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Synchronicity Signs From The Universe You Shouldn’t Ignore

Synchronicity Signs From The Universe You Shouldn't Ignore

Synchronicity signs let you know that you're on the right track. Sometimes described as “meaningful coincidences”, they can take the form of all sorts of patterns.

For example, such a sign in your life might come through particular interactions with people, or it might be seen in numbers, symbols, or types of opportunities.

But how do you know when you've encountered a synchronicity sign? And how can you use that sign to foster success and personal growth?

This article about synchronicity signs will help you understand where these meaningful coincidences come from, explaining why they're different from regular coincidences.

We'll look at four of the most common and significant types of signs, and help you detect and interpret these signs in your everyday life.

We'll also consider why you might have a block when it comes to synchronicity, and help you figure out what to do if you're not currently receiving signs.

The Meaning Of Synchronicities

The term “synchronicity” comes from psychotherapist Carl Jung.

In his work, he used the idea to refer to seeing multiple signs that held significance to both him and his therapy clients.

When working with the Law of Attraction, the meaning is slightly different.

Specifically, synchronicity signs are things that you see or experience that have a common meaning, helping to guide you toward a particular path.

They're commonly thought to be signs from the universe that foster your personal development.

They may be of particular significance to you when you're making a difficult decision and are looking for clues as to what choice to make.

Synchronicity Examples

Suppose that you dream of seeing a particular symbol, like a star.

Imagine that you then wake up to find a letter that has a star on the front and invites you to a professional networking event.

Law of Attraction practitioners would encourage you to see this as synchronicity sign as an indication that your goals and desires are best served by attending this event.

Alternatively, you might keep seeing the same number and then meet someone new whose phone number repeats this same number.

Or, you might see the same animal many times in a week, and decide to take a new opportunity after you discover that this animal represents a need for change.

Synchronicity Vs Coincidence

You might be wondering about the difference between synchronicity and coincidence. Are they just the same thing?

The key difference lies in detecting meaning.

So, some patterns or coincidences will have no significance, while others will immediately trigger thoughts or feelings linked to your current life or choices.

The only sure way to tell the difference is to be alert to all coincidences.

Reflect on whether you can see any deeper significance that suggests these coincidences are synchronicity signs.

Use your imagination and intuition, as well as looking up the meaning of any relevant number patterns or symbols.

Why Synchronicity Happens

Now, why do you get these signs from the universe?

Often, it's because we need an extra nudge to find the path that's best for us… Or because we're in danger of going down a path that is potentially harmful to us.

Generally, when synchronicity signs point us towards a particular choice, it's the one that will be best for our fulfillment and well-being, and the one that is linked to our deepest, most authentic purpose in life.

Often, part of yourself really already knows what you should be doing, but you need some help to bring that awareness into conscious thought.

What Signs Of Synchronicities Are Signs From The Universe?

In sum, synchronicities are signs or messages that you are walking down the right path, or that there is an opportunity to move onto the right path.

However, as suggested above, these meaningful coincidences might vary dramatically between different people and contexts.

Here are four of the most common synchronicity signs to look out for.

Signs Of Synchronicity Numbers

Look out for numerical synchronicity signs in addresses, phone numbers, license plates, and articles you read. In particular, be alert for repeated numbers like 777, 1010, and 999.

To figure out the meaning, it's worth reading about numerology. However, it's also useful to write down all the associations you have with that number.

What those numbers remind you of, where you have seen it before, and so on.

Consider, also, what intuitive connections you make between that number and particular feelings, concepts, or choices.

Finally, notice what feelings come up when you see the number. All of these explorations will help you figure out where the universe is leading you.

Signs Of Synchronicity With Another Person

Sometimes, you'll repeatedly see the same person, whether they're a stranger or someone you know.

In addition, you might keep seeing reminders of someone, especially a significant person from your past. These are all synchronicity signs linking you to this other person.

However, note that this doesn't always mean a need for reconnection. For example, synchronicity signs pointing you to an ex-partner just as often suggest that you need to work through your old feelings for this person before you can become your best sense.

Again, noticing and reflecting on the feelings this person triggers in you are key to interpreting this kind of synchronicity

Signs Of Synchronicity Symbol

Synchronicity symbols are particularly commonly seen in dreams.

It's good practice to keep a pad and pen beside your bed so that you can jot down any potential signs.

These dream symbols can be people, places, animals, objects, or visual patterns.

Even one particularly moving dream can be significant here, but reoccurring dreams are especially noteworthy.

Look out for them in your waking life after noticing them.

What intuitive associations do you have between these symbols and particular emotions, experiences, and life paths?

Often, the meaning will be fairly obvious, as synchronicity symbols most often pop up when a need for action is weighing heavily on us.

Signs Of Synchronicity Giving Support

These types of synchronicity signs are about the resources and teaching that you need at this particular point in life.

For example, you might encounter strangers who give you good advice.

Alternatively, you might be overwhelmed by several opportunities that help you reach a particular goal.

So, if you're trying to manifest a successful career, you might connect with a mentor offering a networking event that is exactly what you need to boost your resume, and you might repeatedly see adverts for relevant courses or training.

These are all signs that the universe thinks you're ready to move into fulfilling your true purpose.

Why You Are Not Receiving Signs Of Synchronicity

Perhaps you're reading all of this and wondering why you don't see signs of synchronicity.

Maybe you haven't noticed any for a long time, or maybe you can't even remember a time when you have ever seen such signs.

Rest assured that there is not something wrong with you – this is a common problem. Usually, it happens because you simply aren't open to such signs.

It might be that you struggle to believe they are really meaningful, or that you have strongly internalized a message that it's embarrassing or foolish to look to the universe for signs.

One thing you can do to increase synchronicity signs is to challenge yourself to find at least one every week. They are all around us, even pointing us toward minor life changes and choices that are good for us.

If you make it your mission to really tune into synchronicity, these signs will start to appear, and acting on them will help to teach you that they are genuinely useful.

As you begin to think about and make use of synchronicity signs, you start to come into deeper vibrational alignment with the universe and will notice such signs more and more.

The Law of Attraction Synchronicity And Manifesting

There is a strong link between synchronicity signs and successful manifestation through the Law of Attraction.

More specifically, seeing these signs is a good indication that you are shifting to a higher vibrational frequency and evolving into a more fulfilled version of yourself.

In addition, seeing these signs can help to affirm you've chosen the right manifestation goal.

For example, if you've decided to start pursuing a new career and encounter synchronicity signs encouraging you to develop skills and connections linked to that career, your confidence in your manifestation goal will increase.

You'll feel like the universe is supporting your goal, and your mind will focus on that positivity. As you know, the more confident you are about the thing you're trying to manifest, the better able you are to attract that thing into your life.

You can also use Law of Attraction affirmations to help tune into synchronicity signs and become more open to them. For example, before you start your day, you might repeat the affirmation “I am open to all signs that show me where the universe wants me to go.”

The more you bring the idea of these signs into your conscious awareness, the more you'll notice and be able to interpret them.

Use The Law Of Attraction And Recognise Your Synchronicities

In sum, you'll get better using the Law of Attraction to get what you want by paying attention to synchronicities.

Such signs are clear indicators from the universe that you are heading in the right direction. And the more you get used to detecting and interpreting them, the faster you'll manifest the things you desire.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.
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