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Quick Self Test: Find Out If You’re A Happiness Junkie


Addictions are usually thought of as negative. However, if you are a happiness junkie your obsession with seeking joy can be beneficial. People who go to great lengths to be happy rarely have time to dwell on sadness. In fact, their goal to be joyful propels them to overcome difficulties quickly.

Looking on the bright side and putting pleasure before pain means that you get the most out of life. In addition, your optimism rubs off on pessimists, making you a joy to be around.

OK, so go through these 3 quick questions and see how you do…

1. Do People Want To Spend Time With You?

2. Do You See The Positive In Everything?

3. Do You Keep Healthy?

If you answered “yes” to all of the 3 questions above then you are most likely a happiness junkie. Why? Read on to find out the 3 character traits that make a happiness junkie.

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Traits Of A Happiness Junkie

1. They spread positivity and this is why people love hanging out with them.

happiness junkie

Self-help books, psychology lectures, and feel-good fads are the mainstay of people who love learning about how to collect joy. Happiness junkies have an enthusiasm for increasing knowledge about feeling great and it can be a little overwhelming for friends and family who do not wear rose-colored spectacles.

However, they love optimism and count on their emotional baggage being lightened with soothing words and a smile. Moreover, personable warmth is catching.

People enjoy the love of life of a happiness junkie and look forward to being in their presence. Spending time with them raises their spirits and makes them cheerful. Is this you?

2. The glass is always half full.

When a situation is adverse, happiness junkies think in a positive fashion. Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of life, they look for hidden advantages. They have a joyful mindset, they do not see chaos and catastrophes in the same way as pessimists.

They know that sad events happen, but a happiness junkie is aware that where there is darkness there is also light.

Occasionally, bad times have to be crossed, but unlike most other people, they will not get stuck. The result is that a happiness junkie will be relatively unscathed by events and can move on with life despite past difficulties. Is this you?

3. They use a positive attitude to fight off the common cold..and other illnesses.

While a happiness junkie is not impervious to disease, they can fight off illness well because they have a system that does not create an abundance of stress chemicals.

Indeed, bright moods help produce happy hormones that create a strong defense against sickness.


Furthermore, they are less likely to suffer from mental health issues that stem from depression than people who do not have such a penchant for joy.

It is normal for a happiness junkie to feel down now and then, but they are rarely gloomy.

You automatically search for ways of climbing out of emotional turmoil as soon as negative events take place. Is this you?

Happiness junkies make the most of situations. At the same time, people want to be in their company as their optimism is infectious. On the odd occasions that they are down, they constantly strive to get up again, which means that they seldom suffer from the blues for long. Clearly, their goal to be happy begets tremendous benefits.

So how did you do? Are you a happiness junkie? Want to brighten up someone's day? Share this link with someone today and show them that you are thinking of them.

“How Can I Manifest A Happier Future?”

Whether you passed the above happiness junkie test or not, we all want a happy future, right?

There are some key Law Of Attraction tools and exercises that can help you visualize and manifest your dream future. In this way, you can become a true optimist and happiness junkie! This, in turn, then attracts more positivity into your life!

Alternatively, if you already are a positive and happy person, you may wonder how you can ensure your future is full of success and abundance.

Law of Attraction Visualization Tools:

  • Affirmations – ‘I speak and think positively'. The use of ‘I am' statements to train your subconscious and visualize your dream life.
  • Dreamboards – Like a map, using a dream board (or vision board as they are sometimes also known) can help you reach your destination. It helps you visualize and focus on your goals.
  • Dream Check Download your dream check! Write on the check and ask the universe for your dreams and for your success.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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