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Joe Vitale (aka Mr Fire) – Law Of Attraction Author, Coach & Teacher

joe vitale

An enthusiastic coach, experienced teacher and highly successful author, Joe Vitale has decades of experience in helping people use his Law of Attraction programs to create the businesses and personal lives they’ve always wanted. His original and creative methods have earned him widespread popularity, and he regularly speaks to large audiences on key aspects of his work.

You will also see a lot of mentions of Joe Vitale in Wikipedia in connection to the famous bestseller book “The Secret”.

Joe Vitale Biography

joe vitale

Joe Vitale and Michael Bernard Beckwith

“Joe Vitale” and “Attract Money” are almost synonymous in the Law of Attraction world, but Dr. Joe Vitale began his journey living on the streets.

With the power of his manifestation techniques, he moved from this impoverished position to a rich and fulfilling life in which he has everything he wants. Inspired by his own journey, he is driven to teach others that anything is possible — and to show them exactly how to create the same kind of massive change he has personally experienced.

His skills are diverse, but he is particularly well known for his marketing methods, which have helped people make millions, and for his unique skill of hypnotic writing.

He has been asked to give presentations all over the world, in countries ranging from Russia to Canada, Poland and Kuwait, and was a keynote speaker at the 2007 National Speaker Associations Convention in San Diego.

Joe Vitale and The Secret

Given his expertise on The Law of Attraction, Joe Vitale was invited to be one of the stars of The Secret movie (2006). The Secret is often the first exposure that people get to the ideas behind manifestation. Dr. Joe Vitale’s role in The Secret movie is paralleled in the associated book, and he was interviewed about The Secret on Larry King Live shortly after its release. Here's a clip of Joe on Larry King Live.

You can learn more powerful lessons on Joe Vitale’s YouTube channel where he generously shares short clips that help you to change your limiting beliefs… to longer videos that focus on healing via Ho’oponopono with live examples of how his work helps to transform people’s lives.

The Secret Mirror

This program was developed and refined by Joe over a decade. The Secret Mirror is based on scientific techniques that are proven to help bring to the surface and identify personal struggles – including limiting beliefs, success blocks, counter intentions, and self-sabotaging actions.

It's is a very fascinating and powerful process that involves you looking into yourself in front of a mirror. It helps you to become conscious and connected with your desires. The Secret Mirror is designed to create breakthroughs, open you up to the divine and receive the ultimate truth and abundance available for you.

This program has nothing to do with religion or replacing any faith or core-beliefs, but it helps people to overcome their limiting beliefs.

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Our Verdict

The Secret Mirror Review

It's very different from other programs – it's more than just a technique or a process – it's a real experience. Joe leads you through this experience by facing a mirror so you can get to work with yourself. It's no secret that it can become quite uncomfortable but it becomes very profound when you fully trust the process and trust yourself. The thing that makes this program so different is that it shows the entire journey of 4 people who used The Secret Mirror – from the time before they started, through to a time long after – so you can follow their entire journey. It's real and unscripted and you get to see how powerful it was for them and what happened. There is absolutely no shortcuts to success but once a breakthrough is made, effort and inspired action will be needed. This program also includes a private community of other Secret Mirror students which is worth it's weight in gold.

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Learn To Access Your
And Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs

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WARNING: The Mirror technique will make you uncomfortable but
your experience will change you for the great of good.

Dr. Joe Vitale Quotes

joe vitale and lisa nichols

Joe Vitale and Lisa Nichols

“NOW is the time. The Universe likes SPEED. Don’t delay, don’t second-guess, don’t doubt. When the opportunity or impulse is there… ACT!”

“Dreams do come true. Yes, even yours. But you have to meet them part way. Get up and do something towards them. Now.”

“When you resist doing what you know needs done, it is difficult. Find a mental way to enjoy it, and just do it, and it is easy.”

“The clearer you are, the faster you manifest.”

Law Of Attraction Certification Training

This is Joe Vitale's online resource for his Law of Attraction Practitioner Certification. Taught with world-famous clinic hypnotherapist Steve G. Jones, this program you can learn how to help people attract everything they desire as well enrich your own life in the process by experiencing all kinds of abundance. When you learn how to teach others the art of manifesting you will find everything in your own life may fall into place.

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Our Verdict

Law Of Attraction Certification Review

This certification would be a smart investment for your personal growth… and it will help you to learn how to teach the Law of Attraction to others. If you dream to be someone who can transform a lot of lives then this could be a good first step to begin with. Great value for money too.

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Joe Vitale Books

As suggested above in the Joe Vitale biography, he has dozens of books to his name, covering everything from general Law of Attraction techniques to the more specific skills you need in order to attract wealth and reach the top of the career ladder.

Zero Limits

joe vitale

One of the most successful of Joe Vitale’s books, “Zero Limits” focuses on how ancient Hawaiian practices can be adapted to modern life in order to enhance manifestation potential. Written so that the reader experiences a type of coaching when reading the book, “Zero Limits” has received international acclaim and led to Dr. Vitale hosting multiple live events on the subject.

The Attractor Factor: 5 Easy Steps for Creating Wealth (or Anything Else)

the attractor factor

As an author, Joe Vitale is perhaps most famous for writing “The Attractor Factor: 5 Easy Steps for Creating Wealth (or Anything Else)”, which has been a #1 bestseller twice.

To attract money, Joe Vitale teaches that anyone can reach abundance by following a clear, five-step plan.

Building on what he said in The Secret, Joe Vitale’s Attractor Factor products explain how the same techniques can be used to attract anything you want, and he provides an Attractor Factor IQ test that allows the reader to measure their progress.

Life’s Missing Instruction Manual: The Guidebook You Should Have Been Given At Birth

life's missing manual

Dr. Vitale is also the author of a popular guidebook to life, which reached #1 status as well. Whether you’re looking to start a business or or attract money, Joe Vitale’s condensed life lessons aim to give the reader the perspective needed to take risks, build confidence, accept past mistakes and find true purpose.

This book is also ideal for someone just starting out with the Law of Attraction—Joe Vitale’s messages are presented in plain language and require no previous education.

Joe Vitale and ho’oponopono


To Joe Vitale, ho’oponopono is the key that can unlock the abilities of many people who feel stuck, exhausted and disillusioned.

In “At Zero”, the sequel to “Zero Limits”, he explains how taking full accountability for our lives, we can heal the damaged parts of ourselves and extend this skill outward to heal the world around us as well. This approach to manifestation is unique in its focus on tending to old wounds and empowering oneself through the energy of true personal responsibility.

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