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Signs Of An Unhealthy Relationship: 10 Red Flags To Watch


You may think that if you were in an unhealthy relationship, you would know straight away, but this is not always the case.

It can be hard sometimes, especially if you are in your first relationship, to know exactly what is going on. Maybe this is your first relationship and you have nothing to compare your partner's behaviors against?

Perhaps you could be used to witnessing this unhealthy behavior and relationship red flags and do not know any different?

You need to know that you deserve to be respected and treated in the right way. I am going to tell you 10 relationship red flags that should get you thinking about whether or not you are in an unhealthy relationship and if so, you should think about leaving.

Signs Of An Unhealthy Relationship

If someone is not treating you right or giving you respect, you need to seriously consider whether or not you should be staying in a relationship with them.

An unhealthy relationship is something that you need to avoid.

You can start to feel stressed, anxious and have low self-esteem if you stay in an unhealthy relationship.

10 Relationship Red Flags

I am going to tell you some tell-tale relationship red flags so that you can see if this may be the sort of relationship you currently have.

Keep reading to discover the top signs of an unhealthy relationship today…

1. Lack Of Communication

If your partner finds it difficult to talk to you about any issues or differences you both have and do not tell you how they feel, you may be in an unhealthy relationship.

You need your partner to be able to listen to you and discuss each other’s feelings in a calm and respectable way.

If they cannot do this, you could become quite stressed as problems will never be resolved.

Your partner may also give you the ‘Silent Treatment’ if they find it hard to communicate or become irritable when you have a disagreement; this is not healthy and is something you should look out for.

signs-unhealthy-relationship-red-flag2. Controlling Behaviour

In an unhealthy relationship, your partner may want to control you.

This could be controlling where you go, who you talk to or who you go out with etc.

Sometimes, when someone is controlling you, they may be manipulative and make you chose between your loved ones and them as they feel that this will prove your love.

However, this is very unhealthy and destructive for you and will most likely limit who you can see and where you can go. This could make you feel very lonely and distant from your loved ones.

Consequently, this type of behavior from your partner is not healthy at all and you deserve to have freedom in your life.

3. Never Apologizing

In a relationship, both partners need to be able to accept blame and apologize for it too. Without apologizing, fights and disagreements will not be resolved which could lead to resentment and stress. If your partner is wrong they need to accept that, apologize and move on.

If your partner refuses to apologize and doesn’t seem to take the blame, that could put a strain on your relationship and can cause you upset. You need to be able to resolve disputes in order to have a happy and healthy relationship.

4. They Treat Their Family Badly

When someone is rude to their family, it should most likely ring alarm bells for you and get you thinking about what they will be like in a long-term relationship.

The family are often the closest people to you, so if your partner treats their own family badly, this is not a good sign.


When you have been with someone for a long time, you will start being a family together and this could lead to problems with your relationship if they are already nasty to their own family right now.

5. They Guilt Trip You

Another common relationship red flag is your partner often guilt trips you.

If your partner always pushes the blame on you or makes you feel guilty about something you didn’t do, or should even feel guilty about, they are causing you stress and grief.

Perhaps, for example, you let your partner know that you are going out one night with friends.

Then when that night comes, they guilt trip you into not going and make you feel bad if you do; this is not healthy behavior and is a big relationship red flag.

You should not be made to constantly feel guilty and if you are, this is not a good sign.

6. They Aren’t There For You In Times Of Need

If your partner is emotionally unavailable most of the time and especially when you are in need of someone to be there for you, this could be a relationship red flag.

Your partner needs to be someone who you can depend on and talk to when you need them, if they will not do this, this is a big relationship red flag.

An unhealthy relationship characteristic to look out for in your partner is if they cannot be there for you in your time of need and make you feel as though you have no one to rely on.

7. They Enjoy The Drama Of Fighting

In an unhealthy relationship, your partner can argue a lot, the chances are that they like the drama that it brings.

This is not healthy for you as arguing causes a lot of stress and misery in your life. This is also the same if they will not accept the blame either, it can make you feel as though you cannot win.

Fighting constantly is not healthy and your partner should instead want to talk things over and resolve these issues instead of constantly making them.

Remember that you deserve respect and a good partner would want to talk about any issues you have in a respectable way.

signs-unhealthy-relationship-red-flag8. A Secretive Past

Another big red flag in relationships is when someone has a past that they will not share with you.

If your partner is constantly hiding things from you or is not open about their past relationships, this could be a bad sign.

It may be they are still in love with an ex or they simply do not trust you.

In a healthy relationship, partners can be open with each other and discuss their past and their past relationships too, the couple most likely will not keep secrets from each other either.

There may be an alternative explanation for your partner not opening up, such as a difficult past or previous trauma.

However, if your partner seems to purposefully keep secrets from you and does not open up about their past eventually, this could be a sign of an unhealthy relationship and a big relationship red flag.

9. Your Family And Friends Do Not Like Them

Another sign that you may be in an unhealthy relationship is when your family members and friends have something to say about your partner.

If one person clashes with your partner this could just be a coincidence or a personality clash.

However, when all of your family and friends are warning you or commenting on certain behaviors, there may be more to the relationship than you think and could be something worth listening to.

Your family and friends will know you the best, and know what is good for you, so it may be a good idea to take their advice.

10. They Disrespect You

In relationships, you can have arguments and disagreements, this is a natural thing. You resolve your issues and talk about them so that there are no problems.

If your partner constantly calls you names or belittles you and disrespects you, they are not a nice person and how they act is nothing to do with you, but with them.

This also works the same with how they treat others too. You need to know that you need to be treated as an equal and with the same respect as you give them, otherwise you cannot have a healthy relationship.

If you need more help on ending a toxic relationship today then take a look at this hypnosis program.

Remember that you are worthy of love and deserve to find someone who treats you correctly and with respect.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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