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Soul Connection Signs: How To Know If You Have A Soul Bond

Soul Connection Signs How To Know If You Have A Soul Bond

We've all heard people talking about soul mates, soul bonds, and soul connections. Maybe you've even felt something like this in your own life – a deep intimacy that transcends all that came before.

But what is the nature of this connection, exactly? And how do you know for sure if you've found a soul bond, rather than simply being infatuated?

In this guide to figuring out whether you've found a soul bond, we'll start by explaining soul connections and exploring whether these connections can be broken.

From there, we'll move on to the eight major signs of a soul connection, considering everything from how it feels to be with the person to the depth of your mutual understanding.

Finally, we'll close with some advice about how to find a kindred spirit.

Understanding Soul Connections

Understanding Soul Connections

Our soul is our core self – our spirit, or our essence, which lives inside a body but may also live beyond it.

A soul connection or a love bond is a special kind of relationship with someone who feels truly essential in your life.

You're likely to feel closer to this person than to anyone else and to feel like they “see” you in a profound sense.

A soul connection can be the foundation for a romantic partnership, but it doesn't have to be – soul connections can also be the basis for deep friendships.

In most cases, a soul connection will arise between two people who share many goals and beliefs.

It's common to find that even though you've never met, you've shared all sorts of experiences and have an intuitive empathy with each other.

All of this comes together to offer a relationship that will rejuvenate you, support you and help you understand yourself better than ever before.

Can A Soul Connection Be Broken

Can A Soul Connection Be Broken

It's widely believed that soul connections can never be broken, even when a relationship ends. These sorts of bonds are sometimes called twin flame soul connections or soul ties, and they exist far beyond the physical.

And yes, you'll never forget a soul connection. However, this doesn't mean that you can't develop new, equally meaningful relationships – you just need time and space to heal and to mourn the loss of the previous soul connection in your everyday life.

First, you need to realize that you're still attached to this person and that you want to make a change for your own well-being.

Ideally, you'll admit this to a friend or therapist, so that you can move on to the forgiveness phase of recovery.

In this phase, you must work to forgive the other person for anyways they hurt you, and yourself for your own negative contributions to the fractured connection.

And finally, you'll reach a stage where you're ready to cut the soul connection loose. For example, you may remove daily reminders of the soul connection from your home, and you may start seriously thinking about beginning new relationships for the first time in a long while.

8 Deep Soul Connection Signs

Now that you have an idea of what deep soul connections look like, let's consider more specific signs that you've found such a bond in your own life.

Here, then, are eight reasons to believe you've met someone with whom you'll share a deep spiritual connection.

You Will Do Anything For Each Other

You Will Do Anything For Each Other With A Soul Connection

When you find a soul connection, selflessness becomes a way of life.

You constantly think about each other's needs and prioritize those needs where possible.

While this doesn't mean letting your own self-care slide, it does mean regularly compromising.

Whereas you may have experienced more of a power struggle with past partners.

When you have a soul connection it's second nature to want to please and care for each other.

This sense that you'll do anything for each other also extends outside of the relationship, where you'll defend and protect this person whenever you can.

You'll advocate for them, support their success, and be vocal about their value. For these reasons, soul connections can also work very well in a work setting.

A Mutual Respect

A Mutual Respect

The importance of respect in relationships can never be overstated. Whether you're thinking about your bond with a partner, friend, or family member, communication and closeness easily begin to crumble when there isn't mutual respect.

And again, when you discover a soul connection, this respect is there from day one. You will find yourself admiring this person, and being admired in return.

Crucially, when there is any conflict between you, that respect won't waver – you won't be cruel to each other, all call each other names. Instead, you'll also keep each other's vulnerability and humanity in mind.

In addition, this respect persists even when the person you're connected to has a different path to walk. You'll find that you respect your differences as much as your similarities and that you learn and grow more together precisely because of them.

You Always Support Each Other

You Always Support Each Other

Even if you're the sort of person who always wants to help others and believes in the best of them when you make a soul connection with someone you'll see those tendencies increase tenfold.

You will find yourself rooting for your loved ones to succeed even when the odds are against them, and you'll trust their instincts.

Contrast this with a relationship in which partners are competitive, or undermine each other rather than building each other up.

The supporting nature of soul connection relationships pairs with mutual respect and commitment to make such relationships uniquely healthy.

In other words, when you experience a soul connection you'll be in the right conditions to manifest the very best version of yourself.

You Can Normally Tell If Something Is Wrong

You Can Normally Tell If Something Is Wrong

Another important difference between a soul connection and other, less intense connections is that a soul connection comes with a special kind of intuition.

You'll find yourself picking up the other person's emotions quickly, even when they're surprising. In other words, it's like your empathy is super-charged with this person, and taking their perspective is as easy as taking your own.

And you'll experience this in return, which is incredibly validating and gratifying.

Sometimes, people with soul connections also mention times when they just knew that something was wrong without being told.

For example, you might just know you need to call someone or show up at their place, even though you can't explain why you think this person needs help.

This instinct also arises in positive cases – for example, you might feel like you just “knew” when your partner was offered their dream job.

You Trust Them Wholeheartedly

You Trust Them Wholeheartedly

While trust builds in all healthy, positive relationships, it has a unique role to play when there's a soul connection.

Specifically, you'll find yourself trusting this person immediately, and without any real evidence.

Often, you'll simply have a gut feeling that they are a person you can trust or count on, and you may take unusual risks because of this.

Consequently, relationships based on soul connections may progress more quickly than others.

For example, you might agree to run a business together soon after meeting, or you might get married less than a year after that first meeting. Others may find it unnerving at first, but you'll have a deep sense that your soul connection can be trusted.

As the above suggests, soul connections can be exhilarating, allowing you to be more vulnerable to another person than you've ever been. However, the key is that it will always feel completely safe to be close in this way.

Feel Like You’ve Known Them Longer Than You Have

Feel Like You’ve Known Them Longer Than You Have

As you read through these signs of a soul connection, one thing you'll notice is that everything happens quickly and at a higher level of intensity than it does in other relationships.

The core reason for this is usually that this person doesn't feel new to you at all. Rather, they feel like someone you've known your whole life, or maybe someone you've known in a previous life.

This means that a lot of the work you need to do to grow intimate with another person is just built into the relationship without effort.

Again, the benefits of this aspect of soul connections go both ways. You get all the pleasures of understanding someone easily and in-depth, and you also get to feel understood by someone who just gets you.

It's no surprise that people who find soul connections often report newly higher levels of self-esteem and self-worth than ever before.

Your Life Is Better With Them

Your Life Is Better With Them

When you have a soul connection with someone, they improve your life in ways that feel different from most relationships that came before.

Everything about your days will be more enjoyable, partly because you function as a kind of “champion” for each other as you both attempt to follow your dreams.

Plus, just being known and loved for who you are will make life even sweeter.

In other words, you enjoy a kind of unconditional love without ever having to feel like you need to change to suit each other.

And since life is so much better with this soul connection in place, you'll also suffer when you're apart.

You may find yourself thinking of this other person often, and noticing that your days feel flat without them.

This is part of the reason why a breakup with a soul mate is so painful. However, most would say the joy of the experience is worth the risk of hurt.

The Relationship Is Seen As Personal Growth As well

The Relationship Is Seen As Personal Growth As Well

Finally, you may have noticed there is a thread about personal development running through all the above signs. When you have a soul connection with someone, you can be sure that they are going to change your life in substantial ways.

Perhaps most importantly, this person will show you a clear reflection of yourself, helping you understand what you want and need from life.

You may suddenly realize, say, that a particular job or career track is holding you back, and begin to notice that your talents lie elsewhere.

The energy that a soul connection brings to your life also gives you more drive than ever before. You may find yourself channeling this drive into all aspects of your life, from physical health to creative outputs, work, and other relationships.

You'll never be quite the same after a relationship involving a soul connection, but all of the changes should be positive.

How To Find A Kindred Spirit

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