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What Are Numerology Charts & How To Make Your Own?

What Are Numerology Charts & How To Make A Numerology Chart

Using ancient methods that tie together the vibrations of letters and numbers, the numerology chart is a powerful method of learning about your life's purpose and destiny.

However, many guides simply assume you already know the basics, and it can be hard to sort through all the information about different types of numerology.

We'll give you all the basic information you need to know about how numerology charts work and how to discover the information needed to create yours.

Beginning with a summary of numerology charts and an inventory of every you need, we'll then offer a step-by-step guide for chart construction.

As you'll discover, the whole process is simpler than you might have expected – you just have to be sure about the rules.

What Is A Numerology Chart

Before you ask “what is my numerology number?”, it's wise to ask a more fundamental question: “What is Numerology?”.

In short, it's a method of attributing numerical meaning to specific letters.

The underlying theory is that names have a particular vibrational frequency associated with how the numbers assigned to each letter of your name add together to create a final number.

Numerology charts feature this information and up to five other numbers linked to your identity.

Such charts can be detailed and difficult to interpret at first, you can make a huge amount of progress just by learning how to work out the relevant numbers associated with each name.

What Is Needed For A Numerology Chart?

Before you begin creating the first entries on your own numerology chart, you need to set yourself up with a pen and paper (or an open word document) on which you can do some quick arithmetic.

Here, then, is how you use your birth name to calculate the relevant numbers for your chart.

Your Birth Name

Numerology name meaning exercises require you to use your name, but it's important that this is the name you most identify with right now.

In numerology, a birth name is just as important as any chosen name – after all, name changes reflect fundamental shifts in your identity.

With your own relevant name in mind, you can then refer to a chart that correlates each letter to a particular number.

There are different types of numerology, and we'll be focused on one of the most common – Pythagorean Numerology.

Numerology’s Alphabet Numbers

You need a numerology name calculator like the following if you're to calculate the destiny number – based on your identified name – for your chart:

1: A, J, S.
2: B, K, T.
3: C, L, U.
4: D, M, V.
5: E, N, W.
6: F, O, X.
7: G, P, Y.
8: H, Q, Z.
9: I, R.

For example, if your name is Bill Smith, you add 2+9+3+3+1+4+9+2+8 to get 51. You then add the two digits of this name number together to get the final destiny number – 6.

To eventually interpret the meaning of this number, you'll need a further chart that outlines the meaning of Numerology alphabet values.

The Y Rule

While the above methodology will work for most names, there is one notable exception – names that feature the letter Y.

In Numerology, y has flexible power depending on how it is pronounced.

In particular, how you calculate a name with the letter ‘y' in it depends on whether the ‘y' in this name sounds like a consonant or a vowel.

To use an example case, say you're called Andy.

When you say this out loud, you'll hear that the ‘y' at the end has the vowel sound of a double ‘e' and so you calculate it as the vowel ‘e' (associated with number 5).

Meanwhile, if your name has a hard ‘y' sound – as in the name ‘Yandel' – you count it as the consonant ‘y' (associated with number 7).

Your Date Of Birth

In Pythagorean numerology, the date of birth reveals just as much about you as is revealed by your name.

On your chart, you should put this date in the order of month-date-year. So, if your birthday is the 9th of October, 1985, you would need the numbers 10 (for your month), 9 (for your date), and 1985 (for your year of birth).

Some date numerology calculators also have you add any numbers over 9 together to reduce them to a key number.

In the above example, 10 becomes 1, 9 remains as is, and 1985 becomes 1+9+8+5 (which equals 23, which is then added together again to give 5).

How To Make Numerology Charts

Now that you have your date of birth in a hand, as well as your birth number, you can begin to fill out your chart.

The process of learning how to make a numerology chart takes time, but when you walk through the methodology it all becomes fairly straightforward.

We'll give you steps to get the relevant numbers of all four sections of your numerology chart below.

In addition, for each number, we'll explain why it's important and how you can ultimately use it if you want to learn more about yourself.

The Heart’s Number

Your heart number reveals the values and dreams that motivate you to your full potential.

To do heart number numerology, you need to follow these steps:

Add the numbers associated with all vowels in your birth name.

For example, Joseph Allan would add 6 (o) + 5 (e) to get 11 for his first name, and 1 (a) + 1 (a) to get 2 for his second name.

Reduce each number to a single digit. For Joseph, this would leave him with 2 for his first name, and 2 for his second name

Now, add each of the names together. Here, Joseph would get 4.

Finally, reduce the above number to a single digit. In our example case, Joseph already has a single digit.

Your Personality Number

Your personality number reveals how others see and experience you. Calculating personality numbers again requires using your birth name (or the name with which you currently identify), but in a different way.

This aspect of personal number numerology asks you to focus on the consonants of your name.

Here's what to do:

Add all the consonants from each part of your birth name. To return to Joseph Allan, he would get 1 (j) + 1 (s) + 7 (p) + 8 (h) to get 16 for his first name, and he would add 3 (l) + 3 (l) + 5 (n) to get 11 for his surname.

Reduce each name to just one number. In our example, we'd get 6 + 1 = 7 for the first name, and 1 + 1 = 2 for the second.

Add these two name numbers together. Here, Joseph would get 7 + 2 = 9.

Reduce this number to a single digit if needed. Joseph already has a single digit of 9.

Planes Of Expression

Planes of expression numerology are all about combining the other crucial numbers on your chart – your destiny number, your heart number, and your personality number.

This step is very simple, once you have these central numbers. All you do is add them together. For example, if you heart a destiny number of 3, a heart number of 1, and a personality number of 8, you get 12. You then reduce this to one number – 1 + 2 = 3.

What do you learn from this part of your chart? Expert numerology uses the planes of expression value to reveal how different parts of you interact.

In particular, you'll learn how others' perception of you combines with your deepest desires and your life's purpose. This is especially helpful for illuminating areas of conflict.

For example, you might see that the image you project to others actually stands between you and fulfilling your purpose.

Calculating Your Attainment Number

Finally, let's think about the role of your attainment number on your chart.

This digit represents your underlying spiritual essence – the unchanging essence of you that has always existed and will always exist.

Sometimes called the “design” or “blueprint” of your soul's journey, this number can get to the heart of who you are like no other numerology calculation.

One way to get this number is to add your destiny number to your heart number.

For example, if you had a destiny number of 5 and a heart number of 9, you'd get the number 14.

You'd then add 1 + 4 to get the single digit of 5.

However, different forms of numerology recommend different methods for learning your attainment number, and many believe you have more than one – representing different aspects of yourself that endure over time.

The Master Numbers

Finally, it's important to note that in spite of the instructions above, there are rare cases in which you don't reduce multi-digit numbers.

Master numbers numerology tells us that 11, 22, and 33 have a special mystical status that ought not to be reduced. On some reading, these numbers are the most powerful of all.

When they feature on your numerology chart, this tends to mean that you have world-changing powers and influence in some areas.

Get Your Free Numerology Report

Now that you know how to make a numerology chart, why not get your life path number calculated easily right now?

With a numerology compatibility, you can learn how to figure out your life path number and essentially generate your own numerology reading.

When having your first numerology reading, it's smart to have someone walk you through it, and our video will do just that. In addition, we'll go beyond what we've explained in this guide.

For example, we'll look at the significance of repeating numbers, and say more about the character traits associated with each numerological alignment.

Experts say that we come into contact with numerology at the precise time we need it – perhaps today is the day for you to get the insights needed to create your best possible future.

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