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Find Your Unique Spirit Item With This Birth Chart Guide

A clock, camera and books on a wooden table serving as spirit items.

When you’re working to manifest something, having an object to connect can both help you feel better and boost your ability to reach your specific goals. But how can you find a unique spirit item fit for you?

One of the best guides to finding your spirit item is your birth month; it determines certain unique factors of your personality and has a close association with the objects you’ll find the most useful.


You’re likely ambitious, hard-working, and eager to learn, so your spirit item should connect to your strengths: intelligence, persistence, and independent thinking.

An everyday item like a diary can become an exceptionally inspiring item that will help you stay present in your busy life. Use it to track dreams and goals, explore thoughts and write down to-do lists.


You’re often thought of as somewhat temperamental, but as great lovers of freedom.

Your spirit item is likely to be something connected to your sense of freedom, tuning you into the excitement and exhilaration you feel when you’re fully autonomous. An object from past travels is a great idea, focusing your mind on the vast world of possible experiences and growth.


Peace-loving and perhaps a little shy, your manifestation may be hampered by anxiety.

However, you also carry great reserves of strength; to tap into it, use a spirit object that reminds you of your safe place.

Whether it’s an item related to a beloved grandparent, pet, partner, or friend, hold it to reduce stress when working to reach your goal.


You have the gift of decisiveness, so you’re great at setting Law of Attraction goals, but you can also be a bit hasty and may be prone to regret. Your spirit object will remind you to take your time to process information.

A watch with a custom engraving could work well, as could a special organizer that contains inspirational quotes (so it will both encourage dreaming and discourage recklessness).


You’re a sharp thinker with deep feelings, and you’re easily motivated. A spirit item can counteract your tendency towards stubbornness. For example, something that reminds you that it’s okay to be flexible with your ideas.

Think about what represents openness; it might be something from your school days (reminding you to keep a curious, youthful perspective). Or, perhaps a physically flexible thing, like modeling clay.


You probably have great manners, wit, and a sensitive nature. However, you can find it difficult to show emotions. If you’re not authentic you’ll send the universe mixed signals about what you really want to manifest.

Try to find a spirit object that symbolizes your true self; perhaps a candid photo that captures you laughing genuinely, or a special gift bought by someone who truly knows you.


You’re likely known for your fun nature, tact, and honesty. That said, you also tend to be backward-looking, and a focus on the past can hold you back from creating the greatest future. As such, your spirit item should definitely not be connected to memories or nostalgia; rather, opt for something that purely reminds you of your dreams of what’s to come.


Attractive and caring, you nonetheless sometimes find it hard to relax (so things like meditating may be difficult). You’d benefit from a soothing spirit item that helps you to stay calm. It might be a candle with a peaceful scent, say, or a smooth stone that you like to hold.


You’re an organized and loyal person, but you probably struggle with an over-cautious nature. Living a fulfilling life also requires taking some risks, so think about a spirit object that best reminds you to move out of your comfort zone.

It might be a souvenir from a time you did something bold and were glad you did, or it could be an ornament that symbolizes growth (such as a winged figure).


Sociable, opinionated, and intuitive, you have many gifts that make you good at working with the Law of Attraction.

To take full advantage of these, look for a spirit item that represents your loving nature and the significance of friendship. It could be something an actual friend gave you, for example or something in the shape of a heart.


Your dynamic ideas and forward-thinking will keep you alert to amazing new opportunities when you’re manifesting your goals.

The main challenge that a spirit item can help you with is your difficulty controlling volatile emotions. While it’s good to be in touch with your feelings and to express them honestly, you need a way to vent them safely. A journal for venting and a squeezable stress ball are two good examples.


Being born in December has made you active, trustworthy, and logical. This logical side may be both a gift and a curse when working with the Law of Attraction, as it helps you make sense of information but can also hold you back from believing in the power of the techniques you’re using.

Find a spirit object related to your intuition; say, something from the first time you met someone and just knew they’d be a good friend or partner, or an item you acquired on a spontaneous trip that turned out to guide you to new opportunities.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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