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Dr. John DeMartini – World-Renowned Human Behavior Expert

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Dr. John DeMartini is a leading human behavioral specialist, critically acclaimed author, and business consultant who uses research-supported methodologies to facilitate dramatic human development in all areas.

Highly sought after as a speaker and for his part in The Secret, John DeMartini has created programs that aim to assist people with what he defines as the seven key areas of life: financial, social, physical, mental, spiritual, vocational, and familial.

1. About John DeMartini

When Dr. John DeMartini launched the DeMartini Institute, he quickly became recognized as an international authority on personal development.

The DeMartini Institute is a private organization that offers more than 70 different courses that are tailored to promote growth and self-knowledge in unique ways.

What these courses have in common is that they are based on John DeMartini’s Value Determination and the DeMartini methods, which John designed after more than 4 decades of research in all relevant subject areas.

John DeMartini’s biography should also note that he constantly travels in order to maximize the number of people benefitting from his work. His Law of Attraction expertise and his creation of the Breakthrough Experience makes him especially popular with those who have repeatedly tried and failed to create positive change in their lives.

2. John DeMartini Books

In addition to his work in The Secret, John DeMartini has written 40 books that share his extensive research findings. John DeMartini’s books all cover one or more of his identified seven key areas of life, helping to enhance the reader’s awareness and encouraging them to reach their full potential.

For example, one of the most popular John DeMartini books is “Inspired Destiny”, which offers a step-by-step guide to finding your life purpose.

Based on methods that have worked to help disillusioned young people find their happiness and vocation, this book provides a range of straightforward but powerful exercises that ensure you end up with a much clearer idea of who you are and how you can set an example to others by following your deepest passion.

On YouTube, Dr. John DeMartini can be seen explaining the motivational program that provided the roots for this book.


Meanwhile, “Count Your Blessings” teaches how gratitude can heal, “You Can Have an Amazing Life in Just 60 Days” offers the 60 laws that John DeMartini himself lives by, and “How to Make One Hell of a Profit and Still Get to Heaven” provides a practical framework for financial success while working to counteract the idea that moral goodness is incompatible with abundance.

As a speaker, John DeMartini often draws from more than one of his books when motivating and teaching others.

3. DeMartini Institute

As mentioned above, the DeMartini Institute is all about helping people reach their full potential.

Founded in 1982, it strives to create inspired leaders and show individuals of all ages how they can tap into their power to change the world around them.

Shaped by John DeMartini’s values, DeMartini Institute doesn’t just work at a personal level—reviews from organizations and businesses suggests that there is much to learn at a group level as well.

The Institute’s curriculum is called the Concourse of Wisdom, and each of its 72 formal programs can be taken individually or in conjunction with each other.

It is possible to commit to short periods of study, or to engage in an educational journey that lasts decades.

4. The Breakthrough Experience

breakthrough The Breakthrough Experience by John DeMartini is a life-changing seminar that DeMartini describes as the culmination of 44 years of dedicated work and study.

The goal of the breakthrough experience, John DeMartini explains, is to find long-term solutions to the common emotional blocks that control many people’s lives—rage, anxiety, sadness, resentment, and low self-esteem among them.

As you can see on YouTube, Dr. John DeMartini believes the interactive format of the seminar shifts perspective and highlights what is necessary for true fulfillment.

John DeMartini’s Breakthrough Experience is a regularly scheduled seminar suitable for those who feel stuck on either a personal or professional level, and it receives consistently positive feedback on its ability to nurture both power and potential.

DeMartini’s understanding of The Law of Attraction places a crucial role in how he explains the mindset you need to require, and the program only takes two full days to complete.

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