Top 100 Law of Attraction Quotes from “The Secret” Part 1

1. “It's important to feel good.”

2. “Don't define yourself by your body… it's the infinite being that's connected to everything in the universe.”

3. “All of this abundance begins to shine through a mind that is aware of its own infinite nature. There's enough for everyone. See it. Believe it. it will show up for you.”

4. “What are the things you are grateful for? Feel the gratitude… focus on what you have right now that you are grateful for.”

5. “Feel the joy… feel the happiness.”

6. “If you turn it over to the universe, you will be surprised and dazzled by what is delivered… this is where magic and miracles happen.”

7. “We are the creators of our universe.”

8. “We all work with one infinite power.”

9. “You don't need to know HOW the universe is going to rearrange itself.”

10. “The Law of Attraction is simply figuring out for yourself what will generate the positive feelings of having it NOW.”

11. “You get exactly what you are FEELING.”

12. “One energy field. Our bodies have distracted us from our energy. We are the infinite field of unfolding possibilities. The creative force.”

13. “Play the picture in your mind – focus on the end result.”

14. “It's really so simple. ‘What am I attracting right now?' Well how do you feel? ‘I feel good.' Well good, keep doing that.

15. “Immune system will heal itself.”

16. “Write your script. When you see things you don’t want, don’t think about them, write about them, talk about them, push against them, or join groups that focus on the don’t wants… remove your attention from don’t wants.. and place them on do wants.”

17. “You have to find a different approach to what is through a different vantage point.”

18. “It's not “wishful” thinking.”

19. “You might get an inspired thought or idea to help you move towards what you want faster.”

20. “We are mass energy. Everything is energy. EVERYTHING.”

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