letter, I want to help you live it too.

Here's How I Went From Hopeless Cubicle Rat To World-Famous Thought Leader By SUPERCHARGING The Law of Attraction (And How YOU Can Do It Too!)


Cubicle Rat?

…That was me alright!

Today I'm flying high. But just five years ago I was about as low as you could go.

Sure, I had the house, the car, made good money, and had a good job.

All my family and friends thought I was so successful!

But here was the reality...

I was 46 years old, working a job I hated for an ill-tempered boss I couldn't stand. Feeling stuck in a relationship with a man who didn't love me!

I was continually doped-up like a junkie on every anti-anxiety drug you can imagine – with only chocolate cake and big bottles of wine to console me.

Yes – it really was as sad and depressing as it sounds.

But Here's How I Turned It Around – FAST! (And How You Can Too!)


On my 46th birthday. Some work colleagues and I went out for drinks after work.

It was a complete disaster.

Almost everyone left early. Except one woman, who I'd grown especially close to, called Sarah. She asked me to stay and have a drink with her.

We got talking, and after my 3rd or 4thh drink, I started ‘moaning'

…Moaning about the economy… and my boss… I even started going on about my first boyfriend and how he'd caused all my miserable FAILURES in relationships since…

…can you believe that?

But despite the crap I was spouting. Sarah listened. Didn't judge me. And drove me home.

As we pulled up outside my house, Sarah looked me dead in the eye, and said something I'll never forget:

Katherine, your happiness is up to YOU.'

She opened up the glove compartment. Pulled out this strange looking book, put it into my hands and left.

As I sat in my bed that night. What Sarah said kept repeating itself in my mind…

…Your happiness is up to YOU

…Your happiness is up to YOU

…Your happiness is up to YOU

I jumped up out of bed and started reading the book she gave me like a woman possessed!

That book was called The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles The Science of Getting Rich

Now, I was a pretty skeptical person back then. I had no time for ‘wishful thinking'.

And I wouldn't normally read books like that. But I thought, ‘hey, I have nothing to lose‘. So I read it cover to cover.

And, as clichéd as it sounds, it changed my life. Over a period of 6-8 weeks…

  • I felt better immediately.
  • I threw away the antidepressants.
  • Took an online business course.

And I began to study the Law of Attraction with a fury.

And then one night, a couple of weeks later, out of NOWHERE I heard this ‘voice!'

This FLASH of inspiration instructing me to help build the world's LARGEST community of Law of Attraction fans and champions in the world; and to realize my childhood dream of becoming a famous writer!

Now, when I received this inspiration, I could feel doubts ringing in my mind!

I could hear a wicked ‘voice'  whispering:

‘There are MUCH more successful people than you…

 …What makes you think people will be interested in what you have to say?

 You'll fail. You'll look foolish!

Just stay in your job!'

Now, if there is such a thing as a ‘devil' I think that voice was definitely it!

But, I ignored it, and carried on.

I just kept on writing and writing and writing until I FORCED my intention into reality!

How to find The Law of Attraction page on Facebook

My writing helped create the Law of Attraction page on FACEBOOK.

And I was shocked by how fast it grew…. over 7.2 million people in 2 years was beyond anything I could've ever imagined!

If you want to see it, just type in the words THE LAW OF ATTRACTION into the search bar on Facebook – you'll see it come up right at the top!

You know how most famous entrepreneurs and writers have this exciting story, of sacrifice and late nights… and hard work to achieve success?

Well, I had NONE of that.

It was actually the most enjoyable, enlightening, and invigorating experience of my life!

Everything I needed just fell into place. I just kept on writing and posting inspired messages as they came to me.

And they kept getting thousands of likes and comments – word began to spread like wildfire!

…And then came the money. (And boy that felt good!)

It was just a trickle at first. Few hundred here and there. But the amounts steadily grew and grew.

Companies from out of nowhere started contacting me (advances in hand) almost begging me to write for them!

All of a sudden, I was making DOUBLE the money – than I ever made in my job and I was finally able to resign!

…I had done it, I couldn't believe it!

Life was good at this point, and really was getting better… most of the time.

You see, I was getting a lot of my intentions. But I wasn't getting them all.

I had a lot more control than I used to over the things that happened in my life.

But I didn't have complete control.

Sound familiar?

At first I thought it was a flaw in the system – an imperfection I'd just have to live with. But everything changed when I finally discovered…

The Secret To SUPERCHARGE The Law of Attraction To Achieve EVERYTHING – FASTER!

I would love to say, I discovered this secret with another flash of inspiration.

But it wasn't like that at all. Really – It was nothing more than good old- fashioned practice

Nothing more than taking the Law Of Attraction teachings I'd found from books, courses and seminars along with what I'd learned from others like:

Esther Hicks…

From Joe Vitale…

From all the experts out there…

And trying them all out, and at the same time, posting them out to 7.2 million people on my Facebook page to try too!

Now, when you're interacting with this many people about the Law of Attraction, it teaches you a lot.

Every single day, every morning and night for the last two years, I've been posting Law of Attraction teachings, techniques and exercises to our 7.2 million and growing community, and at the end of every week, I'd ask for feedback and success stories on what worked and what hadn't.

Now, let me be clear: I don't mean to contradict any great Law of Attraction teachers here.

What they teach has been passed down through over centuries of years and is solid gold!

But, what I've discovered is that SOME Law Of Attraction teachings, exercises and techniques work differently than others, for example we've discovered:

  • Some Law of Attraction techniques work incredibly well for everyone…
  • Some work for some and not for others…
  • Some work best with men – but not with women (and vice versa!)
  • And some just don't seem to work at all!

I guess this is just another example of that whole Pareto principle (known as the 80/20 rule) in action.

Have you heard of it?

Let me explain:

The 80/20 principle states that:

‘For many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.'

For example…

If you have a business, 20% of your clients deliver 80% of your profits.

The Rule Of 80 20


And, it's the same thing with the Law of Attraction!

The good thing is though, once you isolate and concentrate your time and effort on ONLY the 20% of the Law of Attraction techniques and exercises that produce the MOST RESULTS…

…it instantly SUPERCHARGES your ability (and speed) at manifesting your desires with the Law of Attraction.

Over the last 2 years, through vigorous testing, involving hundreds of blog posts, thousands of back and forth Facebook messages, comments, emails and phone calls…

…Combined with listening to stories from people in over 100 countries, I've defined the 20% of the Law of Attraction that gets the BEST results…

Making you feel happier, both financially and romantically – FASTER!

As I said, it's taken me two years of intense research to reach the point where we are now. Where I could isolate and DEFINE the 4 exact steps to making it happen.

But once I cracked it. It was unbelievable!

Once I'd defined these 4 Law of Attraction Factors – that consistently produced results for everyone who'd used them, and began ONLY focusing on them – and totally ignoring EVERYTHING else on the subject of the Law of Attraction

…It Was As If All Limits Shattered!

I thought life was good before – but, oh my gosh… I had no idea it could be THIS good.

I thought I'd achieved a pretty high level of personal and professional success – but the success I experienced once I'd cleared out the ‘cluttered techniques' that were not producing – absolutely blew me away.

Because I had finally discovered:

4 Simple Ways To Make The Law of Attraction Work The Way YOU Want It To 100% of the time!

As I mentioned before, I've been fortunate enough to run the largest Law of Attraction community in the world.

And as you can imagine, being part of it has brought me a level of visibility I had never imagined, and invited literally thousands of conversations with people about what the Law of Attraction is, how it works, and what it can do.

For every person who has told me how much the Law of Attraction has positively transformed his or her life, there have been three who have related a different experience. Confusion. Inconsistencies and Frustration.

They were inspired by the idea of the Law of Attraction but felt that it was failing them on a day-to-day and moment-to-moment level.

What about YOU?
  • Are YOU getting some of what you want, but not all of it?
  • Do YOU feel that the Law of Attraction ‘works‘ for you sometimes, but not all the time?
  • Are there things in YOUR LIFE that seem to run counter to your conscious intentions?
  • Have YOU already experienced the incredible power of the Law of Attraction, and are you ready to take it to a whole new level?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then I'd like to invite you to take up a NO RISK trial of my new program:

Living With The Law Of Attraction

Living With The Law Of Attraction Everything You Need To Live Your Dreams – In 4 Easy STEPS

In it, I'll tell you everything I've learned, done, proven, and taught others about how to SUPERCHARGE the power of The Law of Attraction to consistently get the results you're looking for, including:

  • The Formula for L.I.F.E: 4 easy, straightforward steps – for harmonizing and SUPERCHARGING the Law of Attraction – that will empower you to create and attract anything you want in life, from wealth to health to love to balance and more.
    Use it every time you consciously form an intention. The results will astonish you.
  • The ‘Letting Go‘ Process: that will help you IDENTIFY, ISOLATE, and ELIMINATE all of the counter-intentions that are currently attracting undesired results into your life – so you can harmonize your true intentions with the Law of Attraction and start receiving everything you want, all the time, without interruption.
  • The Destiny Realizer. a step-by-step methodology that will open your mind to the TRUTH of what you really want in life and reveal possibilities you never knew existed before.

(When you find out just how easy it is to do, your life and the lives of those you care about will NEVER be the same)

And that's not all! You'll ALSO discover…

  • The ultimate catch-22 of the Law of Attraction. Why ‘No Means Yes' when it comes to manifesting, and other lessons we've learned!
  • How to never work another day in your life once you discover the secret of inspired action.
  • A simple '48 hour manifestation exercise‘ you use to manifest ANYTHING you want. Once you've done this, they'll be no more success killing doubts sabotaging your manifestations ever again!
  • The totally counter-intuitive belief that will make you RICH. It helped me turn ‘a whacky idea‘ – into a 6 figure revenue stream with virtually no effort at all.
  • The top 10 limiting beliefs. A great starting point for shaking up your awareness and uncovering what may be holding you back at the subconscious level.
  • The TRUTH about affirmations. Affirmations can either be mega powerful tools for drawing positive attention to your desire… or they can be completely useless!
    …This ONE TIP makes all the difference
  • 3 phrases you MUST add to your intention statement. Once you do, magic and miracles are going to start appearing everywhere. You won't be able to stop them!
  • How to state your desires to the universe … goes way BEYOND goal setting, it not only helps direct your attention onto your desires, but it also ‘cements‘ in your mind what you want to manifest – so it works without effort!
  • The ultimate shortcut to attracting whatever you want. Truth be told, this one secret alone will negate the need for all the rest of the information in the program – IF you can fully understand and utilize it. But just learning about it will increase your attraction power tenfold.

And so much more!

Imagine what your life would be like if all you needed to do in order to accomplish something great,or attract some ‘thing' you need or want… was simply to decide that you wanted it…

…and then, in just a few steps, YOU GOT IT. Not with difficulty, but automatically.

Living With The Law Of Attraction, gives you the steps you need to do exactly that. To automatically attract whatever will make you most happy.

Have all the money you need, live a comfortable life, give back to your community, and pass financial freedom on to your children

  • Create rock-solid, mutually beneficial personal and work relationships
  • Gain absolute confidence in and control over your future success and happiness
  • Tap into the universe's Infinite Intelligence to find true inner peace

It's so simple. And it absolutely, positively works.

In fact, it's nothing short of:

A direct roadmap to lifelong wealth, health, love and happiness

The Law Of Attraction Delivered 1 MILLION Rand (Approx $95,000) To Niki Within 12 Months…What Will You Attract Into YOUR Life In The Next 30 Days – When You SUPERCHARGE your results?

I'd love for you to find out – and for YOUR story to be the next one I pass along.

So please, allow me to invite you to take a 30 day RISK-FREE TRIAL of my new program:

LIVING WITH THE LAW OF ATTRACTIONEverything You Need To Live Your Dreams, In 4 Easy STEPS!

Everything You Need To Live Your Dreams In 4 Easy Steps

It contains my most powerful secrets about applying the Law of Attraction.

It's THE most comprehensive, reality-based, newly-updated information on how to actually APPLY the Law of Attraction in your life available anywhere – outside of my ‘Law of Attraction – Manifestation Mastery’ Portal.

It's an audio program, because we've found through testing, that if you really want to ABSORB these secrets, then audio is the most effective format, as it makes learning virtually automatic.

Think about it: No more staring at the page of a book. No more strain on your eyes.

All you do is kick back, relax and listen as the audio installs these secrets directly into your subconscious – for FASTER results!

When you grab your copy of Living With The Law of Attraction today, here’s exactly what you will get:

  • First, you’ll get the FULL Living With The Law Of Attraction Audio Program. Where I'll share with you everything I've detailed in this video about the 4 STEPS to creating the life you desire with the Law of AttractionPLUS it’s crammed with powerful practical techniques that will trigger the results you want.
    Use it every time you consciously form an intention. The results will astonish you.
  • PLUS: An Exclusive PDF version. For analytical types who prefer to learn new subjects in fine detail!
    This program is worth a retail value of $67 all by itself; but there is more.

If you order today, I'll also throw in a Special FREE AFFIRMATIONS MP3: called: The Affirmation Sensation! Worth $37

Affirmation Sensation Mp3This unique MP3 track is specially designed to create a special hypnotic process that installs mind software – similar to the greatest manifesters of all time – into your unconscious. And supercharges your ability to manifest abundance really, really FAST!

This is a tool that is so simple but so shockingly powerful that you’ll be slapping your own forehead that you didn’t get your hands on this sooner.

It is a fantastic accompaniment to what you'll learn in the Living With The Law of Attraction Program, and it's yours FREE – my personal gift to you for making the decision to take control and move your life to the next level.

All that brings your total value to over $100
and it can be all yours today

Get everything you need to instantly open the floodgates to your incredible future and life for a small one time only investment – if you act now.

Are you ready to tear the limits off the Law of Attraction & SUPERCHARGE the speed of your manifestations?

Then take up your copy of Living With THE LAW OF ATTRACTION today,
on a 30-day RISK-FREE TRIAL basis!

All you have to do to get started is
click the ‘Add To Cart’ Button now!

And you’ll get instant access to absolutely everything…

Listen, I've dedicated my life to this work and I have put so much energy and time-tested proof into my formula that it is guaranteed to work.

You'll have 30 days to listen, watch, read, and most of all, use these techniques to SUPERCHARGE the power of the Law of Attraction in your life and start attracting what you TRULY want into your life – with no risk.

I don't have the slightest doubt that this information is going to completely change your life – and that it will begin to do so well before your 30-day TRIAL PERIOD is over.

If I'm right, the program is yours to keep. And if I'm wrong, and you don't find: ‘Living With The Law of Attraction to be one of the most important, practical, and transformational programs of its kind, simply get in touch by phone or email anytime during your NO RISK 30-DAY TRIAL and you'll get your money back.

No questions asked, no money owed, and no hard feelings.

I look forward to hearing from you and showing you The 4 Steps to Supercharging the Law of Attraction and creating the life you desire – on your own terms!

Your friend,

Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst

You know, it’s funny…

Everyday thousands of people contact me because they're looking for a way to make the amazing Law of Attraction work for them in a consistently positive way.

If you're one of them – or if you're simply interested in discovering an easy way to step into harmony with the universe so you can start getting the things you really want all the time, without struggle – then I urge you to accept my invitation of a NO RISK 30-DAY TRIAL of Living With The Law of Attraction today!


that within 30 days of using these techniques, you WILL attract a DEFINITE, SPECIFIC result that has previously eluded you.

The risk is all mine, because if I'm wrong, you return the program having paid nothing and owing nothing, ever… so act now.

Living With Law Of Attraction Guarantee seal
Living With The Law Of Attraction

Order today and get instant access to the full Law of Attraction audio program including PDF version. Plus receive your Free Affirmations MP3 bonus called Affirmation Sensation

For your security and peace of mind, we process all orders on a secured server.

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See What The Law Of Attraction Has Done For Other People Just Like You
“I read the secret in September 2012 and immediately downloaded the blank check from the website. As we were in a dire financial position I address the check to myself and made it out for 1 million rand. I truly believed that I would manifest this and wasn't going to focus on how it would manifest. I kept the check on the wall in my office and looked at it every day. A year later I had just under a million in the bank! I believe in the law of attraction and my ability to manifest whatever I want. Thanks so much for your emails and articles – keep them coming.”
Niki Marshall
South Africa

“This LOA program has shown me to attract whatever I want to my life and my new business. And today it's started happening – I received 3 emails from potential clients who want to hire me! Not only is this powerful, I have been learning a lot about myself. Highly recommend anyone to sign up if they want to learn how to attract more!”
Sandy Hunter
United Kingdom

“A few years ago I used the LOA to find a new job. I decided to be grateful for what I had and change the way I was thinking. So I became happy and satisfied with all around me. I went for an interview for a duty manager job and was offered the managers position. I was so excited and happy, what a day that so xx”
Sandra Overton
United Kingdom

“I didn't know about the LOA until a few years ago but I know now that is how SHE is in my life. I met a very beautiful and smart woman and work and liked her from the beginning. We became friends and I had a secret crush on her but she was taken. After a year or so I just couldn't get her out of my head and we stared to talk more until I found out she was single and that is when I was ready as well to be with her. We started getting closer until one day our life began and I have never been happier. She is everything I imagined her to be and as much as I would like to think I did it by myself. I know that it was the LOA that brought her to me and I am happy and grateful for that and many other reasons.”
Alexander Parada

“I was searching for a job for about four months and went to well over ten interviews. I was feeling down and stressed and genuinely felt like I would never get a job – fairly close to giving up on everything actually. I had told my sister about the law of attraction ages ago and then she helped to re-spark my interest and belief again. I began to think more positively about EVERYTHING that I did have and not what I didn't. I knew everything would be okay somehow… and that's when I got a call from a company who had found my CV on a website and asked me in for an interview. They were very prestigious and at first I thought there was no way I could get the job… But then I realized – this was fate! And every day in the build up to my interview I looked in the mirror and said ‘I will get this job' over and over again (even in the interview room when everyone left) and true to form – I got the job and I am still there now – and it's a £10,000 pay rise from what I was previously on. I will never EVER doubt my belief in the law of attraction and I tell anyone who will listen just how amazing life can be.”
Amy Groody
United Kingdom

“I was upset at the breakdown of my marriage and bitter about my ex-husbands affair. I was unfit, wanted to lose weight and get back into working as a beauty therapist which I loved but had little support with my my children and no free time and also wanted deeply to be in a loving relationship. Well you're book kicked my ass into shape! I joined a gym, went every spare minute I could and have dropped three dress sizes. I updated my skills in college and am now working again as a mobile therapist and doing very well. I also have recently come into some money. My ex-husband takes the children more and my family help me out with childcare while I work. And I also met a lovely guy. It's early days yet. All in all I am much happier and positive with my life. Thank you so much.”
Sinead Connell Bianchi

Living With Law Of Attraction Guarantee seal
Living With The Law Of Attraction

Order today and get instant access to the full Law of Attraction audio program including PDF version. Plus receive your Free Affirmations MP3 bonus called Affirmation Sensation

For your security and peace of mind, we process all orders on a secured server.

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Add to Cart
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So, what is it you want?
A NEW car?A NEW job? A NEW life? Love?It’s ALL possible when you supercharge the power of the Law of Attraction.
By Now, You Must Be 100% Convinced That:
‘Living With The law of Attraction' Is For You…
…But, if you're not, here's 4 easy questions you can ask yourself to help find out instantly:
  • Question 1: Are you getting some of what you want, but not all of it?
  • Question 2: Do you feel that the Law of Attraction ‘works’ for you sometimes, but not all the time?
  • Question 3: Are there things in your life that seem to run counter to your conscious intentions?
  • Question 4: Have you already experienced the incredible power of the Law of Attraction, and are you ready to take it to a whole new level?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then Living With The Law Of Attraction – Everything you need to live your dreams in 4 easy steps will be perfect for you!

Obey your intuition indicating you to take this ‘no risk trial'.

Supercharge the manifestations in your life.
Take the free Affirmation Sensation MP3 bonus (which is yours to keep forever now – even if you send the program back to me for a refund!)

Please…Do manifest everything you can with it in the next 30 days, I promise the results will amaze you!

Because remember, if it isn't everything I say it is… you'll get EVERY CENT, PENNY and DIME BACK!

In 30 days from right now, you can be SUPERCHARGING the power of the Law of Attraction in your life to get all the money, the love, the health, the LIFE you desire, I 100% guarantee it. 

So, go ahead, take a chance.
Click the Add to Cart button below.

Supercharge the Law of Attraction in your life. I promise you will not regret this decision and you will thank me again and again and again.

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