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The Law Of Attraction Didn’t Work For Me… Until I Discovered This!

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When I first started using the Law of Attraction, it just did not work for me. Did you find this too?

I watched the well-known movies about manifesting but still felt like something was missing.

I could feel it was real, but I just couldn't seem to make it work for me…

Until I finally discovered a concept called ‘The Intention Point' which filled in all the missing pieces for me.

Click here to watch a free presentation if you also feel there is a missing piece to your manifesting puzzle… I explain the Intention Point and how you can use yours to do something bigger in your life.

Discovering my Intention Point helped me to use the Law of Attraction more effectively. In fact, it completely changed my life!

Then I noticed how so many other people around the world have also pointed out that “the movie” was missing a lot. How LOA gimmicks they tried didn’t work.

So I started sharing these techniques with some of my friends and helping them to get results.

Over time it picked up the name “Origins” because it reconnects you with your original state of abundance without the influence of conditioning finally putting the Law of Attraction to work for you in your life.

It took years of testing, tweaking and refining with over 2 million people worldwide. If this interest you, you can learn more about this here.


What Is The Intention Point?

Now, the most important information (by far) that you’ll learn from Origins is all about the Intention Point. It will completely change your approach to the Law of Attraction and will help you to immediately start moving towards the reality you want.

There’s so much for you to discover, but the basic idea is that Intention Point is the space between the heart and mind. This is where these two components of you will always communicate, and it is the absolute epicenter of your energy.

As such, learning how to influence that energy can improve everything about your life; your health, your mood, and (crucially) your ability to manifest what you want.

Where Is Your Intention Point?

As well as sharing the science behind the nature of the Intention Point so that you really understand what it is, Origins will help you to find your own Intention Point through a series of highly practical, intuitive techniques.

You will learn all about what each potential Intention Point location means about your current energy, which can tell you so much about where your current blockages might be, actually shifting your Intention Point.

You also get a workbook of manifestation accelerator exercises that have an immediate influence on your ability to manifest.

All the small, daily changes and routines to adopt so you can keep your energy coherent when working with the Law of Attraction.

Armed with ways to dramatically enhance your personal power by tuning into your Intention Point (something currently not taught anywhere), you can then move on to try a huge range of further manifestation techniques.

Each of these techniques can help you to feel one step closer to the future you've always dreamed about having.

Learn how to find your Intention Point and you'll be amazed.

What Are The 9 Manifestation Accelerator Techniques?

Origins divides the manifestation techniques into easily digestible sections. Each of these can help you to enhance a latent ability to move past a common blockage.

1. Belief Time Machine

This is a technique to rewrite your emotional memory. We all have negative beliefs attached to the past, but this is the way to move past those and make space for a more focused, positive mental state. In other words, the Belief Time Machine gets you into just the right head-space for using the Law of Attraction.

2. The Heart Rejuvenator

This has the sole aim of working through and getting rid of all that pain attached to early wounds. We’ve all been traumatized. Sometimes massively, sometimes subtly and we need to find a way to shake off those emotions if we’re going to be happy and able to enjoy life. Instead of asking you to depress pain, The Heart Rejuvenator teaches you how to make use of it like never before.

3. The Romance Magnet

Quickly and easily harness the Law of Attraction to find “the one” without feeling desperate or weird. This works wonders to help make space in your heart for someone new.

4. The Personal Power Generator

This can teach you how to see yourself so you feel supremely confident and respected by every person you meet.

5. The Positivity Switch

Perfectly paired with the above two techniques, and it’s the type of thing you’ll want to use when you find that something like a fear of failure is holding you back from visualizing properly or fully believing in the affirmations you say when trying to use the Law of Attraction. It actually helps you “flip” your fears and negative thoughts into something that provides power instead of taking it away.

6. The Emotional Lifesaver.

If you are overwhelmed with stress and are slipping back into a bad emotional place, this technique will help you to quickly bounce back to a state of awareness and deliberately manifest from a positive place.

7. The Life Purpose G.P.S.


This isn’t just one technique, more so as a range of exercises that really connect you with your purpose and passion in this world, stripping away the expectations and wants of other people.

8. The Intention Purifier

This will show you how to align your heart and your mind, allowing you to conquer challenges that may seem impossible to you right now.

Even if you’re so overwhelmed with failure you couldn’t possibly take any more.

9. The Dream Incubator

This technique is simple to use, but an extremely effective exercise enables you to manifest from 3 separate “vantage points” to help you grab more of what life has to offer.

What Next?

As you can see, there are dozens of reasons why Origins is the Law of Attraction book you’ve been waiting for… It fills in all the missing pieces to why the Law of Attraction has not been working for you.

You deserve to have the kind of existence that makes you feel purposeful, elated and authentic, and absolutely every part of Origins aims to do just that. Click here to watch this free presentation now.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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