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The True Key To Successful And Effortless Manifestation

A woman effortlessly manifests her desires on the beach.

Imagine that you have sent a command to the universe and await a response. As you drum your fingers on your desk, it occurs to you that you stated your wishes with words, just like you've been told you should, but something is missing.

A vital ingredient to power the message was not included in the recipe. If you had known the key, manifestation would have occurred.


The true element needed to zap commands into action and make the law of attraction work has been known for eons. Outside the western world, people often still understand the magical force needed to fire intentions.

The Forgotten Part Of Prayer

Long ago, people knew that the delivery of prayers to the heavens required power. They recognized the importance of words but also acknowledged the call for emotional input. Creating strong emotions when speaking, and experiencing energy flowing through their bodies as they prayed was crucial.

People visualized what they wanted as if it had already materialized. They used their five senses to create pretend experiences of positive outcomes and felt the joy and gratitude of receiving.

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Positive Focus

You might hunger for a positive outcome when you create an intention and order it to travel to its destination. However, yearning is not helpful if you want to achieve your aim. Wanting something will infuse a message with a negative force. In fact, longing blocks you from receiving because it feeds the influence of lack.

When you create an intention, you act as though your wish has already materialized. There is no need for attachment to an outcome since, in your mind, you have then achieved a positive result.

When you desperately want something, you concentrate on the fact that you do not have what you want. You put your emotional energy into the experience of deficiency. As any command sent to the universe manifests what you are focusing upon, even more lack turns up in your life. You need to couple positive emotion, rather than negative craving, with visualization, words, and sensations.

Putting Your Intention Together And Manifesting Through Thought

Begin by forming a ‘wish' into words to aid clarity. If your intention is vague, you are unlikely to achieve your goal.

Imagine ordering a meal in a restaurant by asking for “something delicious”. You would have no ideas as to the type of food you would be served if any since your order was unclear. The waiter might have been so confused that he did not place your order. Thus, your intention needs to be a factual statement, including the detail that is easy to comprehend.

Once you know what you want, you need to imagine your wish coming true. Use your senses to generate the physical and emotional impression of living as though what you ordered has been delivered.

For instance, if you want a pay rise, see yourself shaking hands with your boss as she gives you a wad of banknotes. Hold the notes and be aware of their weight and texture. Experience the delight and pride involved in the acquisition of a brilliant wage. Smell the fresh money as you place it in your wallet, and smile.

Experience the pure joy and satisfaction you want to go through when the intention manifests. Do not simply utilize your five senses as narration in your head, but also steep the imaginary encounter in strong emotion. Make the scene feel so real that you want to jump for joy.

Picture yourself getting home with your wages in your pocket and phoning a close friend or family member to tell them how excited you are about the wage increase. Mentally run through all the things you are going to do with the extra money. Visualize spending your wages, or placing them in the bank.

See yourself paying off any debt, and imagine how great it feels to receive bills through the mail and not be afraid to open the envelope in which they arrive because you know you are financially sound.

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How Intentions Manifest

If your emotions are stirred in a positive fashion, you will sense energy around your heart. The experience might be smooth and pleasant, or exhilarating and exciting. You will be content as your motivation and joy soar. Having linked your intention with emotions felt by your heart, you can have faith that the law of attraction is working its magic.


However, if you crave results, you need to try again, since attachment signals inner struggle and reinforces negativity.

And Finally…

Longing is sometimes disguised as thoughts that you ought to receive what you what because you are deserving.

The energy of the universe does not respond to claims that people must be provided with things because they have earned them. If it did, the riches of the world might be distributed differently.

At the same time, the universe does not worry whether you command a plethora of abundance and prosperity or a couple of apples and a few cents. The only reason you might form the intention to obtain a small amount of wealth, compared to massive riches, would be to fit your belief system.

If you think that you can only command a certain amount of prosperity, you are correct. Once you expand your belief system to accommodate the idea that you can have as much as you want in life, you will be open to receiving more.

Using the true key to manifestation will bring about the results you want and create an upbeat state of mind. Copy the method of praying used by your ancestors and wise people in other parts of the world. Generate emotions when you form and send intentions, and you will get positive results.

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By Katherine Hurst
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