The Law of Attraction: The Lie of Blame

Other people are drawn into our experience through the energetic exchanges that are created by our thoughts and feelings (on both conscious and unconscious levels). In other words, we're actually responsible for the smiles and the compliments as well as the scowls and the curses that come our way.

When we believe that people will treat us kindly then they’ll put their best faces forward when they’re interacting with us. When we believe that the world is out to persecute us then we become the targets of judgment and condemnation from others.

Blame exists because we can so easily forget this underlying fact of our reality. The very concept of it is tied in with other limiting beliefs about ourselves and our world.

We tend to think that there is a reality “out there” that is separate from us. We act as if there are no meaningful connections between our thoughts and our physical surroundings.

Modern science has convinced us that life (and even consciousness itself) is essentially as random as a roll of the dice in every moment.

To begin making the law of attraction work for us we have to reprogram ourselves.

We have to break the habit (which is deeply instilled in most of us) of looking to the outside world as if it was the source of our difficulties. Instead, we seek to uncover the origins of our sufferings within us.

Of course, such a quest necessitates a complete overhaul of the beliefs that have “guided” us thus far in life. So much of our conditioning has to be shed.

Otherwise, we will continue to be trapped within a world-view that places our happiness and well-being at the mercy of everything from the weather to who won the latest political election.

Even pointing our fingers at our upbringing (i.e., our parents) or our cultural conditioning (society) will place us, energetically, within the existential trap that is the lie of the blame.

We have to get underneath these projections and reclaim our power as creative beings.

We have to take complete personal responsibility for our circumstances by saying, “I must have chosen to be born in this time and this place and to grow up within this cultural climate for a reason.”

Maybe that reason was so that we could learn this very lesson: That we create our own reality. Whenever we try to shift the blame for any part of our experience onto something or someone in the world we accomplish nothing except the sapping of our own creative energies.

We forget that it is we who have formed our lives – and therefore, that is it we who can change our circumstances.

Blame forever places this sense of personal empowerment somewhere outside of ourselves. This is a deception, but it is a deception that has real power if we choose to believe it.

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