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Take A Break From Facebook? 50 Things To Do Without Internet Or TV


Are you fed up with living your life behind a screen?

Your computer, television, mobile phone… when you know you’ve got stuff to be getting on with, life goals to pursue, relationships to enjoy, dreams to chase, the internet can become the ideal spot for some pesky procrastination. What begins as a quick sneak-peek on Facebook can suddenly spiral into hours of trawling through the internet, looking for cat videos on YouTube and stalking your celeb crush’s Twitter account.

The irony of you reading this article on the internet isn’t lost on me. However, I’m not suggesting that we all give up the internet for good… is that even possible? Instead, I’m suggesting we all take a moment to remind ourselves that whilst the internet can be an important tool for making things HAPPEN in our lives, it is not a substitute for LIVING them.

So, the next time you’re faced with sweet nothing to do or are tempted to waste time online, STEP AWAY FROM THE SCREEN and instead, take a look at these…

50 Things To Do, Without Internet Or TV

1. Write Down Your Goals. Make them big, make them unrealistic, and make them scary. Stick them some-place you’ll see them every day.

2. Meditate. Inhale. Exhale. Let go.

3. Take Your Dog For A Walk. Dogs make the greatest teachers. If you don’t have a dog, borrow someone else’s!

4. Arrange Your Bedroom/Office/Living Room. Feng shui your spaces!

5. Go To The Cinema. Grab a big bucket of popcorn and escape for a couple of hours with a feel-

good film.

6. Get Snap-Happy! Experiment with your camera, to begin capturing memories.

7. Call Your Best Friend. Don’t DM, tweet, or email them, phone them! Surprise your friend with a call and get excited about your next meet-up.

8. Take A Yoga Class. When you’ve been sat in front of a computer screen all week, nothing feels better than limbering up with some gentle yoga stretches.

9. Cook Something New. Work something new into your repertoire, be adventurous.

10. Cook For Someone Else. Share your culinary adventures with someone you love!

11. Visit a Farmer’s Market. Check out what the local area has to offer & treat yourself to a full and healthy fridge.

12. Learn A Language. Next, book a flight and go put your new linguistic skills to the test.

13. Go To The Library. There is nothing quite like getting lost in your local library for a couple of hours. Learning is for life! So dig out that old library card.

14. Grow a Garden and eat the produce.

15. Create a Vision Board and get really specific about your dreams.

16. Read. Is there any better way to pass the time than curled up with a favorite book? I think not!

17. Write in Your Journal. If you’re not already in the practice of journaling, start right away! There’s sometimes nothing more satisfying than scribbling down your deepest thoughts and secrets.

18. Get Loved Up. Surprise your lover, invite someone you like on a date, have a romantic night in… love really is the cure for everything.

19. Spend A Day At A Museum/Gallery. It can be nice to get inside the imagination and past lives of others for a while.

20. Go For A Bike Ride. Explore the city or get lost in nature, with nothing but the air in your lungs and a bike.

21. Light Candles. Have a candlelit bath, read a book, or get romantic. Let the candlelight choose your mood.

22. Write A Letter. Write a love letter; or a letter to a friend, a stranger, someone in need, even a letter to yourself reminding you of just how far you’ve come and how far you’re going to go.

23. Work Out and release some endorphins. Sweat is your friend!

24. Fix Something That’s Broken. That sweater with the button missing, the wonky table leg, that cooling relationship…sometimes it is only after something has been fixed, that we realize how badly we had missed it!

25. Be Near the Water… take a shoreline stroll or go for a swim.

26. Get a Map and pick your next adventure! Be sure it’s somewhere you’ve never been before.

27. Make A New Friend. Give it a go, it really isn’t as scary as it seems.

28. Sit in a Café for an Hour and watch the world go by. Arrive with no expectations or plans, just relax and see how the day unfolds.

29. Pick Flowers and arrange them in a vase. Flowers can bring life into your home and are an instant pick-me-up for any room.

30. Face A Fear. Start that novel that’s been haunting you or pick up the phone to make that much-needed apology. The moment is always NOW, seize it!

31. Dance like no one’s watching…

32. Donate. You’ll feel all the better for it.

33. Be a Tourist in Your Own City! You probably spend hours exploring cities you’ve never visited before, yet, you may know nothing about your own. Look at your city through the eyes of a tourist. You may be surprised by what you see!

34. Eat Your Favourite Childhood Treat. Food soothes the soul. Got a favorite memory? Take a trip back in time and relive some precious moments with a favorite childhood treat.

35. Lend An Ear. Listen to a friend or to someone with a tale to tell. Sometimes, listening is the greatest gift we can possibly give.

36. Do That Thing… You know, that ‘thing’ you’ve been putting off for a while now.

37. Lie In the Sun and watch the clouds float by.

38. Make Something. Knit a scarf for your pet pooch, make a friendship bracelet for your BFF, get creative.

39. Make It A Date! Got the hots for someone? Want to treat the special guy/girl in your life? Think up a one-of-a-kind date neither of you would forget.

40. Write. Write down your dreams, your feelings, your hopes, that novel in the making or unreleased poem.

41. Get Dressed Up. Feel good about yourself and add a little glamour to your day for an instant mood boost! Dress up to the nines no matter what the time of day, and who knows where those new shoes may take you…

42. Volunteer Your Time. When you want to give back, why not give a little of your time? Volunteer at your local animal shelter, home for the elderly, or even help out a friend in need of a second pair of hands.

43. Say ‘YES!’ Just for today, become a ‘Yes-man’. Who knows what opportunities may arise as a result?

44. Listen To Music. Select your favorite playlist, stick on your headphones, and press ‘play’. Be transported to another world.

45. Get To Know a Neighbour. Thanks to the internet, you’re able to speak with people from across the globe. But do you remember the last time you spoke with your neighbors? Invite them around for a catch-up and cuppa.

46. Plan A Get-Together. A picnic with a few friends? A birthday bonanza with everyone you know? Make it a gathering to never forget.

47. Give Someone A Compliment. This tiny gesture alone could totally transform a person’s day.

48. Practice a Forgotten Skill. Were you once known for your beautiful piano playing? Unusual knitted creations? Or one-handed cartwheels? Brush up on old skills and remind yourself of what you do best.

49. Write a Gratitude List and say thank you for all of the many wonderful things in your life, as well as for the many wonderful things still to come.

50. Be Still.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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