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Gregg Braden

Gregg Braden

Know for “The Divine Matrix”, “The Science of Miracles” and other best-selling books, Gregg Braden has an international reputation for connecting science with spirituality.

Gregg Braden’s Bio

Gregg Braden’s biography begins with a career as a computer geologist, spanning work as a Senior Liaison with the U.S. Air Force Space Command and a position as the first Technical Operations Manager for Cisco Systems.

However, all throughout these parts of his life, he has continued exploring the world and investigating the secrets of famously lost texts.

It is this unique combination of experiences that have led to the melding of technology and spirituality that characterizes his 11 critically acclaimed books.

Part of Gregg Braden’s biography also involves his status as a sought-after speaker, who has presented to the United Nations, the military, and many famous businesses.

Meanwhile, Gregg Braden’s wife—Marth Reich Braden—is a popular singer-songwriter.

Gregg Braden’s Books and Products

As an author, Gregg Braden has a wide range of books and products available online and in stores.

He was nominated for the prestigious Templeton Award in 2016 as a result of his work, and many of his books have received international translations.

Resilience From the Heart

A popular entry on the Gregg Braden book list, “Resilience From the Heart” discusses Braden’s conviction that we’re close to the next step of evolution and that our happiness and life satisfaction depends on establishing heart-brain coherence.

He helps the reader access the intelligence and wisdom of the heart and illustrates how it’s possible to use that power to find solutions to all of life’s challenges.

One particularly useful aspect of this book is his technique for tuning into your gut and learning how to trust it—an invaluable skill for anyone working with the Law of Attraction.

The Turning Point

Any Gregg Braden book list is sure to mention “The Turning Point”, as it has attracted rave reviews.

In his work as an author, Gregg Braden clearly strives to provide information that helps all readers overcome personal blocks and crises, and “The Turning Point” is no exception.

He applies his scientific knowledge and psychological aptitude to the question of what’s causing the extreme polarization in the world, canvassing new discoveries that can help us turn global problems into catalysts for personal transformation.

While much of the focus is on financial abundance, this book can be used by anyone who wants to better understand world affairs and their tangible impact on personal power.

Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer

Another of the popular Gregg Braden books is “Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer”, which brings his deep understanding of religious texts into play.

The goal of this book is to explore a specific approach to prayer that may have been lost as long as 17 centuries ago, explaining how that can be used in modern times to manifest the things we most desire.

In particular, Braden explains how this wordless form of prayer can be used to overcome the deepest of personal hurts.

Greg Braden’s Videos

As mentioned above in the Gregg Braden bio, he has attracted a lot of attention for his abilities as a speaker.

This translates very well to video—Braden has produced a large amount of material discussing how and why his favored methods work and giving pithy explanations of some of the most important material in his books.

The Science of Miracles

As well as making short videos, Gregg Braden has produced DVDs, among them “The Science of Miracles.”

This is an accessible, engaging movie using both religion and cutting-edge physics to look at how and why miracles occur.

The key message here is very much in tune with the Law of Attraction—that what we think has a massive impact on our bodies and the world around us.

2012: An Awakening

Common to all Gregg Braden videos is a timely awareness of political issues and global problems, and “2012: An Awakening” is an especially good example of this.

Exposure to this movie is a common catalyst for people asking the question “Who is Gregg Braden?”, as “2012: An Awakening” attracted a lot of attention around the time that the 2012 prophecy was supposed to come to fruition.

Gregg explains this prophecy in terms of the claim that we are currently in the major phase of a transformation urging the viewer to use the details of the Mayan calendar to work out the details of their own personal transformation as well.

Beyond Zero Point: The Journey to Compassion

“Beyond Zero Point: The Journey to Compassion” is a DVD focusing on the connection between religious texts and the scientific majesty of the wider universe.

He offers a plausible picture of how the world works and then explains how the viewer can use their feelings to shape their future.

Once again, this product has broad applicability for anyone working on improving their manifestation potential through a better understanding of the Universe’s energy.

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