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How To Destress Yourself After A Long Day At Work


Whether you loathe your current job or actively enjoy it, you are bound to experience days when you take huge amounts of stress home at the end of the day. And it can be tough to destress yourself, which can not only undermine your happiness but also your physical well-being.

Unless you can find effective ways to calm down and feel better, your manifestation potential could be reduced and you’ll be stuck vibrating on a problematically low frequency.

Here are eight of the most powerful ways to de-stress yourself after a long day.

1. Hold Firm Boundaries

If you’re to transition into a properly relaxed mindset, you need to know that you have genuinely left the workplace behind. This means setting, and holding, strict boundaries about work-related activities in the home.

For example, many people favor a policy where they avoid checking work emails outside of business hours or refuse to take work-related calls in this timeframe.

If you work unconventional hours then it might be trickier to find the right limits. However, trial and error will help you figure out boundaries that feel good.

2. Meditate

Since you’re on a Law of Attraction journey, it’s highly likely that you already meditate in some form every day (or if you want to start, check out this step-by-step guide).

However, you may only be doing creative visualization at the moment. While that’s fantastically useful in the manifestation process, there are other types of meditation that may be better for helping you to chill out.

You can find hundreds of recordings and apps that will walk you through deep breathing exercises or guided meditations, all of which relax on you a physiological and psychological level after a hard day at the office.

Studies on changes in brain activity show that music has a tangible impact on us, soothing racing thoughts and helping with emotional recalibration. In fact, it even slows your heart rate and reduces your blood pressure in the process.

Find the music that works best at relaxing you. Then, put on a pair of headphones and close your eyes. You should already be in a different mood by the time the piece of music finishes.

Alternatively, combine motivational music with a hard workout, sweating out your stress and flooding your body with endorphins.

4. Immerse Yourself In Fiction

Sometimes, the very best way to transport yourself out of the hectic real world is to deliberately turn your attention to fiction. If you can curl up on the sofa with a good book, it won’t be long before you’re unwinding and everyday tasks are far from your thoughts.

As well as calming you down, reading kick starts your imagination, priming you for other creative pursuits (e.g. writing and painting) that can also help you destress after work.

5. Socialize

Loved ones can move your attention away from work stresses, offer you empathy and make you laugh.

That being said, work can be tiring, so you might not automatically feel like you have the energy to be around other people. There are two potential solutions here:

  • You might choose low-maintenance friends or family members who are easy to be around.
  • Or, you might take a quick powernap after work and then try to get into a more social gear.

Either way, you’re likely to be glad you did, as time alone often encourages you to ruminate on negative thoughts at the back of your mind.

successfully-destress-long-day-work6. Drink Relaxing Teas

Instead of reaching for another cup of coffee, a soda or a glass of wine, try destressing after work with a cup of herbal tea.

There are dozens of viable options here. Many of these teas are also bursting with healthy antioxidants that could be useful to your body in a myriad of ways.

For example, chamomile is a popular staple, but try branching out to types like rose and hibiscus, or lemon-flavored green tea.

7. A Hot Bath Or Shower

Most people think that soaking in a hot bath is the best way to relax while getting clean. However, if you prefer a shower then that’s just fine.

The trick is to make the whole event a leisurely affair! Really enjoy and appreciate the scents and sensations associated with your shower products. Your muscles will unclench and pain will be reduced, making your body feel brand new after your bath or shower. Step into some fresh, soft clothes to complete the comforting ritual.

8. Vent in Your Journal

Finally, when you write in a journal, you can externalize your stresses and anxieties in a way that ultimately allows you to disconnect from them more effectively. So, you might make a habit of spending 20-30 minutes per work day unloading your thoughts and feelings into a diary, processing them so that you’re ready to go into a different emotional place.

If you can, end your entries with a few positive thoughts or things you’re grateful for, as this is a quick and easy way to boost your vibration and your mood.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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