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The 5-Step Process For Mastering The Law Of Attraction


If you find that you are still struggling to use the Law of Attraction then you're likely to be doing one or more of these five elements wrongly. So you should go and listen to the full audio of Mastering The Law of Attraction so that you can fix that part.

This is what we are looking to do when mastering the Law of Attraction: To create what you want with your thoughts, you have to have attained a state of mind where you have actually had it happen and felt it happen in your mind. In that process, you become detached from it because you have already had it. Then what happens is you work diligently on making that a reality for everyone else, as it is already a reality in your mind. And you keep going until you get there!

The 5-Step Process To Create Anything You Truly Wish For

Step 1.

You first have to think of what you want; a car, a holiday, meeting someone, solving something, a new job, a new business, your perfect partner, an idea that could change the world.

It has to be something that you truly want! If it’s something big, then it has to be something you are prepared to attempt even if you spend your life in its attainment.

But if it’s something smaller then you still have to keep going UNTIL you get it, as time is not important. The need to have it accomplished is an important bit.

You want to have a keen pulsating need for something big. Not something you would like. This is essential for your success in becoming the master. On the smaller stuff, you don’t have to need this in the same way… Because the smaller stuff is much easier to conceive as possible and even probable.

Step 2.

You have to travel forward in time with your mind. Try to experience the feeling of having all you want already. So that you feel that it happened a few minutes ago, a few months ago, or a few years ago. But that it has happened.

You want to experience how it feels now that it’s happened, see how happy you are with yourself for manifesting it. Be there. Experience it.

Feel how grateful you are that it’s now in your life, and how grateful you are that you demonstrated to yourself that you could change your world with just your mind.

See how long it took to happen, and how it didn’t happen until it was the perfect time and in the perfect way.

Look at how it came into your life. Feel how it all sort of fell into place. Feel how right it feels that, you designed having it, and then got it and how it now feels having it as part of your life experience.

Fill your mind with details about how it all feels. Remind yourself how it felt the day you got it. What a sense of accomplishment that was. How great that made you feel.

You keep staying here thinking about it UNTIL you feel that you’ve had it.

When you’ve felt that you’ve had it then you can move to step 3.

This can take as little as 10 minutes, or a period of time longer than that. Basically, it doesn’t matter how long it takes, as you can’t skip this! So it has to have happened in your mind first.

Step 3.

This bit won’t make sense and won’t work unless you’ve had step 2 happen… Now consider, after you’ve had it happen for real in your mind… Do you actually really need this to happen in reality?

Think about it for a while, it’s just become real to you, so it’s real. Do you still need it? Sure you’d like it, but you don’t need it. Can you feel why not?

The feeling you should be experiencing is one of, ‘well this is obviously going to happen at the right time and in the right way. It will happen when it’s best for it to happen to me.’

That’s the feeling you are looking to have in your mind. Do not move on until you get it. To get it just keep running steps 2 and 3 until you have it happen. If you feel stuck then I suggest you go and listen to the full Mastering The Law Of Attraction audio again.

Or if you’re ok with not mastering the law of attraction then move on.

When you have that feeling, you have created the magical part of the law of attraction as you are both attached to your dream or goal, and detached from it at exactly the same time. This is demonstrating abundance to the universe and showing your subconscious mind what to get you in a very cool and relaxed way.

Step 4.

You begin taking the appropriate actions you can take to bring it into everyone else’s reality.

For you, the appropriate action to find the perfect partner could be to look at the people you pass by.

For you, the appropriate action for becoming rich is to evaluate all your options for making money and then settling on the strategy that should give you the best return on your investment and effort.

With each thing you set out to achieve, fill your mind with research on that subject and became an expert in it. You can make what you want with your dominant thoughts and focus. But you can do it without needing, without wanting in a very relaxed, detached but focused way. That’s how you go about creating what you really wish for.

Just work diligently on your goal and keep your eyes wide open expecting manufactured coincidences to ‘just happen’.

Gratefully accept a coincidence when one shows up. Think of the coincidences as help. Your confidence should automatically grow with each little step of your manifestations.

Step 5.

You keep going until the reality in your mind has been brought into everyone else’s reality too. So you simply choose to keep going UNTIL… At this point, you use this consideration to keep your mind focused…

“If it hasn’t happened yet then it’s either not supposed to, or I’ve missed something. Let’s go and see if I’ve missed something.”

“After all, it’s going to happen at the best time and in the best way for me, so I wonder what I’ve yet to learn.”

I’ve used that countless times when I’ve wobbled on my resolve.

Observe how you feel, and watch out for your ego attempting to throw doubts at you. Do not force these doubts out of your mind. Just see them for what they are, ‘useless and destructive at getting you what you want.’


And Lastly…

The manifestation process can always produce something bigger and better too… So always be open to a greater manifestation.

Have you ever asked yourself, “How do I make sure I never give up on my dream?”.

The answer is, you cannot give up on something that has become real to you. So make it real to you and then get on with it. And if you enjoyed this article then you’ll love the full audio by my friend Andy Shaw which you can get for free here. You'll discover the foundations behind these 5 elements that make achieving your dreams easy and possible, plus stories of some pretty amazing manifestations.

Click here now and claim your complete audiobook MP3 of Mastering The Law of Attraction for free today.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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