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Pay It Forward: How To Make A Difference To The Lives Around You


We would do anything for the ones that we love. But what would we be willing to do for others?

We all have an unlimited capacity for giving, whether we know it or not. We know that we are capable of offering love, care, and support to the people we love most. But we too often overlook our ability to give to the world as a whole. We feel that we aren't important enough, or that we simply do not have that much to offer. However, we couldn't be any further from the truth.

You Have So Much To Give

Giving is such a healing, a transformational process for both the giver and receiver. Even if you feel as though you have nothing to give, the simple act of giving can not only raise your energies and bring you up to a better level of positivity, but it may also have a significant impact on the person you are giving to.

Take random acts of kindness for example. Many people live for the thrill of punctuating their day with random acts of kindness, knowing that their small and seemingly minor acts of love are brightening the lives of those around them. From holding open a door, leaving an inspirational message in a library book for somebody to find, or leaving a chocolate bar in the bottom of a vending machine for the next person in the queue, even the smallest gestures can improve both your day and the day of a total stranger.

If you are one of the many people that perhaps feels that strangers are not worthy of your time or kindness, then consider the many examples of heroes that show compassion for complete strangers through extraordinary and heroic acts, on a regular basis. Think of the police service, the many thousands of hospital staff and firefighters that put their life on the line for strangers every day. Or the many volunteers that dedicate their free time to the service of the elderly, homeless or less able.

Even The Smallest Splash In The Ocean Can Leave The Biggest Ripples

If fighting fires, saving lives or giving up your free time isn't for you, then don’t beat yourself up about it, it isn’t for a lot of people. If you want to have a positive impact on the world and the people around you, then all you need to do is start small.

Kindness doesn't require large displays of heroics or grand gestures. You don’t need to wait until the very right moment when you feel that you finally have enough to give to actually start making a difference – just give now. Just do what little you can. Smile at people, hold open a door, give a compliment, offer a sweet. Change can only take place one small step at a time.

We often find our greatest happiness in the happiness of others. Choose to be kind to others and you will not only be contributing to a greater change in the world but greater change within yourself.

So ask yourself- what can I do today to put a smile on another person’s face? Your act of kindness to another may have an even bigger impact than what you originally anticipated. Who knows what positive action your kind deeds may also inspire in others? Positivity is contagious; so pay it forward today and watch the ripples of your actions spread far and wide.

Here are 9 Ideas For Your Random Acts Of Kindness:

1. Say something nice about someone

Whether you compliment someone on their outfit, or perhaps a work colleague on the work they have done – a compliment can go a long way and people are likely to feel more positive and spread the kindness on to someone else.

2. Say hello to someone even if you don't know them

This may seem small, but have you ever had someone say hello and smile at you, even if you were strangers? It's a nice feeling and reminds you that there is kindness in the world, even from strangers. It could even spark up a conversation with someone you wouldn't normally talk to.

3. Kiss or hug someone

Hugging has been shown to increase positivity and make people feel good. Why not show a friend some love by hugging them, or kissing your partner and showing them some spontaneous kindness.

4. Share your meal with someone

This could be with someone you know or even a stranger! Perhaps someone can't afford their own meal, and you offer some of your own food – this is a lovely way to show someone else kindness, and help someone to stay positive, even with just a little food.

5. Let someone go in front of you in the line

Small gestures like this can make someone else's day, especially if they are in a rush or running late for something else. You never know how much this might help someone.

6. Hold the door for someone

This may seem like common manners, however, you may be surprised just how many of us forget to do something like this if we are in a rush or have other things on our mind. Making sure you go out of your way to hold the door for someone is a little way to make someone else smile.

7. Share your umbrella with someone

This is something not many of us would do, particularly with strangers. Whether it's a friend or someone you don't know who you are taking under your wing; it's a great way to help someone else and stop them from being in a negative situation.

8. Say thank you

Again, you may think this is just common manners, but we are not all perfect and can sometimes forget these from time to time. Next time you are being served by someone or a stranger holds the door for you, try and tell them how thankful you are and show them that others can be kind too.

9. Help a co-worker

Work can be stressful at times, and everyone is busy with their own workload and worries. If you have the time, why not stop and help someone else, so that their workload becomes a little lighter. This shows them kindness and can help them feel less stressed too.

Here are 50 more acts of kindness that you can do.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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