How To Tell You Are Not Living Your True Purpose In Life

Your power to attract good things grows the more in tune with your life’s purpose you become. However, even if you think you’ve been living your true purpose, it’s possible to be wrong about that. If you’re uncertain, or indeed suspect you’re not living up to your full potential, looking out for the following nine warning signs.

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9 Signs You Are NOT Living Your True Purpose

1. You Don’t Believe You Have A Purpose

Maybe you just find it hard to buy into the notion that people have a purpose in life, or perhaps you think that you aren’t the sort of person who has a purpose.

The truth is that we all do. We all change and influence the energy in the world, and we all have unique gifts to offer. If you don’t recognize this, you risk living aimlessly or just living for others.

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2. Your Big Dreams Are On Hold

If you do believe you have a purpose (and maybe even know what it is), you might still not be living it if you’re putting your most inspired ideas on the big burner.

You may worry that your dreams are just too unrealistic and be drawn to the safe, familiar space of your comfort zone. In your heart, however, you know that you’re wasting valuable time.

What could you start doing, right now, to begin working your way toward what you really want?

3. Your Work Makes You Miserable

Regardless of whether other people think you have an amazing career, if your job makes you feel profoundly unhappy then you’re not living in accordance with your true purpose, especially if you haven’t made any plans to leave that job.

Start thinking about an exit strategy, and about what you’d rather be doing. Don’t limit yourself as you think about this. Consider every idea that crosses your mind.

4. Happiness Doesn’t Last

When you aren’t in tune with your proper purpose, things that make you happy can’t keep you happy.

For example, you might enjoy a new purchase and get pleasure from socializing, but there’s always a deep ache for something more meaningful.

If you get this feeling, pay attention to it and start considering how you can actively address that need.

5. You Have Little Energy

People without purpose are often depressed, lethargic and tired, struggling to get up and start the day. This is because of a lack of direction, and a fundamental sense of restlessness that isn’t being addressed.

If this sounds familiar and you’ve ruled out other causes of these types of depressive symptoms, focusing in on your life’s purpose is a productive next step.

6. Other People Dictate Your Life Path

We all have people in our lives who try and direct us; often with the very best of intentions.

Unfortunately, if you just go along with the wishes of your family, partner, friends or colleagues then you end up living their vision of your life, rather than figuring out your real purpose.

Sometimes, people may even actively try to squash your attempts to be true to yourself. Consider how you can draw cleaner and firmer boundaries between yourself and others, and what strategies you can use to deal with any feelings of guilt about this.

7. You Have No Real Direction

When other people dictate your journey, you do often aim towards a purpose; it’s just not your true purpose.

An alternative is to not really aim for anything at all and to feel like everything is nebulous and meaningless. If you can’t construct a coherent narrative of what you want your life to be about, this means you haven’t really chosen a direction but there’s still time to do so!

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8. You’re Forever Saying “Someday…”

If you already know your true calling and you aren’t actively pursuing it, you might be making yourself better by reassuring yourself that someday you will live your purpose. But how long have you been saying this, and what will ever turn “someday” into “today”?

Try to accept that there is never a perfect time to start doing something important. If you wait for the ideal moment, you are more likely to end up living a life of regret.

9. You’re Asking Yourself “Is That It?”

Finally, do you just feel like there should be more to life? That you’re being let down to what your life experiences have amounted to thus far?

You don’t have to feel this way, and not everyone does. You just need to figure out what would truly inspire you, excite you and give your days a real sense of meaning.

Allow yourself to brainstorm, looking at all possible options with no filter, and then work through them to start figuring out your real place in the world. Have faith that you can find it, and that you will be able to see it through.