Here’s How Technology Can Actually IMPROVE Your Health

We’re very aware of the potentially negative impact of technology… If used unwisely or excessively, it can lead us to disconnect from in-person relationships, disrupt our sleep or encourage us to compete with the vision of perfect lives we see on social media.

However, there are also major positive sides to the latest technology. Plus, many of these benefits can be usefully applied to your Law of Attraction journey.

Six Ways In Which Technological Advances Can Improve Your Health


Diet And Fitness Tracking Apps

If losing weight or getting fitter is your Law of Attraction goal, you can boost your manifestation potential and improve your focus by installing a diet or fitness tracking app on your phone.

The former allows you to log your calorie intake and check whether you’re having enough of each food group. You’ll feel a real sense of satisfaction if you hit your target for the day! This type of app also encourages accountability. Alternatively, you can turn to the internet! The web is full of helpful tips, recipes, and guides. Here is our guide on how to develop a habit of healthy eating to get you started.

Meanwhile, fitness apps allow you to monitor your activity and see what workout strategies are really making a difference to your strength and shape. And if you have like-minded friends, you can even ask them to get the same apps and then compete to see who can run the furthest or take the most steps in a week.



Telemedical technologies are there to help you work through health issues without having to see a doctor in person.

This is especially useful if you live in a remote area, travel regularly, work long hours or struggle with anxiety when it comes to doctor’s appointments. Some such services allow you to email or phone healthcare professionals for quick advice. Others provide live video conversations that aid diagnosis.

You can reduce travel costs, healthcare expenditure, and inconvenience with telemedicine. In addition, you’ll be helping to ensure that hospitals are quieter for those dealing with emergencies.


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PTSD And Depression Treatment

In spite of common rumors to the contrary, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) impacts a huge number of Americans and it can be treated. Unfortunately, an estimated 50% of sufferers are not getting any such treatment.

Thankfully, technology is advancing in ways that are of real benefit for PTSD sufferers. One such example is called the Fisher Wallace Stimulator, which is a headband that stimulates the brain through an electric current, potentially improving mood. This makes it of interest to those suffering from depression as well.

However, it’s always smart to discuss this type of technology with your doctor and to explore how it fits in with other approaches (e.g. medication and therapy).

You can learn more about PTSD here.

 Wearable Tracking Devices

If you’d like to take things a step beyond using fitness apps, invest in a wearable tracker that helps you monitor and improve your health.

The most famous of these devices help to track your steps and measure your caloric output. However, that isn’t all they do. Some will record your heart rate or measure and assess your sleep quality. So, these sorts of devices aren’t only worth considering if you’re actively trying to lose weight or do physical training, as they can give you useful information about how you can improve your general health.

Wearable devices are evolving all the time. It likely won’t be long until they can do things like monitor hormone levels or check cholesterol!


Mindfulness Apps

If you’d really like to add a daily meditation practice to your life but find it difficult to do so unaided, mindfulness apps could be the solution. These can lead you through the basic skills you need in order to develop your ability to meditate. Many of them also offer specialized sets of meditation sessions (often lasting weeks or months) that focus on specific goals.

They may be very relevant to manifestation, tackling problems like low self-esteem and negative thinking.

Plus, once you’ve honed your mindfulness skills in this way, you’ll also naturally become better at the creative visualization technique you practice in your Law of Attraction work.

Online Courses

Finally, technology is a wonderful resource for feeding your intellect and stimulating your mind in ways that help you grow.

There are prominent online platforms that now offer courses provided by a huge range of universities. You can take these in your own time and benefit from the wisdom of world-leading experts without ever having to leave your living room.

Many such courses can be taken for free! Plus, even the ones that require payment will typically cost far less than going to a college for similar classes. Whatever you’re trying to manifest with the Law of Attraction, this resource can boost your chances of success. For example, if you’re working towards abundance then business and economics classes could be just what you need.

If you specifically are looking for a Law Of Attraction course or free help, you can take our personalized quiz now (click here).

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