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SELF TEST: Are You On The Right Track With The Law Of Attraction?


If you are wondering whether or not you are on the right with the Law Of Attraction, take this self-assessment below.

There are 10 questions, and it will take you about 5 minutes to go through all of them. Take a note of the number of points you got for each of your answers and you will see an explanation of your results at the bottom of the page.

(TIP: If after the test you are still not a 100% sure what is holding you back from manifesting your dream, take this FREE quiz here to get a more detailed, personalized report.)

(Question 1) Do You Worry That Your Dream Won’t Come True?

(Why this is important) One of the most important things that you need to do is truly believe that you can obtain the things you want in life.

(If yes) Here are 4 things you can do to fight your doubts:

  • Replace negative thoughts with positive ones
  • Say and write affirmations
  • Read success stories
  • Boost your confidence

If you find it difficult to really believe in what you want to attract, have a look at our article How To Believe In What You Want To Attract for more tips.

(If no) 1 point; move on to the next question.

(Question 2) Are You Being Specific About What You Want?

(Why this is important) Unless you know exactly what you want (and why), the universe will not know how to help you manifest your intentions.

(If yes) 1 point; move on to the next question.

(If no) Here are 4 ways to help you hone in on your specific intention:

  • Try phrasing it in 5-10 different ways
  • Make a list of as many details as you can come up with
  • Create a dream board
  • Write a short story describing your ideal life

(Question 3) Do You Have A Step-By-Step Plan?

(Why this is important) When you can see small steps on your road to success, it’s easier to see the stages of your dream manifest (providing further proof that the Law of Attraction works).

(If yes) 1 point; move on to the next question.

(If no) Here’s a process that will help you create your plan:

  • Break your goal into at least 5 mini-goals
  • Write a short paragraph explaining how you’ll meet each mini-goal
  • Create a timeline for these steps

(Question 4) Are You Living Like You Have What You Want?

(Why this is important) Living “in the knowing” aligns you with the thing you desire (whether it’s money, love, career success or something else), allowing you to vibrate on its frequency.

(If yes) 1 point; move on to the next question.

(If no) Here are 3 things you can do to live in the knowing:

  • Confidently tell others about your dream
  • Walk, talk and dress like you have what you want
  • Write a journal entry from the perspective of already having what you want

(Question 5) Are You Visualizing Your Dream Every Day?

(Why this is important) Visualization helps you connect with your truth of your dream life, and ensures you’re constantly focused on your belief that success is possible.

(If yes) 1 point; move on to the next question.

(If no) Here are 3 things you can do to ensure productive visualization:

  • Set aside at least 15 minutes a day for undisturbed visualization
  • Create a special space in your home for meditative exercises
  • Involve all Senses in your visualizations (i.e. touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing)

(Question 6) Are You Connecting With Positive People?

(Why this is important) Negative people sap your energy and make it harder to attract good things.

(If yes) 1 point; move on to the next question.

(If no) Here are 3 questions you can ask to decide if someone is a positive influence:

  • Are They Supporting Your Plans?
  • Do You Feel Energized After Time Together?
  • Do You Feel There’s a Balance of Give and Take?

(Question 7) Are You Noticing Signs From The Universe?

(Why this is important) As you hone your skills, the universe starts to send you signs that tell you you’re on the right track (and help to redirect you).

(If yes) 1 point; move on to the next question.

(If no) Here are several things to look out for:

  • Unexpected invitations
  • New people in your life
  • Repeating number patterns (Especially 11:11, 9:11, or 21:21)
  • Recurring dreams
  • Strong gut feelings
  • AND things not going according to plan

(Question 8) Are You Able To View Challenges As Stepping Stones To Success?

(Why this is important) If you see challenges as failures, you’ll get sucked into negativity and miss valuable opportunities to learn new skills that increase your manifestation potential.

(If yes) 1 point; move on to the next question.

(If no) Ask yourself these 3 questions every time you hit a roadblock:

  • What’s One Good Thing About Facing This Obstacle?
  • What Could I Do Differently Next Time?
  • What’s the Main Lesson I’ve Learned Here?

(Question 9) Are You Boosting Your Own Vibration?

(Why this is important) Vibrating on a high frequency means you’ll be able to quickly attract what you want, while a low frequency makes it harder to manifest and is associated with melancholy.

(If yes) 1 point; move on to the next question.

(If no) Here are a few things that boost your vibration:

  • Dedicate 1 full day per week to caring for your own needs
  • Or try to dedicate at least 10 minutes every day to self-care. Have a look at our list of 64 Ideas For Self Care When Life Gets Hard.
  • Get rid of the toxic people in your life that are “sucking out” all the positive energy out of you
  • Eat healthily
  • Laugh often
  • Seek out natural beauty

(Question 10) Have You Put Your Trust In The Universe?

(Why this is important) If you cling too tightly to your desire for control, you’re likely to become anxious and miss key signposts guiding you towards success.

(If yes) 1 point; move on to the next question.

(If no) Here are 3 ways to let go:

  • Affirmations of trust in the universe
  • Keeping a gratitude journal to focus on the joy of the present
  • Visualizing yourself letting go

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How Did You Score?

1-4 points: You may have been struggling to get on track, but now you’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to change your course!

5-7 points: You are moving towards the right track, but you need to change a few major things about your daily routine if you want to manifest.

8-10 points: You are on the right track! Only a few adjustments need to be made, and then you will see your dream coming true in no time at all.

What Now?

Now that you know where you are on your journey towards manifesting your dream, it is important to take action.

Start actually using all the tips and tricks you have learned from the article.

Search our website for more detailed articles on specific topics that may still be unclear to you; you've got plenty of detailed guides and exercises.

Also, we have created an amazing online assessment on what is holding you back from manifesting your goal. It only takes 60 seconds to pass it and you get a free super-personalized report in the end. If you haven't taken it yet we strongly recommend it. Just click this link to get started.

And finally, once you are 100% on the right track with the Law Of Attraction, there comes the fun part – looking for signs that what you want is on it's way. This is important both so that you get a bit of extra motivation and so that you don't give up too soon. Look out for the following seven common and reassuring signs.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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