The Busy Person’s 2 Step Guide To Attracting Wealth Using The Law Of Attraction

With money comes a whole spectrum of emotions and unwanted baggage. In a world run by money and the wealthy, it is no surprise that so many of us are hung up on the issue of ‘money’.  Or, in some cases, even ruled by it.

How do you feel about your financial situation and the significance that it has in your life? This is an important question that everybody ought to consider.

Have you been brought up to believe that money comes freely and easily to everyone? That there is enough for everyone to enjoy? Or, are you of the mind that money is something that you have to struggle for? Something that is held back for the elite few in society or obtained through potluck?

How we feel about money impacts exactly how we attract and experience income in our lives. It is when we harbor negative thought patterns and emotions surrounding the subject of money that we unknowingly block the way for money to come into our life.

For example, do you often spend time fretting at how little money you have or feeling envious at those who seem to enjoy financial wealth?

When you do these things, you are emitting an emotional frequency of ‘lacking’ and ‘want’. This blocks your path to money and attracting more of the same back into your life.

It is these complications and strong emotions that come with the subject of money, that make it such a gray area for people looking to use the Law Of Attraction to attract it. Luckily, there are several essential steps that can be studied and applied to begin successfully attracting money and enjoying the wealth that you long for.

However, being such a tricky subject for many people, it is important that these steps are put into practice regularly. Otherwise, you might find yourself slipping back into the same old thought patterns and habits that kept you money-lean in the first place.

1. Focus On A Lifestyle, Not A Number.

It can be easy to get swept up in your want to attract a specific sum of cash, especially if you are in debt. For example, you may have £50,000 of debt that you need to urgently pay off. Focusing on this particular number may be ideal for helping you to attract it into your life (visualization tools such as a ‘Law Of Attraction’ check are useful for this), however, it is by far not the best course of action available.

When you choose to focus on a specific sum of cash, there are two potential problems;

  • Every time you think about this number, your debt would come to mind, lowering your frequency and attracting more of the same into your life.
  • The key to successfully using the Law Of Attraction is having the absolute want for something. So, although you may want to pay off your debts, your greatest goal would probably be to live a debt-free, abundant life.

So, a specific sum of cash is not the answer here. It is the final big picture, a debt-free lifetime of abundance, that you want to be attracting. Not a single sum check.

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2. Raise Your Financial Frequency.

The easiest and quickest way to begin attracting something into your life is feeling good about it. Yes, it really is that simple! However, it is because of the complexity of our emotions towards money that raising our financial frequency proves so difficult.

Whenever you feel anxious/stressed/resistant towards money, you are creating your current situation and attracting financial problems your way. So, work on transforming your attitude towards money and feel good about it. Soon, you could find the cash flowing into your life in abundance.

So, just how can you align your frequency with that of abundance and financial wealth?

  • Keeping a gratitude journal can help you to practice feeling good about money. Every day, write down at least 5 money-related things that you are grateful for and feel good about it. i.e. ‘Thank you for the existence of money in my life – it gives me the opportunity to buy the house/car/books/food that brings me so much joy.’ Or ‘Thank you for the many job opportunities that come my way and make it possible for me to earn a wage.’ It doesn’t matter if you are completely broke; writing these words of thanks can help you to start seeing money as your friend, rather than the enemy, raising your frequency to match what you want.
  • Use affirmations. Affirmations spoken in the present tense, as though you are already living a life of abundance, are effective at aligning your emotions and frequency with that of your wanted wealth. Do this and you should begin to attract more of the same; attracting new sources of wealth and income every day. (Get your very own affirmation guide, click here now!)

Never forget: there is more than enough money and wealth for the entire planet to enjoy! It is estimated that roughly 1% of the world’s population enjoys the majority of the world’s wealth; get clear on the facts of using the Law Of Attraction to attract wealth and slowly, bank balance to bank balance, this can be changed for the better.

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