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How To Stay Focused On Your Goals Whilst Focusing On Positivity

How To Stay Focused On Your Goals Whilst Focusing On Positivity

When you're trying to manifest your greatest goals, attitude is one of the major barriers to success. As you're well aware by now, it's vital to stay positive if you're going to vibrate on a frequency of abundance.

In contrast, if you focus on your difficulties or fears, you vibrate on a frequency of lack – and you thereby attract less into your life. But how do you stay focused on your goals at the same time as maintaining a positive attitude?

We'll look at how you can stay focused on your goals while maintaining positivity. Whether you want to manifest love, financial abundance, a fulfilling career, or something else entirely, we'll guide you through what you need to do to succeed.

First, we'll consider the key ingredients of focus. Next, we'll provide examples and actionable instructions as we outline seven techniques that boost positivity and focus at the same time.

How Do I Stay Focused In Life?

How Do I Stay Focused In Life?

There are lots of barriers to focus in everyday life – some are technological, some are relational and others are more about your mindset.

For example, how many times have you promised yourself that you'll work through a massive to-do list, only to realize at the end of the day that very few items have been ticked off?

When we have an unproductive day like that, it's easy for a negative cycle to begin. We can start to feel down on ourselves, and this negativity makes us increasingly less likely to manifest the kind of life we want to live.

The power of this negative cycle shows us just how important it is to have strategies that can keep you feeling both proactive and positive.

There are two key ingredients to consistent focus – being one with yourself and living in the moment. Understanding these two factors is crucial to understanding how our seven suggested techniques work.

Be One With Yourself

Be One With Yourself

Being one with yourself is fundamentally about self-awareness and self-acceptance. When we're in a negative mindset or feeling unfocused, this often owes to unmet needs or underlying emotions that we're not dealing with.

If you practice being in tune with yourself and your feelings, you can acknowledge and process difficult feelings so that they don't continue to drag you down.

One of the easiest ways to practice being one with yourself is by journaling. Even if you're very busy, try to write a few paragraphs about how you're feeling each day.

You may especially benefit from this if you do it when you first get out of bed – this is sometimes called writing “morning pages”, and it helps to clean your slate for the day.

In addition, being one with yourself means knowing that some days you can't do as much work as you would like to and need to simply take care of yourself. More on that later!

Living In The Moment

Living In The Moment

Being present is associated with both positivity and focus. It helps you to avoid a negative thinking cycle, as you're not ruminating about the past or feeling anxious about the future.

Living in the moment simplifies life and helps you stay focused on the days' goals. However, if you're out of the habit of being present, you might wonder how you can cultivate this way of being.

Mindfulness is extremely helpful, and we'll look at that later in this guide. Even before you learn some more sophisticated mindfulness techniques, you can work to orientate yourself in the present moment by using small but effective tricks.

For example, try lighting a candle and focusing on the flame for five minutes. Alternatively, go on a walk and challenge yourself to find five beautiful things in nature. Any and all activities like this help you to get used to living in the present.

How To Get Focused and Stay Focused On Achieving Goals

Now that we've looked at the role of being one with yourself and staying in the present, let's explore more techniques that facilitate focus and positivity.

All of these seven suggestions can be used for any of your goals, whether they're professional or personal.

In addition, we'll give examples throughout and anticipate some ways to deal with the most common roadblocks you might encounter when practicing each technique.

Learn How To Prioritize Your Tasks

Learn How To Prioritize Your Tasks

We all have multiple tasks. Some of them are urgent, and others less so. Meanwhile, some of them relate to our major goals while others are simply about keeping our day-to-day lives running.

To stay positive and focused on your goals, make a list of all of the tasks you need to accomplish. Don't worry about their relative significance and urgency until the list is finished.

When you have all your tasks written down, rearrange them so that they are in order of importance. Then, put the list somewhere where you can easily see it, and methodical work through the tasks, one by one.

If some of the tasks feel too daunting and you feel the urge to procrastinate, try splitting goals into smaller, sub-goals.

For example, the task “Make a website for my business” can become “Write a biography for my site”, “Add pages about my services”, and so on.

Eliminate Social Media Distraction With A Digital Detox

Social media definitely does some good. It can help you network, and it keeps in touch with loved ones when you're unable to see each other.

However, it is also a known enemy of both productivity and positivity!

Our brains get into the habit of seeing social media, and we can find ourselves checking Facebook or Instagram every 10 minutes “just for a break.”

If this sounds familiar, think about how much you would get done if you cut social media out of the equation!

One way to reduce your use is to set a timer on your devices so that you can only access them for a set amount of time per day.

In addition, consider setting up specific hours for access – hours that don't overlap with the time you're meant to be spending in pursuit of your goals!

As a bonus, reduced social media also means a reduction in comparing yourself to others.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

You can't expect to be energized and positive in pursuit of your goals if you don't keep your body in good health. This means eating small portions of nutritious food and exercising regularly.

For example, some of the best brain foods include fatty fish, leafy green vegetables, berries, nuts, and avocados. All of these foods are rich sources of vitamins and minerals that boost energy, help you fight dis

ease, and support your mental health too.

When it comes to exercise, try to get in at least three sessions per week. If you struggle to stick to this, remember that exercise doesn't have to be boring!

Anything that raises your heart rate and strengthens your muscles is a good choice. Whether you choose jogging, cycling, swimming, dance workouts, or something else entirely, know you're helping your body – and your future goals.

You'll finish off full of feel-good endorphins, ready to tackle the rest of the day's task.

Stop Overthinking Everything

Modern life constantly invites us to multitask – consider how many apps you have open at any one time. However, when our attention is spread thinly, we don't give the best of ourselves to any particular task.

In addition, spreading our attention in this way encourages over-thinking. For example, we can find ourselves ruminating for hours on some problem that really isn't as complex as we're making out.

Some of the above advice on being in the present moment will help you focus on just one thing at a time. The tiered task list method of prioritizing can also stop you from overthinking.

However, if this isn't enough, trying setting time limits.

For example, if you find yourself worrying about a presentation, say “Okay, I'll give myself ten minutes to think about this as much as I like. Then I'll move on.” You might be surprised by how quickly you run out of content for those ten minutes!

Keep A Consistent Sleep Schedule

Keep A Consistent Sleep Schedule

You imagine that a successful person works all hours of the day. However, this lifestyle saps the energy and the positive attitude that support manifestation.

Part of feeling good and being at your sharpest is committing to a healthy, consistent sleep schedule. This looks slightly different for everyone, but the average adult needs 7-9 hours of sleep in order to feel good.

Work out how much sleep leaves you feeling rested, and try to stick with that. This will regenerate your brain cells and help you perform at your very best.

If you get distracted before bed, try imposing a specific schedule. For example, you might devote at least an hour of your night to relax before bed.

This can involve anything from reading a book to taking a hot bath, meditating, or talking to a friend. But try to stay away from devices that emit blue light, as they are proven to disrupt sleep hormones.

Take Control Of Your Life

Taking control of your life means moving away from the idea that life “happens” to you. Try to remember that you are the architect of your own narrative and that you get to decide what happens to you.

If you imagine yourself as a passive victim, then you will end up in that position. In contrast, if you see yourself as a proactive, positive person for whom the sky is the limit, then you can do anything.

Another aspect of taking control involves looking honestly at unproductive habits and working to change them.

Whether you drink too much, eat too much, smoke, or avoid meaningful relationships, admitting negative patterns is the first step toward controlling them.

And don't forget that there are allies out there to bolster your self-control. Everything from hypnotherapy to regular therapy, coaching, and friendship can help you stick to your commitments and become your best self.

Practice Mindfulness

We've already mentioned a couple of short exercises that keep you anchored in the present moment, like taking a mindful walk or watching a candle flame.

However, the more sophisticated your mindfulness exercises, the more you become able to regulate your mental life.

This means that you can constantly recalibrate to a positive, proactive mindset when you need to. Ideally, you should make a habit of repeating your mindfulness practice every day, but it doesn't need to take more than 10-15 minutes.

Creative visualization exercises are among the best mindfulness techniques for the Law of Attraction work. This is similar to the visualization work that athletes often do to enhance performance.

With your eyes closed, breathe deeply, and build up a clear image of the goal you want to focus on. Imagine yourself really living it.

Feel how you'll feel when you accomplish what you set out to do, and picture how others will respond.

Stay Focused On Your Law Of Attraction Journey

At this point, you should have a clearer idea of what it means to stay focused and positive when pursuing your Law of Attraction goals.

We've looked at the importance of being one with yourself, and of living in the moment. Most importantly, we've worked through seven specific techniques that help to keep you in the right frame of mind to manifest your dreams.

When you take control of your focus and your attitude, you take control of your life – and that's exactly what we want you to do.

With the Law of Attraction at your disposal, nothing needs to be out of reach. And when you become a consistently focused, empowered person, you put yourself in the very best position to get whatever you're working to attract.

By having positive energy and being proactive, you vibrate on a frequency of abundance. You attract love, wealth, success, and joy.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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