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Manifesting Money: An Execution Plan To Manifest Wealth

Manifesting money with a jar full of money on a wooden table.

This execution plan aims to give you a timeline, goals, and action items to work on as you start manifesting money to be more financially stable.

In addition, look out for our favorite “abundance acceleration tips” that can boost your effectiveness at every stage!

(Scroll down for detailed instructions and a free PDF version of this plan)

manifesting money execution plan

(Click here to get the free printable PDF)

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Abundance Acceleration Tips And Steps

Step 1: Get Rid Of Limiting Beliefs

Goal: Any negative underlying assumptions about money will stand in the way of achieving financial abundance.

It’s very common to have felt sad, scared, disappointed, or even angry about money. However, only by shifting your emotions towards love and joy will you get what you want.

Timing: 1-7 days.

You don’t want to spend huge amounts of time on counterproductive ideas, but you also have to look deep into your thoughts and be truthful with yourself about what you believe and what you’d like to believe.

Tools: Use Affirmations as they are one of the most effective manifesting money tools in the universe and can easily rid your mind of limiting beliefs.

Action Item: Think of all the reasons you genuinely love money. Some good examples include “I love money because it allows me to do good in this world”, and “I love money because it gives me freedom” (but it’s important to make sure the list reflects your thoughts).

Tip: When creating affirmations based on your positive reasons to love money, remember that saying them out loud isn’t the only way to give them power; you can also integrate them into artwork, set them as reminders on your phone, or write them down into a prominently displayed list.

Step 2: Set A Clear Intention

Goal: Specificity is key when it comes to asking the universe for things. If you can’t quite decide how much money you want when you start manifesting money, why, or when, then the universe is not going to know either.

Timing: 3-14 days. The timing is very personal; it depends on your current stage of goal-setting. If you’ve had a vivid image of your future for a while now, you can start drafting a dream board immediately. However, if you’re not quite sure that your intention is just right, you may want to take even more than 14 days to decide what your priorities are.

Tools: Use a Dream board as a very creative tool for setting clear intentions.

Action Item: Play around with different ways of phrasing your specific intention; try 5-10 different ways of wording it. When something feels right and your intention is set, make it into a dream board. Also, be sure to work your intention into everything you do with the Law of Attraction (especially the affirmations you say to yourself).

Tip: Look around for template dream boards and inspirational examples. Don’t be afraid to go online when you’re creating, too; Pinterest is a great place to have an eDreamBoard.

Step 3: Actively Respect And Love Money

Goal: When you live your life as though money is a wonderful thing that you respect, you’ll often find that money naturally starts to gravitate to you more often (and in larger amounts). Try not to think of yourself as trying to get money but rather as having already achieved wealth. Remember, according to the Law of Attraction, something becomes yours as soon as you ask for it.

Timing: 14-30 days is a typical timeframe for beginning to notice changes associated with this step, but your unique situation could call for more or less time than this.

Tools: Living “in the knowing.”

Action Item: Get a beautiful new wallet, or empty your current one of anything that’s wasteful, negative, or irrelevant. Think of it as creating a sanctuary for your intentions. Meanwhile, spend your money on things that support your self-care and your love for others.

Tip: Consider smelling money every day; when you expose your brain to this distinctive odor, you come into a kind of vibrational alignment with money. You become one with money in a certain sense, and that draws more of it towards you.

Step 4: Tune Into Your Intuition

Goal: When you have a clear intention and are working every day to send out consistent signals about financial abundance, your faculty of intuition will naturally sharpen. However, not everyone knows how to identify their intuitions, or feels confident about following them. In this stage of your action plan, you’ll become increasingly able to notice the universe’s signposts.

Timing: 7-14 days, depending on how much work you need to do on connecting with your emotions and gut instincts.

Tools: Use Creative Visualization to enhance your intuition.

Action Item: To tune into your intuitions, try a new daily visualization exercise that involves focusing on your core. Picture light or heat in the center of your body, where you’ll often feel the most intense, instant emotional responses to events.

Tip: Look out for coincidences, unexpected encounters, new invitations; basically, anything that feels different and evokes a sense of excitement or possibility is probably something you’ve been sent in order to guide you to abundance. Reading Law of Attraction success stories can be a great help if you’re not sure what to look for.

Step 5: Let Go And Trust The Universe

Goal: Any execution plan for manifesting money has to involve learning to live without anxiety.

Timing: You can achieve this in 7 days, but most people periodically need to come back to this step to remind themselves to let go.

Tools: Use a gratitude journal to tell the universe that you're listening to it and it will continue to reward you with good times and events.

Action Item: Write in your gratitude journal to ensure you feel good about every day and appreciate all the small steps on the road to your ideal life.

Tip: Remember that once you’ve set clear intentions and committed to practicing the appropriate manifestation techniques every day, you’ve done absolutely everything you can do to set your desires in motion. The universe wants to help you and is doing so every day.

Are You Ready To Shift Your Consciousness?
This 95 page ebook reveals how to "Wake Up" and become more conscious (without "Woo Woo" stuff or lying to yourself)

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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