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Understanding & Discovering The Benefits Of Mindfulness


Most of us go through the day doing tasks in a mechanical and mindless fashion. This can take the fun out of life and make us automatically vulnerable to negative states of mind. Instead, you can try to practice mindfulness, and be consciously aware of your actions as well as mental states as much as possible.

This article reveals the various physical and psychological benefits of practicing mindfulness.

5 Health Benefits Of Mindfulness

1. Mindfulness Helps To Beat Stress

A recent study in the Health Psychology journal reveals that mindfulness helps to lower stress by reducing the production of a stress hormone named cortisol.

When you are mindful, you immediately become aware of when your mind and body become stressed. You can then take steps to relax and get rid of the tension.

So, practice mindful meditation as well as mindful living to beat daily stress and tension.

2. Know Thyself

You can easily conquer your fickle mind as well as life's battles by knowing your strengths and weaknesses.

Mindfulness can help to make you aware of your blind spots which you can then strive to rectify.

Mindful living can make it possible to put your mental strengths, such as equanimity and good concentration, to effective use in daily life.

3. Mindfulness Improves Concentration

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Meditators know truly how fickle the human mind is. When you try to meditate, it can be the hardest task to focus single-pointedly on the mantra or another object of concentration.

However, with practice, you can surely and steadily rein in the wild horse, and increase your powers of concentration.

You can even incorporate meditation and mindfulness for kids which will also have the same benefits and will help them in their growth and development.

Mindfulness teaches you to focus completely on a single task. This can increase your efficiency and reduce errors.

Thus, students and professionals can gain a lot by practicing mindfulness at school and work.

Also as a related side note, you can learn how you can improve your concentration and focus by building confidence with hypnotherapy.

4. Mindfulness Helps To Tackle Negative Feelings

The Benefits Of Mindfulness

You do not have to succumb blindly to negative feelings and emotions. Mindfulness teaches us to detach from these states of mind and observe them with dispassion, which can help to lessen their harmful impact.

When you experience unconstructive mental states, take deep breaths to calm yourself.

It is natural for the mind to experience negativity, but mindfulness can help you to disregard and transcend harmful emotions, and maintain equanimity.

5. Mindfulness Aids In Healthy Eating

Mindless binge eating can have a disastrous effect on your waistline and weight. Many people gorge mindlessly and are not aware of how much they eat.

Plus, it is natural to overeat when your favorite dishes are on the table. Mindfulness makes us aware of the real reason for eating, which is for need and not for greed.

When you eat mindfully, you will become aware of when your stomach feels satiated, which is the signal to stop eating. Mindful eating can also help you consume with relish, as you will become more appreciative of the taste of the dishes.

In Conclusion…

Research reveals that mindfulness can aid in lowering blood pressure as well as facilitating sound sleep. It can also be a viable solution to overcome substance abuse and eating disorders.

Therefore, mindful living can certainly be used as a healthy and holistic panacea to overcome numerous physical and mental problems. This model way of life can serve to replace stress and anxiety with serenity and inner peace.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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