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The Power of Thought: Reality Check, Everything is Energy!


The power of thought is truly amazing. Every time you entertain an idea or contemplate a belief, you emit a distinctive form of electromagnetism. In order words, your personal vibration changes. And this vibration isn't just important to your mood and your success; it influences everything around you as well. The truth is that everything is energy! Truly understanding the power of thought opens up your capacity to shape your future.

In what follows, we'll discuss the nature of reality and explore how we can apply the latest exciting developments in science to the way we think about energy. While much of this research is complex, we'll break it down to layperson's terms. In the process, we'll find out more about how we can harness the true power of thought and turn our dreams into concrete life changes. The evidence strongly suggests that we are capable of so much more than most of us know!

What IS Reality?

Firstly, then, what is reality? Our everyday experiences lead us to believe that reality is comprised of material objects. So, we live in a fixed, objective world that is independent of our subjective, internal experiences. Most people simply assume this, and it guides their expectations; it limits what they believe they can achieve and how. However, from the work of Albert Einstein, Werner Heisenberg, and Max Planck, we know that reality is quite different from this old picture. Rather, it is best understood as a constant, complex entanglement of energy waves.

Although we think of ourselves as being fundamentally different from other animals and from plants, trees, and water, at the atomic level we are all the same. We'll shortly move on to explore some of the most fascinating and important consequences of quantum physics, but for now, the key thing to take away is that everything is energy. Our energy has the power to change and move all other forms of energy. This is very much in line with what the Law of Attraction teaches us, and it helps to make sense of how our thoughts and feelings influence everything from our love lives to our careers and general well-being.

Can We Create Our Own Reality?

Recall what quantum physics teaches us about the nature of reality; if reality is always and only energy, and if that energy is all around us, then all parts of the world and ourselves are connected.

We all affect (and are affected by) each other and our energy impacts on absolutely everything around us. This helps us to get rid of an artificial sense of separateness between ourselves and other people. It also underlines just how much power we really have…

Rather than merely having to respond to an objective, material world, we have the ability to use our energy to shape the energy around us. In summary, this means that we can, in principle, create or attract whatever we want, no matter what it is.

It's also important to note that the connection between thought and energy isn't always intentional. When our moods fluctuate, our personal energy levels change, and this creates a chain reaction that changes our reality. A large part of becoming competent with Law of Attraction practices involves learning how to exert more control over our personal energy levels, boosting our vibration in order to use that energy to create a better world around us.

Keep reading to discover more about the power of thought!

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Mind Energy: Experiments And Science

As suggested by the foregoing discussion of energy, everything in our universe is connected to absolutely everything else. Each particle has the potential, then, to change or influence every other particle.

The following explanations, experiments, and science behind the power of thought give us some insight into how our mind energy works!

Quantum Physics And Entanglement

One especially exciting way in which energy interacts is through entanglement.

Entanglement is the phenomenon in which any physical shift in one individual particle can have an instantaneous impact on another. This starts to happen after subatomic particles (e.g. electrons, photons and neutrinos) encounter each other. Once entanglement is established it continues to take place (even across enormous distance).

Some theorists think that this happens even faster than the speed of light, even when the particles are in vastly different locations. Scientists studying entanglement say that it almost appears as though these pairs of particles constantly know what the other partner is doing.

How might we relate this to the Law of Attraction?

Consider that the thing that we can most easily influence is our own thoughts. These can become entangled with other parts of our universe. If we concentrate on changing thoughts in positive ways, this gives us the biggest opportunity to influence things beyond our minds. We can use our beliefs, feelings, and intentions to start a chain reaction, attracting new things into our lives.

The Observer Effect

Another of the most amazing facts about energy relates to the impact an observer can have. In fact, one of the fundamental tenets of quantum physics is that nothing exists until it is observed. So, before any person, object, particle or opportunity can manifest itself physically, it has to be observed. We discovered this through the work of the physicist Werner Karl Heisenberg, whose experiments established that until electrons are either observed or measured, they merely exist as potential.

How might we relate this to the Law of Attraction?

There are open questions about how the observer effect relates to larger forms of matter, but one lesson for Law of Attraction theorists to draw here is that observing can make something out of nothing, and can also change behavior. This has huge ramifications for how our thoughts can influence the world around us. By observing your own thinking, you can bring new thoughts and connections to life.

Meanwhile, perhaps by refusing to observe certain negative thinking patterns, we can also remove their influence. In addition, we have good reason to believe that focusing our attention on particular things we want can change their behavior at an atomic level, attracting them to us.

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Dr. Emoto's Rice Experiment

You may think that you already understand the power of your thoughts and words, but you’ve seen nothing until you see the results of this experiment from researcher and alternative healer, Dr. Masaru Emoto…

Dr. Emoto first became famous with his experiments into the magic of positive thinking, featured in the 2004 documentary ‘What The Bleep Do We Know?’.

What he found astounded people. Dr. Emoto did exactly what he set out to achieve… after conducting a series of experiments on water molecules, he observed through photography, the physical effect that different words, music and the environment had on the water being used.

How might we relate this to the Law of Attraction?

Now when you consider that human beings are comprised of up to 60% water, his findings are not something to be taken lightly. It also poses the all-important question – can we really afford to nurture negative thoughts?

In this particular experiment, Dr. Emoto set out to prove how human thought and interaction can impact and even shape our physical reality.

Another, more recent example of Dr. Emoto’s experiments into the power of positive or negative thinking, is the equally as impressive rice experiment.

In this demonstration of how the power of our words and energies are capable of shaping the physical world around us, instead of water, Dr. Emoto used two sealed containers of rice. On one container he wrote the words ‘Thank You’ and on the other, ‘You Fool’.

The sealed containers were then put into a school where children would pass them every day. Dr. Emoto instructed the children to address the jars each time they passed, reading the labels given to each jar aloud.

The result?

After 30 days, the rice in the container labeled ‘Thank You’ had barely changed. The rice in the second jar, however, had become rotten.

Want to see the astonishing results for yourself?

Take a look at the video…

Harnessing The Power Of Thought

In sum, we can see that our old assumptions about reality and the power of thought are fundamentally misleading. Rather than there being an objective, physical reality that is utterly distinct from us, everything is made from the same energy and there is the potential for all aspects of that energy to influence the rest.

There is scientific proof that this can happen at a great distance, and that enormous change can be exerted once two particles of energy become entangled. When we're aware of this new way of viewing our reality, it opens our eyes to just how far our thoughts can reach, and how much power they have over everything that we attract toward us. Not only can we restructure our own thinking processes, but we can use them to create the kind of full, satisfying lives we want to live.

If you want to build on what you've learned and truly harness the power of thought, download your free copy of “The Secret Law of Attraction” by Katherine Hurst. This immediately offers concrete manifestation techniques, exercises, and tips that you can apply to your daily life, helping you to get the very best from your knowledge of the Law of Attraction.

So what do you think? Do you believe that our words and our thoughts have the power to shape our physical reality? Make sure you have your say in the comments below.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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