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Numerology Destiny Numbers & Understanding Their Meanings

What Are Numerology Destiny Numbers & Their Meanings

Numerology can be an incredible tool for seeing yourself, your strengths, and your blind spots from a new perspective.

However, with so many types of numerology available, it can be hard to know where to start.

If you want to know how to work out your Numerology destiny numbers and understand its meaning, this article aims to help you.

We'll start by looking at what this your destiny number can tell you, before moving on to showing you exactly how to calculate your own number.

From there, we'll consider the distinct meanings of all the major destiny numbers, and how you can use each one to better understand your life purpose. Finally, we'll close by noting how numerology can be used alongside the Law of Attraction.

What Your Numerology Destiny Numbers Reveal About You

Your Numerology Destiny Numbers help you develop a rounded understanding of your true purpose in life.

It gives you information not only about what you ought to be doing, and with whom, but about how you should be pursuing your destiny.

Some numerologists call the Destiny Number the most complex or nuanced description you can get from numerology, as it often picks up aspects of you that the basic Life Path number does not.

More specifically, you can expect Numerology Destiny Numbers to:

  • Indicate the sort of work that would best reflect your destiny in this world
  • Tell you what sort of actions you should be taking right not to fulfill your purpose
  • Show you might lead you to success
  • Hint at what's stopping you from reaching your full potential
  • Give you a sense of what will bring you the most satisfaction in life.

Now, let's take a closer look at how you can discover this number.

How To Calculate Your Destiny Number

To calculate Destiny Numbers, you start by writing down the full name that appears on your birth certificate – even if you have since married, or otherwise changed your name.

You should include all middle names, but not any reference to e.g., being the third or fourth person in your family with that name.

Next, refer to the chart below to see which number corresponds to which letter of your name.

Write down all of these numbers in sequence, and then add them all together.

Keep performing additions until you get a number of one digit per each part of your name.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

So you can see how this might work in practice, let’s use the actor Timothée (Hal) Chalamet as an example case.


2+9+4+6+2+8+5+5= 41

4+1 = 5


8+1+3= 12

1+2 = 3


3+8+1+3+1+4+5+2= 27

2+7= 9

Then, add all the single-digit numbers together, continuing to add until you get a final single-digit number.

For Timothée, this would first involve 5+3+9, which gives us 17. Then, if we add 7+1, we get 8. Timothée, then, has a Destiny Number of 8.

The Numerology Destiny Numbers Meanings

As you'll see from the above, it's surprisingly straightforward to work out Destiny Numbers.

And now that you know how to calculate your own Numerology Destiny Numbers (as well as the Numerology Destiny Numbers of significant people in your life), we can move on to consider what each number tells us about a person.

While Destiny Number meanings can be described in more depth, here we offer a summary of the key facts about each number.

Crucially, what type of work fits your purpose, and what might still be holding you back.

Destiny Number 1

People with a Destiny Number of 1 are destined to be number 1. In other words, no matter what you pursue, it's your role to be a leader in that area.

You will thrive when you have power and when you hone all of your skills, and you have the initiative required to create real change.

The job that brings you lasting satisfaction will be one that involves originality, fostering growth in others, and staying constantly stimulated.

Your high standards mean that you will push yourself until you are the very best you can be, but it also means you can be highly critical of yourself – as well as others. You may have trouble, then, setting realistic expectations.

In addition, your intense lifestyle is likely to create a lot of stress at times, so working out a self-care strategy for blowing off steam will be crucial.

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Destiny Number 2

Having a Destiny Number of 2 is all harmony, connectedness, and love.
Your relationships are at the center of your life, both at work and at home, and you have the interpersonal skills required to make these relationships incredibly meaningful.

You also have the capacity to help others build and improve relationships. This means you're likely to be attracted to careers that involve diplomacy, compromise, and healing – mental and physical.

In terms of challenges, you need to be careful not to put the “higher cause” above yourself to the extent that you burn out.

In addition, your kindness can make it hard for you to speak out when you're wrong, so it's important for you to develop assertiveness skills and advocate for yourself in the way that you already feel you can advocate for other people.

Destiny Number 3

If one word is associated with Destiny Number 3, it's “inspiration”. Wherever you go, you make people want to be creative and embrace change. You do this with a sunny disposition, a positive mentality, and a genuine belief that everyone can create the life they desire.

Your life purpose will revolve around being inspiring, though this can look different depending on your other skills.

For example, you might move people through art, or public speaking, or coaching. And almost all Number 3s share a talent for finding the perfect words in every scenario, whether verbally or in writing.

If, however, you're not feeling inspired yourself then you can suffer from low mood and find it difficult to become motivated again.

You may also struggle to choose between different options, which can instill a passing sense of paralysis.

Destiny Number 4

For someone with a Destiny Number of 4, the idea of leaving a meaningful legacy occupies a central place in day-to-day thinking.

You want to create something of value that will endure beyond your own life – for some, this might be a family, while for others it could be a business or a change made to the law.

Whatever you choose, your admirable work ethic will ensure that you meet all of your goals and exceed them. You are also a highly practical person who knows how to turn an abstract idea into a reality.

Your main challenges in life will show up when you need to surrender control. This is very difficult for you, and you can find it a struggle to trust someone enough to make them a partner (in work or in romance).

In addition, you may sometimes hesitate to speak your mind because you worry about how others perceive you.

Destiny Number 5

Having a Destiny Number of 5 shows you are a person with high levels of passion and energy.

You don't want to miss out on any experiences that the world has to offer, and you value freedom above all else. This means that any work you do will need to give you a lot of autonomy and that spending 8 hours in an office each day is unlikely to meet your needs.

Your life purpose is to use your abundant energy to push the frontiers beyond what others may think is possible.

This could be in science, medicine, or technology, or it might be in teaching students to meet their potential.

Lasting relationships can make you feel trapped, so fear may lead you to miss out on connections that could make you happy.

Your major challenge is to give up just enough freedom to share your life with someone who could enrich it.

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Destiny Number 6

For a person whose Destiny Number is 6, safety and nurture are the top priorities. You create balanced, harmonious spaces for others, and there's a certain polish to your presentation that lends weight to whatever you say.

In spite of your nurturing nature, you are an excellent problem solver when things go wrong. All of these traits come together to make you exceptional at jobs like social work, family therapy, or running a non-profit organization.

To top it all off, you are generous to others without asking for anything in return.

Of course, the flip side of that generosity is that sometimes people will try to take more from you than is appropriate. In the long term, this can make you resentful and drain your energy.

Consequently, a major area of growth for you lies in setting boundaries so you can give to others without exhausting your own supply.

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Destiny Number 7

7 is a Destiny Number that is tied to depth and meaning. If this is your number, then you have a highly analytical mind and a strong drive to understand the world. This can come out differently for different 7s – for example, one person might express these traits through faith or religion, while another might be a research scientist or a philosopher.

You also value the truth a great deal and are invested in fully understanding yourself – even the parts of you that you find less comfortable.

Where you face difficulties, they will often be because of a tendency to be self-reliant. You are independent and capable but should not mistake this for meaning that you don't need intimacy or support from others.

Further, watch out for accidental bluntness, as not everyone has the same stomach for the unvarnished truth!

Destiny Number 8

For those who are aligned with Destiny Number of 8, finances and abundance are a major focus.It will come as no surprise that this means such individuals can excel when starting and developing a business, and can also easily become leaders in the finance world.

However, you are not motivated by greed – instead, you associate money with freedom and with the potential to make a real difference. You are also extremely principled and ethical, so others can always take you at your word.

Life becomes a bit trickier when you're not the one in charge, as you're not too comfortable with authority and tend to rebel against what other people expect you to do.

Occasionally, others can also mistake your confidence for arrogance, so in order to succeed you may benefit from working on softer communication skills such as active listening.

Destiny Number 9

Destiny Number 9 is a spiritual number with a strong connection to higher levels of consciousness. If you are tied to this number, you have an almost limitless capacity for intuition and spiritual growth.

You also find it easy to love others fully and unconditionally and are capable of forgiveness after conflict. You don't hold onto grudges or resentments, and you have a peaceful, harmonious inner life because of this.

Your vocation may include meditation, yoga, and other spiritual practices that foster growth – and you would make a particularly good teacher in any of these fields.

You are, however, sometimes likely to be so open that others may trick you. Watch out for those who would scam you, or mislead you into following unhealthy practices.

Your romantic tendencies also leave you open to hurt, as you do assume others will offer their best.

Destiny Number 11

One of only three double-digit Destiny Numbers, 11 is connected to serving others. Some people with this number are missionaries, others are doctors, and most donate considerable amounts of their income to charity.

This number is also linked to creative gifts like dance, music, and painting. Many 11s find a way to connect these distinct callings, healing and serving others through art therapy or similar.

The fact you have two number 1s in your Numerology Destiny Numbers also points towards a strong capacity for leadership.

The challenges faced by those with this Destiny Number mostly involve holding a realistic and stable sense of self.

You may find you swing from grandiosity to deep insecurity, sometimes feeling that your actions change the world and at other times believing that you are not doing anything significant at all.

Strive for a balanced view of yourself as both capable and fallible, and as fundamentally deserving of love.

Destiny Number 22

For anyone with a Destiny Number of 22, practicality is at the heart of everything. You have little time for the abstract or the hypothetical, simply wanting to roll up your sleeves and start acting. You are good at orchestrating large projects with lots of details and can multi-task better than any other number. In your career, you may be drawn to organizational roles like those of a PA or a paralegal, or you might offer freelance services as a wedding planner or an interior designer.

Stubbornness is your main source of difficulty, as you can find it hard to admit when your original plan needs to change or be abandoned for a new one.

In addition, there are times when engaging with theory is necessary to develop a proper understanding of the practical tasks ahead of you, so you may want to work on your patience for the abstract.

Destiny Number 33

Finally, if you have a Destiny Number of 33 then you are what numerology experts sometimes call a “visionary”. You have the capacity to bring higher consciousness or higher love to those around you, and the world more broadly.

And because you have two 3s in your Destiny Number, you have a profound sense of joy that infects people around you and carries them forward.

You can build a meaningful relationship with just about anyone, and everyone you meet is richer for knowing you. You may express this in teaching, and many 33s are also authors of motivational books.

Because of your connection with humanity, however, you are at risk of burnout and of hurting on behalf of the whole planet. You are moved by everything, and this can be exhausting.

The biggest lesson for you is that taking care of yourself is necessary if you're going to give the world the best your many gifts have to offer.

Learn More About Number Meanings With Numerology Charts

Now that you know about your Destiny Number and have reflected on what it tells you about your life purpose, you probably already see how numerology complements the Law of Attraction, you can learn more about the meaning of numbers with numerology charts.

Learning about numerology helps you understand your energy on a fundamental level, and might just give you that missing piece of self-knowledge that you need to maximize your manifestation potential.

Unlock The Secrets Of Your Name And Birth Date...
Get a free Numerology video report.
Discover the accurate truths your person chart reveals about you

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By Katherine Hurst
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