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Dawn Clark: Author of ‘Jumpstart Your Wealth Gene’, ‘Recode Your DNA For Wealth’ and ‘Stargate Solution’

Dawn Clark stylishly poses in a red sweater against a wall.

Dawn Clark is an international best-selling author, a strategic advisor, and an innovator, who has developed tools to help others reach their full potential.

Dawn has helped many successful people change their lives, including celebrities, nonprofit leaders, scientists, and medical professionals.

Within Dawn’s work, she combines science and spirituality and uses her resources to help people from around the world achieve success and reshape their future for the better.

To do this, Dawn offers many products – including Recode Your DNA For Wealth, Jumpstart Your Wealth Gene, Your Secret Inheritance, and the Stargate Solution.

Dawn also offers webinars and workshops, online training programs, and both fact and fiction books.

About Dawn Clark

Dawn Clark’s teachings are often about unlocking your full potential and achieving success in your life.

When helping others, Dawn actually draws on her own powerful and life-changing events that happened to her in her youth.

When Dawn was a teenager, she had two near-death experiences. During one of those near-death experiences, Dawn explains that whilst she was in the afterlife, she was shown how to take her own abilities and use them as a tool to help empower other people.

She has said that through her own near-death experience, she facilitated a deeper understanding of how we can shape the world around us and our own future.

Dawn uses her near-death experiences, along with research from psychology, physics, brain science, and more to share her unique and powerful knowledge with others.

When Dawn was in her mid-thirties, she left a difficult marriage with her three children and $54 to her name and using the tools she had developed over time, turned her life around for the better.

Dawn also talks about something called the ‘triple bottom line’, which refers to the aim of developing a reality that isn’t only good for the individual but also good for those around them, and good for the planet.

She shares her knowledge with others through her online programs, books, and webinars.

Dawn offers both factual and fiction books too. Her programs offer information on how to find your passion, how to increase your possibilities of success, health, and longevity.

Dawn Clark’s Programs

Dawn offers a variety of programs that can help people understand why they may have limiting beliefs or obstacles stopping them from achieving success, and how they can overcome it.

A lot of Dawn’s programs are based on success and wealth; helping people to build on their abilities and learn how they can unlock their full potential.

Some of Dawn’s programs include: Repairing Core Fractures (which can help you to build on the work you have already done with the Law of Attraction, and, using neuroscience and physics, helps to answer the question of how you can heal from past pain), Clearing Toxic Emotions (this program focuses on how certain emotions are toxic to us and how we can move past them to achieve a more joyful life), the Stargate Solution, which helps you accelerate change and step into your preferred future faster than ever before, and Recode Your DNA For Wealth.

Recode Your DNA For Wealth

One of the programs that Dawn offers is called ‘Recode Your DNA For Wealth’. This program offers to help you learn how to live a better life.

This could be with reference to making more money, following your passion, or whatever someone’s individual idea of a better life is.

The program helps people to define what it is they want in all areas of their life and create action plans to work towards those goals too.

This program is also the first program in the world that includes a scientifically supported system that can help people to recode their DNA.

The purpose of ‘recoding’ your DNA is discussed within the book, and Dawn explains that our limiting beliefs (such as not feeling good enough, or feeling as though you will never achieve success), have been passed down in our DNA from past generations who may have dealt with struggle throughout their lives.

This program is designed to help you understand your limiting beliefs, learn how to reshape your belief systems, re-imprint yourself with new belief systems, figure out what you want to achieve in life, develop a plan for your goals, and much more.

Dawn’s Recode Your DNA, also comes with a lot of free bonuses too.

These bonuses include video training from Dawn which is not normally available for purchase, sleep tracks, extra online training, and lastly, live group coaching calls with Dawn.

Dawn and her team say that this program is great for anyone who wants to experience more money, love, prosperity, opportunity, and passion in their lives.

Product Rating
Support Rating
Our Verdict

Recode Your DNA For Wealth Review

“Recode Your DNA For Wealth has helped me to finally be free from my limiting beliefs. Backed by science, this powerful program uses studies that prove that our DNA is changeable, and the program showed me how I could use this knowledge to improve areas of my life.

I learned how to identify and change my own limiting patterns that had been passed on to me through my DNA and I was able to reshape my life and overcome obstacles that were blocking my success.

This program comes with many great bonuses, such as coaching calls with Dawn herself, which helped motivate me further. This unique program taught me how to unlock my full potential and achieve success.”

Learn more.

Dawn Clark’s Books

As well as being an inspiring teacher and advisor, Dawn is an international best-selling author.

She has written both fact and fiction books, but they all recognize and explain the fact that we all have a limitless potential that we can unlock.

A fiction book that Dawn has written is called The Forbidden Text and the book is based on Dawn’s real-life experiences of the intelligence world, drawn from lengthy and personal conversations about her father’s service as a counterintelligence agent.

Even though this is a fiction book, Dawn still delivers the message that we all have great potential and strength.

Your Secret Inheritance

Your Secret Inheritance is one of Dawn’s popular factual books on recoding your DNA. This book offers to help you unlock your full potential and can be a particularly useful resource for those working with the Law of Attraction.

Your Secret Inheritance uses scientific research to explain how limiting beliefs and blocks can be passed on through generations in our DNA, which can cause certain people to not succeed in achieving their full potential.

In the book, Dawn talks about something called the ‘Success DNA’ and explains that activating this part of you can help you to get past the ‘dreaming’ stage of your success, and actually achieve it.

Dawn speaks about a scientific experiment that showed that fear in mice can be passed down through their DNA, causing the new generations of mice to have the same fear that the generation before had been conditioned to have.

This experiment showed that our ancestors struggled and limiting beliefs could be passed on to us, causing us to give up, and ‘Your Secret Inheritance’ expands on this statement further.

Your Secret Inheritance is widely praised for including actionable advice and useful techniques to unlocking your full potential. Dawn also offers a free workshop/webinar that you can attend when you download your copy of this book.

Product Rating
Support Rating
Our Verdict

Your Secret Inheritance Review

“This free book from Dawn Clark has shown me how our belief systems can be passed on to us throughout DNA, and how we can change it. In this book, I have been shown research that has been conducted to prove this too.

If you want to learn how you can ‘recode’ your DNA and change your limiting beliefs, I highly recommend this book for you. The book also discusses how to unlock your full potential and use the science of ‘Wealth Genes’ to upgrade your life.

Your Secret Inheritance has helped me understand how and why I have limiting beliefs and what I should do to overcome them in order to achieve success in different areas of my life.”

Learn more.

Dawn Clark In The Media

Dawn’s teachings have caught the attention of many media outlets across the world. She has been invited on numerous shows, such as CBS Sacramento, ABC Reno, FOX, and NBC.

She has used these interviews to help promote her book Jumpstart Your Wealth Gene and explain how we can recode our DNA to achieve success, wealth, and prosperity in our lives.

Dawn has been on radio shows, live TV and has spoken at many conferences including the Harvard Faculty Club – Business Experts Forum. Dawn uses these platforms to share the knowledge she has gained from her own experiences and help others to achieve their goals and live better lives.

Dawn Clark Quotes

“In the face of Fear, only Love can prevail.”

“Those who touch Passion with their hearts will always have hope on their side.”

“It’s never too late to start creating the life you desire.”

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