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How To STOP Being A Person That NOTHING Seems To Work For

A man is leaning against a wall, feeling as if nothing seems to work.

Do you ever wonder why great things happen to some people but not to you? Do you ever read about people who have tried this or that product and had some incredible result, but when you try it, you don't get the same result? Have you become a person who NOTHING seems to work for?

Maybe you've thought about trying some new self-improvement package that sounds great, but you're just so tired of things not working for you…

So, let's take a look at how you've gotten where you are and why these things might happen!

Mistake #1 – You Compare Yourself To Others

First, at some point, you tried something; either based on a recommendation, a testimonial you read, or some other reason.

Basically, you tried it based on someone else's positive experience. However, when you tried it, you did not get the same result so you made the assumption that it didn't work for you.

But how true IS this?


Often (VERY often) things work differently for different people, and it's a mistake to judge your life by comparing it with others.

Perhaps you just needed more time. Maybe your circumstances are completely different!

Regardless, however, you made up; you CREATED a Truth for yourself at that time, that truth is “This didn't work”. Although remember, that truth is based only on your surface comparison with someone else. And it really doesn't have anything to do with you, and what, in the cosmic scheme of things, is best for you.

Those results you read about for that other person are what was right at that time for them. But that doesn't necessarily mean that NOW is the time for you. It also doesn't mean that it will happen to you the same way that it happened to them!

Mistake #2 – You've Started Doubting Everything

From then on, everything else you try is then compared to that first experience, with the Truth in your mind being “Well, it didn't work that time…let's see if THIS works”.

So you're not only comparing AGAIN, but you're also letting your doubts and fears take the best of you.

You're not really trying anything “purely” and on its own merit without preconceived notions or judgments. You are already working against yourself! You may not yet automatically expect failure, but you have it as an option, and perhaps even a probability based on your previous experiences.

The more things you try with this mindset, the more you fortify this mindset – it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy that “Nothing works for me”. Before you know it, that is who you become.

You begin to think that reaching your specific goals or trying this or that product or technology is “It works for others but never for me.” Once you reach that place, it will most certainly become true for you.


So What Do You Do?

How do you break out of this pattern?

First, acknowledge how you got here… by comparing yourself or your results with other people who are really on a completely different path than you, although they may have been after similar results.

Then create a new idea for yourself; give yourself permission to experience success on your own terms. Try this without judging what happens based on other people or expectations set up by anyone other than yourself.

Once you believe that you deserve to succeed and that you CAN succeed and that you WILL succeed, your life will change.

Whatever you try will work for you, because YOU define what “working” is, not somebody else!

You set your own timetable, you feel relaxed and not judging yourself.

Your infinite patience and lack of expectation based externally should work with you in very powerful ways. You should regain control over your destiny.

Easier said than done?

(Careful, are you starting to doubt you can do this again?)

Yes, you might already be trying to do all this, but maybe you keep coming back into the world of doubts and limiting beliefs.

But it doesn't mean that you are failing.

It is all part of the process. A learning experience.

Here is a few more Law Of Attraction tips that can help you finally succeed.

  • Get some help.

There are a few good self-help books and online courses that can teach you to change the way you think and start believing in yourself again. You can use this the same way you would use say home workout DVDs to lose weight.

If you're not sure where to start with this, consider joining me in my latest program, Wealth Beyond Reason, and discover the unique formula to “bridge” that big scary canyon between you and the happy, satisfied and abundant life you dream about at night. Click here to find out more.

Learn how to harness your gratitude, click here now.
  • Focus on what you DO have.

Very often we focus on things that we want from the point of view that we DON'T have them (but “somebody else does” and “life is unfair”). So stop that, from now on pay more attention to the positive and good in your life. Keep a gratitude journal if it will help you keep track of all the things you are grateful for. You don't need to write every single day, but do try to do this as often as you can.

Treat yourself as you would a family member that you love or a dear friend. You wouldn't constantly judge them and remind them of their past mistakes, would you? So be less harsh with yourself, too. Be more observant of things you ARE good at and keep an eye out for little personal victories. You are doing better than you think!

  • Say “no”.

Chances are there are people in your life who have their own idea what is best for you and they are trying to control your life. They probably mean well, but this is your life. You are the only one who is allowed to make important decisions. Make a list of YOUR dreams and YOUR goals.

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Bob Doyle is a Law of Attraction teacher who is well-known for his “Wealth Beyond Reason” program and is a featured teacher in the hit movie “The Secret”. He aims to help people truly connect to what they love, and to facilitate their journey towards using the Law of Attraction to manifest abundance and happiness.

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