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Reading Runes As Manifestation Symbols For Abundant Living

Reading the viking alphabet runes on a black background.

You probably know what rune symbols look like, and perhaps you've even seen some rune stones carved into stone or metal, or etched into wood or glass.

However, most people have no idea how to use them, and just how powerful they can be.

In this article about the ancient Runic symbols, we want to help you understand how to use runes to shift your level of awareness into something we call Manifesting Mode.

We'll start with an explanation of reading runes and a summary of where they came from, and then we'll move straight on to the deeper meanings attached to each rune.

We'll show you how to interpret the 24 different rune symbols and what they mean as manifestation symbols.

Whenever you feel blocked, or are just looking for a little inspiration, runes can give you a push towards success and abundance.

What Are Runes And What Are They Used For?

What is Reading Runes And What Are Runes Used For?

If you want to start reading runes, the first step is a deeper understanding of their nature.

So, what is a rune? The word itself is a Germanic word “rûna” which means whisper, advice or secret. In the simplest terms, runes are stones that are used to connect to your intuition, predict aspects of the future, and develop a sense of your destiny.

There are 24 different runic letters in The Elder Futhark alphabet, which are split into three sets – Haeg’s Aett, Freyr’s Aett, and Heimdall’s Aett – each containing eight runes.

One classic reading using runes will involve us taking one from each set, with the first representing our basic needs and gifts, the second showing us our obstacles and goals, and the final set revealing our legacy.

In addition, runes are sometimes described as manifestation symbols because we can use them as representations of particular goals we're working to attract.

Where Do Rune Symbols Come From?

Where Do Rune Symbols Come From?

The history of the rune is complex and interesting. We can see the use of reading runes across a wide variety of cultures, and they carry universal energy.

They were originally thought to straightforwardly show us the future, and are now generally viewed more like personal development tools that can help us tap into our manifesting powers.

In this way, like a tarot card reading, though they are arguably easier for beginners to use, and more complementary to manifesting with the Law of Attraction.

Rune expert, Lisa Peschel, describes the early use of reading runes as a way of tapping into different forces in nature – people aimed to make contact with these forces of nature.

While their modern use is different, we can still understand runic symbols as all representing different forms of energy – and, as we'll see below, this means that some runes are suitable for a manifestation goal of abundance while others might be more closely tied to love or health.

Combined with the Law of Attraction, we can use runes in all sorts of ways beyond simply reading runes.

We can display a relevant rune symbol above our desk or on our mirror, or we can used them on our vision board around certain rules in the center.

Some people choose to carve runes into the wax of a candle they light for mindfulness work or creative visualization, and others wear a rune on a necklace as a kind of talisman.

24 Rune Symbols Of Manifestation And Their Meanings

With an improved understanding of some of the histories behind the runic alphabet and reading runes, some of the basic ways in which we might use them to support manifestation are to consider what the 24 runic symbols actually mean – and how they might connect to your life goals.

As you look through meanings of the runes, think about which ones might be good for you to use as manifestation symbols – and how you might want to incorporate them into your Law of Attraction practice.

Algiz Rune

algiz Rune

The symbol of the elk, Algiz stands for help, protection, and for strength against adversity.

If it appears in a reading for you, it means that you already have everything you need inside you in order to turn your dreams into reality.

You can rest assured that you will be protected against negativity.

Algiz is also linked to awakening, so you may get this rune when you are coming to see life from a new perspective.

For some people, this rune appears as they move into a more spiritual period, or when realizing a past relationship doesn't suit you.

In reverse, it's a warning to be careful.

Ansuz Rune

ansuz Rune

Representing communication of all forms, Ansuz is about giving or receiving a message.

It can represent advice, wisdom, or consciousness, from the Universe or from someone in your life.

Ansuz is a reminder to take the advice you're heading very seriously, and to rely on the experience of others where appropriate when trying to reach your own goals.

It can be a relevant rule when manifesting careers surrounding communication, too, such as teaching or leadership roles.

In contrast, if this rune appears in reverse then it suggests a failure to communicate, often because of dishonesty on someone else's part.

Berkana Rune

berkano Rune

The rune of Berkana stands for birth.

In ancient times, Berkana was the symbol of the Birch Goddess of fertility.

Sometimes, this rune appears when pregnancy and birth are directly relevant, but in other cases the birth is metaphorical.

In such cases, Berkanan is more about creativity and ingenuity.

This rune can represent creative ventures you wish to manifest, as well as a desire for inspiration and for mental growth.

Other people are drawn to Berkana as more of a symbol of rebirth – starting anew in love, or in their career. In reverse, this stone stands for feeling out of control.

Ehwaz Rune

ehwaz Rune

Ehwaz symbolizes the horse, which in this case stands for stability and travel.

If you draw this rune, you are moving forward in your life even if you don't realize it – after all, meaningful change can be slow.

It is a good rune to choose as a manifestation of teamwork, too, as the stability associated with Ehwaz can also be about drawing on the stability provided by other people with similar goals.

When reversed, Ehwaz indicates a need for change and dissatisfaction with the status quo.

When chosen to represent relationships, Ehwaz in reverse suggests conflict or incompatibility.

Fehu Rune

fehu Rune

Fehu is a rune that often appears for people trying to attract abundance.

This is because Fehu symbolizes wealth and material gain, as well as fortune and good luck more generally.

It is the perfect rune to choose for the center of a dream board focused on abundance, or as a symbol to place on your mirror when saying abundance-attracting affirmations.

When you see the symbol in reverse, it doesn't necessarily mean losing or possessions.

Rather, it often appears to show a dip in self-esteem or a pattern of negativity.

As such, it can function as a reminder to think positively.

Gebo Rune

gebo Rune

Gebo stands for gifts, usually metaphorical.

It can reaffirm that you have the gifts needed for success, and will often appear in times when others can benefit from your gifts.

More broadly, it can represent balance and generous relationships, so some people may pick it out as one of several runes intended to represent the kind of partner they want to manifest.

Interestingly, this is one of the runes with no reverse meaning, as it looks the same no matter which direction it is facing.

Hagalaz Rune

hagalaz Rune

The rune of Hagalaz represents a hailstorm, and so it is most relevant when sudden change is on the horizon.

This change is out of the person's control, but it need not always be destructive.

The key is to face this change with openness and determination and to remember that storms clear the way for new things to be built.

When reading runes to support manifestation, Hagalaz can be a good choice if you're looking to transform your life from the ground up, building something totally different.

This rune has no reverse meaning.

Ihwaz Rune


Sometimes called Eihwaz, Ihwaz is the sign of the Tree of Life.

It represents a new stage of the life cycle arriving, which will not always track your age.

Ihwaz is more likely to appear when you are going through a transformative experience that helps you mature.

You can use it in manifestation work when you want to enter a new stage of life, such as becoming a parent or starting a business.

In other cases, it stands for trustworthiness, especially if drawn in reading about relationships. When seen in reverse, Ihwaz indicates confusion and a lack of clarity.

Inguz Rune

inguz Rule

Inguz literally translates to “the seed”, so this rune often stands for a period of inner growth.

In a reading, Inguz can be an invitation to look at how you need to grow, and how you might rid yourself of things no longer serving you.

When working with the Law of Attraction, Inguz can be paired with runes that more directly represent your goals, creating a pattern that acknowledges you are committing to a graduate process of personal development.

When Inguz appears in reverse, it suggests you are blocking your own success in some way – perhaps through fear.

Isa Rune

isa Runes

The rune of Isa symbolizes ice.

Rune experts interpret this as suggesting a pause or a break of some sort – that the person who drew the rune needs to stop and take stock of their situation.

Often, this relates to gathering information, to researching options in order to come to a firm conclusion.

As it has no inverse meaning, Isa should be interpreted this way no matter how it is drawn.

In Law of Attraction work, this rune can be a reminder that we need to hone our skills and practice our techniques before we are able to reach our full potential.

Jera Rune

jera Rune

Jera is the rune of the harvest.

This rune draws our attention to what we have worked for and what we have created, telling us to make use of the abundance we have attracted.

If you don't feel this reflects your situation and you still draw Jera in a reading, this is an encouraging sign that such a harvest is coming to you soon.

Another rune that has no inverted meaning, Jera is suited to gratitude journal work – perhaps you might print it on the front, or draw it alongside each journal entry.

Kenaz Rune

kenaz Runes

Kenaz stands for fire and is usually interpreted as a light that illuminates the truth.

If it appears in one of your readings, there is unknown information that will soon come to light and help you progress.

Where revealed truths are not relevant, Kenaz can represent energy and inspiration, so it is often used in manifestation work related to art, writing, and music.

You can also use it to symbolize creativity and high energy in the desired partner.

When seen in reverse, this rune highlights a creative block of some sort that must be overcome if you are to reach your full potential.

Laguz Rune

laguz Runes

Tied to the element of water, Laguz is connected to our emotions and our dream life.

It reminds us that our emotions are a reliable guide to what we should do and that our dreams carry messages from our subconscious.

Laguz is useful for all Law of Attraction work, as we all need to work on honing our intuitions when trying to manifest.

It is also the perfect rune to carve into a candle for mindfulness exercises and creative visualization meditations.

Seen in reverse, it can reveal avoidance in your life, perhaps of something you’re uncomfortable accepting.

Mannaz Rune

mannaz Runes

Mannaz is the run of humanity or humankind, so it often appears when our connection to the wider world is relevant.

It can call you toward volunteer work in your community, or remind you to have reasonable expectations of others (for they are just like you).

Mannaz is a good rune to use whenever you want a symbol to represent relationships, whether with one person or with a large group.

Some people wear this symbol on their neck when socializing, for example, especially if they need a confidence boost.

When seen in reverse, Mannaz warns of self-deception – something we can all be tempted to do to protect ourselves.

Nauthiz Rune

nauthiz Rune

We all have needs, and reading runes shows us that Nauthiz stands for those needs.

Whether you require more stability, more challenges, a better work-life balance, or something else entirely, Nauthiz will appear in a reading to remind you to prioritize these things.

You can also use it in manifestation work to symbolize self-compassion and self-care.

For example, you might draw this rune repeatedly while reciting a loving-kindness meditation.

In reverse, Nauthiz represents isolation and low mood, suggesting that you need to reach out to others more if you are to be fulfilled.

Othala Rune

othala Rune

Othala stands for our legacy – both the legacy we receive from others, and the one we'll leave behind.

We will often come across this rune when we need a reminder to stop obsessing about small irritations and start focusing on the bigger picture of the life we want to create.

Along with runes representing birth and family, Othala is a good choice as part of a rune spread you might lay out when attempting to manifest a family.

It means something quite different when seen in reverse – that prejudice is affecting your judgment.

Perthro Rune

perthro Rune

Perthro is sometimes called “The Gambler's Rune”, so it's no surprise that this rune is the symbol of fortune and chance.

It can appear when we're entering into a situation where the outcome is beyond our control, though it can also draw our attention to the good consequences we can draw from difficult circumstances.

When Perthro shows up in reading in reverse, this usually suggests you are stagnant in some way, or that your situation is stagnant.

In such cases, a little gambling – i.e., taking a calculated risk – may be just what you need to inject energy back into your life.

Raidho Rune

raidho Rune

The rune of Raidho is all about traveling, which can be literal or metaphorical.

Manifestation work around something like starting a new life or volunteering aboard would be well-represented by Raidho, but so too would be metaphorical journeys.

For example, if you want to expand your horizon through new training or a new qualification, Raidho would also be an appropriate symbol in this case.

As Raidho is shaped like a wheel, some people also use this rune to represent the cycle of life.

Meanwhile, if this rune appears in reverse, it tends to suggest injustice – of which you may be the recipient or the perpetrator.

Sowilo Rune

sowilo Rune

As suggested by its symbol, Sowilo is a run that represents sunshine and all that comes with it – warmth, joy, and light.

As with many of the above runes, it can stand for someone you want to attract into your life, such as a romantic partner or a business partner.

It can also indicate your own strengths and show that you will do the most good when you attempt to bring joy to others.

Where health is the focus, Sowilo indicates strength and well-being. There is no reverse meaning for this rune.

Teiwaz Rune

teiwaz Reading Runes

The rune of Teiwaz depicts a God's arrowhead and most commonly represents authority and logic.

If you pull this rune in a reading, rest assured that you reliably get to the truth and will make sound decisions – even when life is tough.

It can also suggest an upcoming victory, which is a relevant meaning if you're working to manifest something competitive like professional success.

If you see Teiwaz in reverse, this is a sign that you are being too analytical at the expense of drawing on your emotions.

Try to remember that feelings are just as vital.

Thurisaz Rune

thurisaz Reading Runes

Thurisaz shows Thor's hammer, a powerful weapon of great energy.

This rune appears in cases where some force will be needed, sometimes in conflict.

For example, you may have to push back against an authority figure to get what you deserve.

At other times, Thurisaz suggests force applied inwards, through personal growth.

Thurisaz is associated with a clean slate, too, and is an appropriate rune to choose if you want to manifest a drastic departure from your present life.

In reverse, Thurisaz shows spite or a grudge – negative energy that you would be better to let go of.

Uruz Rune

uruz Reading Runes

The rune of Uruz symbolizes a wild bull and all the strength that comes with it.

This rune is all about hard work and determination, which will be needed in the near future.

Drawing this stone in a reading suggests you already have this determination within you.

This rune can be a good reminder of the need for persistence when doing Law of Attraction work, so you might look at it while saying certain affirmations or carve it into a candle that you burn daily.

Where you see Uruz in reverse, it is associated with others exerting strength over you and holding you back.

Wunjo Rune

wunjo Reading Runes

Wunjo is a rune of victory and success, so it is relevant to almost all manifestation work.

You may want to create a vision board around this symbol, for example, or put it on the front of your journal as you document your journey.

This can attract good energy toward you, and keep you focused on your belief in your own success.

If you see Wunjo in reverse when you reading runes, consider whether you are carrying a loss that you have not yet processed.

This might be the loss of a loved one, or of a past dream.

Dagaz Rune

dagaz Reading Runes

Finally, the rune of Dagaz stands for the dawn of morning light, or an Awakening.

It can represent the move into adulthood, or into one's own independence.

This may be in your personal life (for example, through a promotion), or in your personal life where you may be being more assertive and more aware of your own worth.

Dagaz also stands for the power of change, and your own power to incite change when it is time.

Dagaz brings hope and certainty and is a grounding rune that you might choose to visualize as part of a mindfulness exercise.

There is no reverse meaning of this rune.

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