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What Are Spirit Guides & How To Communicate With Them?

What Are Spirit Guides & How Can You Communicate With Them?

You've probably heard other people refer to spirit guides. Perhaps you've noticed others referring to signs from their spirits, or see that these guides sometimes play a role in meditations.

But what does it exactly mean to have a spirit guide? What are they, and how do you know if you have one? Meanwhile, if you don't have one, is there anything you can do to attract one into your life?

In this article to spirit guides, we'll help you understand the precise nature of these guides and the role they can play in your life.

We'll show you how you can identify signs from spirit guides in your everyday life, as well as showing you how to communicate with such guides.

We'll close by answering some of the most common leftover questions about spirit guides, touching for example on the different kinds of spirit guides that exist (and the different roles they play).

What Are Spirit Guides And Their Purpose In Your Life?

What Are Spirit Guides And Their Purpose In Your Life?

In the simplest terms, they are beings that have the power to use energy to communicate feelings, healing, and guidance to you. For example, think back to a time that you did something spontaneous, just because you felt a pull to do it.

Later, we often find out that such actions are just what we needed to do for our well-being or our success, but we remain puzzled by why we somehow knew that we should act.

This is often a moment when a spirit guide has stepped into your life.

As we'll consider later, there are lots of spirit guides. You may hear them referred to as angels, guides, ancestors, spirits animals, guardian angels.

However, the broad role of all such guides is to help you by giving advice and aid. To tap into their power, we need to be open to the idea that they'll appear just when we need them.

Signs From Spirit Guides To Look Out For

As we've just said, receiving guidance from spirit guides requires being open to them at all times.

But when it comes to interpreting messages from spirit guides, it's important to have a sense of how they most often communicate.

Here, then, are some of the main ways in which spirit guides try to give you signs.

Spirit Guides and Intuition

Spirit Guides and Intuition

Your feelings are the most reliable guide to the presence and messages of spirit guides. In particular, pay attention to both gut instincts and intuitions.

First of all, spirit guides can give you strong gut feelings when you should be paying something in your environment.

So, if you have a gut feeling that urges you in a particular direction, consider that it might be a higher power pointing you where you need to go.

Secondly, you might sometimes get jolts of intuition – a brief voice in your head, or an image. These things may seem to come from nowhere, but they can represent powerful information from spirit guides.

Spirit Guides And Synchronicities

Spirit Guides And Synchronicities

Synchronicities are essentially meaningful coincidences. For example, suppose that you've been thinking about changing jobs, and then get handed a flyer advertising a course related to your dream career.

Similarly, imagine you've been thinking about someone meaningful from your past, and you run into them – right at the point they've become single again.

These are examples of synchronicities, or what some people might call signs from the universe. It's plausible that some such synchronicities indicate the presence and influence of a spirit guide that is attempting you to align with your true purpose.

So, as with gut feelings and inspirations, it's always worth taking synchronicities seriously.

Spirit Guides Numbers Spirit Guides Numbers

If you know something about numerology already, you're aware that numbers can be guides to what you need and what you should do.

In particular, certain repeating number patterns are known as Angel Numbers and may be a sign from a spirit guide. If you do see Angel numbers, their meaning depends on the repeating numbers that show up.

However, one common example is 444, which suggests that you're being tested by the universe but will emerge stronger and happier.

Meanwhile, 222 is linked to turning ideas into concrete realities, so can suggest that now is the time to take a risk with your dreams.

Spirit Guides In Dreams

Spirit Guides In Dreams

When we say more about the nature of different specific spirit guides, you'll get a better sense of how they might appear in dreams.

However, look out for repeating themes, symbols, and creatures in dreams, and try to notice what they seem to mean.

For example, is an animal in a dream trying to lead you in a certain direction?

Are you seeing an old place repeatedly in reoccurring dreams, jogging memories of an abandoned venture, or an old relationship?

Any repeating themes or dreams are worth noting down and thinking about in more depth. In many cases, there's a sign or deeper meaning there.

How To Communicate With Your Spirit Guide

So, now you have a sense of what spirit guide signs tend to look like. But how can you actively communicate with any spirit guides that might be in your life?

As it turns out, learning how to talk to spirit guides isn't that complicated. Here are three techniques you can use.

Asking Spirit Guides For Signs

Asking Spirit Guides For Signs

It's easy to forget that we have guiding forces all around us, but make a habit of calling on spirit guides for help.

You can ask for help on anything, whether you're struggling to find love, looking for a job, or aiming for financial abundance.

But how do you approach asking your spirit guides for signs?

Simply think about what you want help with, in the same way, that you make a wish when you blow out birthday candles or throw a coin into a well.

It can help to develop a thankful phrase to say after this, such as “Thank you, higher guides, for your wisdom and compassion.”

Use Meditation To Connect With Spirit Guides

Meditation also helps you to communicate with spirit guides, in both directions. Spirit guide meditation begins as most meditations do, with centering yourself through slow, deep breathing.

Then, visualize a representation of your spirit guide. This might be a glowing light or animal of some sort. The form doesn't matter so much as your connection to that form.

Imagine yourself simply sitting with this representation of your guide, and (as in the technique above) asking the guide for help.

You may imagine a response, which might come to you suddenly, like an intuition or a gut feeling. You can take this is a sign or message from the guide.

Practice Automatic Writing Using Spirit Guides

Automatic writing (which you may have seen called “stream of consciousness writing”) involves writing or typing simply what comes to mind, without any filtering or imposed structure.

Think of a target question, like “How do I find love?” or “What is my true purpose?” and then just start writing.

Let the words flow completely spontaneously, and try not to get sucked into self-criticism or self-consciousness.

The process can seem strange at first, but it is an effective way of tapping into your own subconscious and the wisdom of spirit guides around you. Later, read over what you've written and see what advice you can glean from it.

Who Are My Spirit Guides?

Now let's answer all the questions about who your spirit guides actually are. As we noted at the outset, there are lots of different terms for spirit guides, and different forms they might take.

We'll first tackle the question of how they might be assigned, then discuss how to identify your spirit guide's name.

How Are Spirit Guides Assigned?

You might well be wondering whether we have total control over choosing our spirit guides, or whether it's more of a matter of one coming to us.

On most views, these guides become linked to us before we're ever even born, and they accompany us through all of our life.

They are assigned to us according to the properties of our highest self and in accordance with what our spirit needs in order to thrive. In other words, there's a bi-directional connection that is based on suitability.

Spiritual experts largely believe we have one dominant spirit guide, but we can attract others along the way for specific experiences.

What Is My Spirit Guide Name?

How, then, can you find out the name of your dominant spirit guide – the one that has always been with you?

And what about the transient guides who support you through particular periods?

One reason why it's tricky to get an answer is that often your guides won't speak any Earthly language.

This means it may be impossible to pronounce or make sense of their name.

Other spirituality specialists tell us that some guides likely don't even have names.

However, if you want to find a meaningful name that applies to your guide, look for repeating symbols, shapes, or concepts that can function as their name – at least in your mind.

What Are The Different Types Of Spirit Guides?

Most of us encounter a range of different spirit guide types in our lifetime. You may sometimes even be able to call a specific type to you in order to help with a particular problem.

This list of spirit guides isn't exhaustive but can help you identify the guides in your own life, from your main guide to the ones who visit from time to time.

As you look through the list, notice which types resonate with you, or seem familiar.

Ancestors Spirit Guides

Ancestors Spirit Guides

Ancestor spirit guides are guides that are linked to you through your genetic lineage. Often, they also connected with people in your family tree, sometimes many generations back.

Usually, these guides are present throughout your entire life, and they are protectors that help you deal with pain.

They are especially apt at helping you through multi-generational trauma – the pain and baggage passed down from parents to children.

These spirit guides help to bring your trauma to conscious awareness, assisting you in processing it so that you can make sense of it and move forward with a sense of peace and freedom.

Animal Spirit Guides

Animal guides (sometimes simply called “spirit animals”). These guides tend to share information and advice that helps with personal growth.

They typically point you toward positive change, like new opportunities that push you out of your comfort zone.

However, the more specific traits of animal spirit guides vary according to the type of animal they present as being.

Researching the animal will help you understand why you need them in your life. For example, having a dog as a spirit guide may suggest a deep need for loyalty, and indicate that you'll best find fulfillment by building a stable family or social group.

Indian Spirit Guides

Indian spirit guides (or shamanic guides) carry and communicate the wisdom of ancient beings.

They are teachers, and they impart their knowledge to you so that you can make better decisions in the present.

They are often represented by an image of wise old women or by a totem, and they tend to communicate in the form of stories or parables.

As well as teaching you, they are deeply invested in humanity's positive development and want you to pass their lessons onto others you encounter.

Consequently, people who are drawn to educational fields or who become parents often attract a shamanic spirit guide.

Angel Spirit Guides

Spirit guides and angels are often discussed as though they're synonymous, but in reality, angels are a particular type of guide.

The term can refer to any spiritual creature that sends you messages and provides comfort.

Guardian angels are also known for infusing you with energy in times when you need extra resilience.

They are like loving parents in a certain sense, encouraging your growth and healing your wounds.

Some people are specifically assigned archangel guides at birth. This is an angel higher up in the hierarchy, and one who indicates that you have an important, potentially world-changing life purpose.

Ascended Masters Spirit Guides

Ascended master guides are spiritually evolved forms of ancient, enlightened beings from the past.

They are not usually assigned to us at birth, but they do appear to us to try and guide us towards important work on Earth.

They help us to move towards positivity, and to draw lessons from difficult times.

There are many such masters, all of whom can make themselves known to a wide range of people in need and many of whom are famous spiritual leaders.

Examples include Buddha, the enlightened teacher who confers wisdom upon us, and Confucius, a scholar who represents virtuous conduct.

Start Connecting With Your Spirit Guides By Mastering Meditation

Want to learn more about how to identify and communicate with your spirit guides, learning as much as possible from their wisdom?

Ehypnosis' Master Meditation self-hypnosis program aims to help you do just that. Designed to help anyone who wants to get the maximum out of meditation for any purpose, it helps to transform your subconscious, boost your self-knowledge, and enhance your receptivity.

While regular meditation can help you send messages to spirits, self-hypnosis takes this process one step further and fully opens your mind to their presence and their communications.

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Katherine Hurst
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